Topeka KS Sewage Cleanup

flood-damage-companyDo you have sewer waste in your home? Whether it’s mostly dirty water or has feces in it, you’re dealing with a very toxic situation that requires an immediate response for certified professionals. We cleanup sewer backups that cause damage inside homes, and would be happy to provide with your a free estimate to cleanup your mess. Just give us a call and speak to the closest on-call technician to your property. Should you wish, we can be onsite in less than 1 hour to begin the process of getting your home or business safe again!


How dangerous is a sewage backup?


cautionBefore we discuss our service or our company, we would like to address the severity of the situation you’re faced with. Why? Because some times people think they can safely fix their home after it’s suffered sewage damage. It’s a big mistake, because they can’t. Unless you are a certified water damage restoration company, you have no business even being in the same area as the loss, much less trying to effectively clean it up. You’re only going to end up making yourself sick and delaying a proper response.

Please watch this video to understand more the gravity of raw sewage in homes.


Don’t wait – call now for a free onsite sewage cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesWe make sure you get help fast, and we always make sure you get a free estimate. Our first responsibility is to get to your home or office as quickly as possible to assess the damage and contain it if possible. During the inspection, we will determine where the sewage has traveled and what work will need to be done to safely and effectively clean the area and dry out the structure. We can then present you with a free estimate for the work detailed! If you don’t like it, tell us to leave and we’re on our way!

Why are we certain you’ll like our estimate? Because of the system we use to generate it. It’s called Xactimate, and it makes sure your quote is backed by industry-standard prices. What do we mean by that? In our space, the service providers (us) don’t get to dictate our prices. Insurers actually set the prices we can charge. So when we estimate your bathroom sewage damage, we use the same pricing software that insurance adjusters use. See the video below to learn how it works:


Don’t use a company that isn’t certified by the IICRC!


iicrc-logoDid you know anyone can start a company and provide emergency water damage restoration services without any experience or training? There is no certifying governmental body making sure people in our very vital industry even know what they are doing. Yikes! So how can you make sure you are hiring a competent provider that knows what they are doing? Only hire a company that is certified by the IICRC. All of our technicians carry, at a minimum, a water damage restoration certification. And many have additional certifications!


What does the sewage damage cleanup process look like?


The state of your affected area will dictate the process to repair it, but generally speaking the following steps are taken to cleanup sewer backups in Topeka.


Assessment & Containment

sewage-damage-containmentThe first phase is know what has been soaked by raw sewage and make sure that the area is properly contained. That means doing whatever we can to limit further damage and create a seal around the area to prevent toxic fumes from escaping into other areas of the home. Our assessment will give us and you a clear picture of the extent of the damage as well as give us a clear mitigation plan to follow to cleanup the mess. At all times, our technicians must wear full-body and face protection gear….it will remind you of that scene from E.T.


Extraction & Contamination Removal

Sewage Back-upPorous surfaces that have touched the sewage will need to be removed. Protocol dictates these surfaces can’t be properly cleaned and must be thrown out. As part of the initial cleanup phase, we will tear out any carpets, cabinetry or drywall that was soaked by the sewage, along with any standing water still present in the property. This phase is completed quickly but there is still much more to do…let’s discuss the final steps to getting your home fully repaired and back to its previous condition!


Decontamination & Mold-prevention

mold-removalWhile we can remove most of the mess with our equipment, there is still going to be microbes that are dangerous (potentially deadly). Our next step is to kill those pathogens so there is no longer a toxic threat. While doing so, we also take an extra step of applying an anti-microbial spray to the wet area. This lets us complete the remaining steps before any black mold growth can occur. This is a crucial step many water damage companies in Topeka simply don’t do and it can cost you later!


Drying & Repair

sewage-cleanup-dryingThe final steps can take the most time. Once the area is cleared of any debris and we have effectively removed all the harmful pathogens that are left by the sewage, we need to dry out your home. Once we’ve reached the dry standard for all surfaces that were affected, we can then begin the final step of replacing any areas that needed to be removed in the initial phase of the project. This process can take up to a week or more to complete, it just depends on the amount of damage we find.


If you have experienced a sewage back-up in Topeka KS and need an emergency response, we’re here to help.  We offer complete Topeka sewage back-up cleanup service for residential and commercial customers.  We specialize in providing a rapid response to your Topeka basement flood and are insurance approved.  That means we can work directly with all major homeowners insurance companies to take the headache out of the claims process.

Whether your Topeka KS flood damage was the result of a backed-up sewage line or from any other water event, our water extraction in Topeka crews are standing by ready to assist you.

Each of our crews is fully licensed and insured for your safety and are properly certified Topeka water damage restoration specialists.  We offer a 60 minute response time guarantee and stand behind all of our Topeka flood damage services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So call us now and speak with a live representative and schedule your free in-home estimate!

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