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Indianapolis IN Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Have you found yourself dealing with a water loss and aren’t sure where to turn?  Our Indianapolis water restoration company is standing by to help you!  Our technicians are fully insured, licensed, and certified to handle any water damage repair services you may need.  We always offer free estimates & rapid 24/7 response and can even bill your insurance company directly for the work we perform!


Need help now?  We respond immediately to your call!


Anytime you find yourself needing an Indianapolis water damage company, it’s an emergency.  That means you need to act quickly and so do the provider you call.  Sadly that isn’t always the case, as some water restoration companies simply don’t have the resources to get there fast.

But call us and we’ll respond immediately to your water cleanup emergency!


Need an estimate?  We always give free water damage quotes!


The first step for us is to get a better sense for the extent of Indianapolis water damage your property has experienced.  The only way to properly survey your loss is in-person, so we always come to your home or business so that our technician can provide you with an accurate water damage cleanup plan as well as answer all of your questions about the process.

We can then present you with a free estimate upfront!

And how do we arrive at our estimates? You’ll be comforted to know that in the water damage mitigation industry, all prices are fixed according to the rates insurers will reimburse. To calculate the total cost, our water restoration contractors put the scope of work for your project in a system called Xactimate. Watch how it works here:


Need peace of mind?  We guarantee your satisfaction!


Not all water damage companies in Indy are willing to stand behind their services.  It’s a shame when customers end up choosing the wrong company to cleanup water damage and end up with more damage and an even greater bill.  Sadly the customer is usually left picking up the pieces and paying for the next round of restoration work.

But call us and you’ll get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Plan on filing a claim?  We can bill insurance!


If it’s the case your loss falls under your insurance policy and is covered, and you plan on filing a claim for reimbursement for the cost of water damage restoration, we can help!  Our friendly staff members work with insurance carriers each day to help settle claims on behalf of our customers.

We can even bill them directly for any work done!


Understanding the role of your insurer in the claims process…


If you’re under the assumption that you have to wait on a claim to be filed in order to protect your home or that your insurer is responsible for getting that process started, please read below.

insurance-claim-formYou are the party responsible for insuring your water damaged home gets fixed quickly. It’s not your adjusters job to take the reigns and they certainly aren’t going to have the sense of urgency you have. So you have to take control and make sure that the water damage restoration process begins as soon after the flooding occurs as possible.

Your insurance adjuster is responsible for analyzing the claim. A claim can be filed after work has begun, at which point the adjuster will come to examine the loss along with all of the documentation we’ve provided as it pertains to the state of the loss when we arrived, the equipment in use, etc. Their job is to first determine whether or not the loss is covered by your policy and second to work with the water damage company to determine the cost of the loss.

You want an independent contractor serving your best interests.  Many times when you initiate a claim your insurer will strongly suggest you contact a certain vendor. They’re making that referral because that particular provider has agreed to charge significantly less for any water damage mitigation services provided and ultimately views the insurer as their customer. We think you shouldn’t have to use the cheapest company in town when it comes to such an important job and we think you should have an independent company whose obligations are to you, not your insurer!


Watch the 5 steps of professional water damage service:


Educating yourself before work begins is a great way to make sure you receive the outcome you want.  Namely, that your property gets back to normal as quickly as possible and with as few unexpected hurdles as possible. One way to do that is to have a better understanding of what we actually do when called to perform our water mitigation services. Watch this video below to see the process in action:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Indianpolis area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Useful water damage mitigation resources:


While we try and educate our potential customers as much as possible, we also realize there is a ton of great information on the web should you find yourself dealing with an emergency water damage situation. Here’s some links we think you might find useful. Of course, if you decide to call a water mitigation company, we hope you’ll find your way back to us and give us a call and chance to earn your business!

Preventing home water damage – Insurers obviously don’t want you to have to claim a water loss and they can be some of the best resources on how to prevent that from happening!

Understanding when to file a water damage insurance claim – it probably doesn’t always make sense to file a claim, especially if it’s a smaller claim. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether or not filing a claim makes sense for your loss.

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineStop water backups, don’t pour out grease! Do you make it a habit of pouring grease, fats and oils down your drain? If so, you’re wreaking havoc on your home’s drainage system and setting yourself up for a sewer or water backup in the future!

Reporting water emergencies or water leaks – Quite often, the source of the issue can be outside of your property, but should it go untreated, can end up causing water damage inside your home. Make sure to report any emergencies immediately!


Water Damage Restoration


Water damage is a big deal, and the service of performing Indianapolis water damage restoration is truly a science.  It requires years of experience, advanced drying and extraction equipment, and a comprehensive understanding of the elements involved.  Our Indianapolis water damage company can quickly restore water damage in your property!


Water Damage Repair


Repairing water damage in Indianapolis requires a professional restoration company.  Our basement flood cleanup companies are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your property is properly dried out and fully restored.  Don’t trust your home to a water damage repair company that doesn’t stand behind their work…call us now!


Water Damage Cleanup


If you need water damage cleanup services, we can help.  From the first call, our Indianapolis water damage cleaning company will work quickly and effectively to get your property restored and your life back to normal!  We specialize in rapidly cleaning water damage and can usually restore your property without needing to tear out and replace areas, so call us today for fast help!


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Julie D. in Indianapolis – Dishwasher Messed up & Flooded Kitchen & Livingroom
Used infrared cameras to determine the extent of the water damage. The water damage occurred over one week previously so there was extensive damage requiring significant drying times and some floor and drywall replacement.

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