Smoke & Fire Cleanup & Restoration in Lexington

Fire-damageWe can help when you’ve experienced a fire and have any amount of damage,  Whether your home or business has been filled with smoke and you need the residue and odor removed, or you have serious fire damage that must be completely restored, we can help.  Our certified teams of Lexington fire damage restoration contractors have the experience and resources to handle any fire loss you’ve experienced!

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Any amount of fire or soot damage should be handled by a professional restoration service.  Only professionals have the skills, equipment, and experience to effectively diagnose and treat your loss.  Hiring a handyman or doing it yourself is only going to cause more problems.  Here’s some of the things you can expect should you allow us to help you in your time of need!


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Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe can always respond immediately to your call.  Whether or not you think it’s an emergency, we always take the call seriously.  The reason is often times a fire can create damages to the structure of the home or commercial building.  It’s why when you call, we respond.  We have smoke removal companies throughout Lexington and can dispatch the closest crew the second you call!


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When you suffer from a fire, it can take an emotional toll, and that’s even if no one if injured.  The last thing that anyone should have to worry about is whether or not they are going to get good service at a fair price.

Free_EstimatesWe always price our fire damage estimates using Xactimate.  That is the same software that your insurance adjusters uses to calculate what they will reimburse.  In other words, we price things according to what is accepted by insurance companies, which in most cases are the party that ends up paying for our work.

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Relax – all work is done by certified professionals!


CertificateIconWould you be surprised to find out that there are fire & water damage restoration companies in Lexington that aren’t certified?  In our industry, that can be a disaster.  There’s a lot that goes into effectively mitigating a property after a loss, and we don’t believe it’s possible to do that without having the proper training.

It’s why all of our contractors are certified to cleanup fire damage and remove smoke and odors from your property.  When it comes to your safety, we don’t take any chances!


How does the insurance process work?


Over the years we’ve found one of things that causes the most confusion from our customers is understanding the role their insurance company plays during the fire mitigation process.

In short, many think it’s their insurers job to get their fire damaged property fixed.  Wrong.  Their job is to pay for the loss (assuming they determine it falls under the policy requirements).

It’s your job to get your property fixed and insurance companies don’t fix properties, fire damage restoration companies do.  That’s us, and that’s why your first move should always be to hire a certified fire & smoke removal company in Lexington to immediately contain and mitigate your loss.


We can handle your insurance claim from A-to-Z!

Don’t go through that process alone.  You won’t be happy and you have enough going on.  Instead, call us and our insurance specialists can lead the claims process.  As an approved fire restoration company, we are capable of working with all insurance companies on behalf of our customers.


We can even send the bill for our work directly to them!

bill-directAs a full service fire damage cleanup company, we do everything we can at every possible step of the process to make your life easier.  And one big way we can accomplish that is by invoicing our restoration work directly to the insurance company.  So just give us a call and let us tell you about our services and what we can do to help you with your insurance claim!