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Kansas City KS Water Extraction Services

As a homeowner, you probably do everything possible to protect your home and make sure everything is working properly. But despite our best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. And when something goes wrong and it results in water & flood damage, you’ve got an emergency on your hands that requires certified water cleanup & extraction services. We proudly offer affordable, reliable, and certified water removal services and free estimates!


24/7 Water Removal Emergency Response!

With standing water, the longer time it sits in your property the bigger problems you’ll face.  Some items will go from salvageable to needing to be replaced and you run a greater risk of running into mold problems.  It’s just some of the reasons we offer a rapid response, day or night, and can begin extracting water immediately upon arrival!


 Always Written Estimates at No Cost or Obligation to You!

Most of the time when people call the first thing they want to know is how much our water cleanup services cost?  Like any service, the cost will depend on what is required.  That being said, we’ll come to your property at anytime to perform a complete inspection and offer a written estimate for the entirety of any water removal service you need.


Insurance-Approved Pricing & Direct Billing.

Concerned about the cost of our service and whether or not your insurance company will agree to reimburse you?  Don’t be!  We use pricing sheets designed by insurance companies.  In other words, our costs will be virtually identical to the cost the insurance adjuster would determine upon inspection.  So there is never any concern about reimbursement when filing your claim!

What do we mean when we say insurance-approved pricing?  Simple: we use the same system the adjuster used when assessing your water mitigation project.  That system is called Xactimate and as the market leader in insurance damage repairs, it makes sure that the restoration company you hire is on the same page as the insurer that typically pays for the water extraction, drying & restoration services.  Watch out video to learn more:


Water extraction involves so much more than just vacuuming up standing water!


Where people often go wrong and think they can handle standing water on their own is thinking the job is as simple as just getting the water out of the house.  While that’s certainly part of the task, stopping there leads to problems.

What do we mean?  Take a look at the image of this wall below:


Assume you standing water in that corner of your home and you got all of the water up quickly.  Open some windows, maybe throw a fan in the room and call it day?  If so, you’d be in trouble.  One of the major problems people face when trying to remove water themselves is actually knowing what has been soaked and damaged by the flood.  Even our trained eyes can’t spot all the damage…that’s why we use equipment designed to peer into your walls, floors and ceilings to find areas that have dangerous levels of moisture.  Only then do we know what type of drying procedures and equipment must be used!


Not all drying equipment is the same because not all surfaces are the same!

Removing water and extracting moisture aren’t the same things.  You can remove standing water with a wet vac.  But actually extracting water that has soaked into your carpets, floors or drywall is something entirely different.  Each surface type presents different problems and reacts differently to different extraction methods.  It’s why we use various types of extraction and drying equipment that’s capable of quickly extracting almost all remaining moisture regardless of surface type.


Watch our water removal video to learn about the process!


When called to a job, we have a lot of educating to do.  Instead of just firing up our equipment and keeping you in the dark, we take a more measured approach.  And that includes training our estimators on how to explain to our customers what they can expect and spending as much time as necessary answering their questions and addressing their concerns.  We want you to be completely happy with every aspect of our water mitigation services, and that isn’t possible unless you feel comfortable with everything going on.  So watch this video to at least give yourself some sense from how we get you from where you are now to where your property was before the water damage occurred.


Additional resources for emergency water mitigation


While we do our best to educate site visitors, we’re aware that some won’t find the information they are looking for. Since we’re constantly searching the web for the most useful information we can find, we want to share some of those sites with you.

Here is a great article on the challenges of dealing with water damage and what you should do if you discover it in your home.

Burst Pipe-causes-water-damagePipe bursts, especially in the winter, are a very common cause of water damage. Here is an article that discusses pipe maintenance and includes a useful checklist that we think every homeowner should perform annually.

For many, the thought of leaving on vacation and coming home to a flooded property is almost too much to bear. Here is a great blog article detailing steps you can take to make sure your home doesn’t suffer water damage while on vacation.

If you’re planning on filing a claim with your insurer, you need to ask a lot of questions about the process and make sure you have good answers before you call your insurer. Here is a web site dedicated to answering people’s questions about their insurance claim.

We offer emergency water cleanup services throughout the Kansas City metro area, including:

Platte City, Leavenworth, Lansing, Parkville, Shawnee, Bonner Springs, Roeland Park, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe

Flooded in Kansas City KS?  Don’t worry, we can help!  Our Kansas City water damage restoration professionals are fully trained, licensed & insured to provide your residential or commercial property with the highest level of water extraction services available.  If you have a basement flood in your home or commercial warehouse is in standing water, our Kansas City flood damage crews can get your property dried out quickly!

Using a certified water damage specialist for your flood damaged property is extremely important.  Only a certified Kansas City water extraction company has the training and equipment to ensure your home or office gets complete dry and is protected against any future mold or mildew growth.  But just as important is acting quickly.  The longer your property holds water, the greater the amount of damage and the more work that most be done to restore your property.  That also means greater costs!

So if you’re in Kansas City and need a water extraction service you can depend on, please call us now.  Our representatives are always available, 24/7, and we can have an extraction crew there within minutes to provide a free estimate for any work that might need to be performed!  So whether you need a crew to extract water from a sewage back-up or you’ve got standing water from a basement flood, we are here to get your Kansas City property back to normal as quickly as possible!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Kansas City area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Kellen B. Overland Park, KS – Clean water extraction in basement needed due frozen pipe bursting in a wall

Customer was out of town and had water flood out of his wall and soaked 300 square feet of wet carpet. Performed moisture tests and found damaged walls. Laminate floors were also soaked and were bubbling and had to be replaced.

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