Lexington KY Water Extraction Services

If you’re in the Lexington area and in need of rapid water mitigation & drying services, we would love the opportunity to serve you. We specialize in emergency service and can have water out of your property within a couple of hours of being on-site in most cases. We also stand behind the work we perform at your house and guarantee you’ll be satisfied. So please call us today for a rapid response & free estimate!


Don’t mess around when it comes to water — call now for an emergency response!


Give water enough time to soak into your home and you’ll be shocked at just how much damage it can cause…and it doesn’t take much time at all!  So when you call us, we respond accordingly and get a crew on-site immediately!  No need to call around and wait around…just call us and we’re on our way!


We’ll come to your home immediately and complete a full water removal survey!


While it’s not possible to give you an estimate to cleanup water over the phone, we can do much better!  For free, we’ll come to your home, inspect your loss, and present a complete water extraction & drying plan.  Of course, with that will be a full cost estimate for the scope of our services!

Not only are our estimates for cleaning up water damage completely free, but they are always calculated using the same piece of software an insurance adjuster will use. Watch this video below to learn how the Xactimate estimating system works and why our customers always get a fair price!


We get the water out fast and can usually be out of your hair in a couple of days!


Getting the water out is the easy part.  In fact, using the water extraction and removal equipment we have, it’s usually out in a couple of hours.  Of course, at that point we have to find and exhaust the remaining moisture that’s still in your subfloor, walls, etc.  That can take a couple of days, but using our high-powered systems we can get out of your home fast and let you get back to normal!


We can also bill your insurer for our water removal services!


We know one of the most stressful aspects of dealing with flooding is the insurance claim.  That’s why our Lexington water cleanup company has office staff that can take that load off your shoulders and handle the claims process for you.  In fact, we can also just bill them for our services instead of you having to pay everything out of pocket and then wait to get a check from the insurance company!


We get water out of walls, carpets, hardwood floors…you name it!


While there are some types of surfaces (like laminate) that can’t be salvaged after a flood, chances are if we can get to it quickly (and it’s not black water) we can save it.  You’d be surprised at how effective our equipment is when removing water from wet carpets, or sucking out moisture from drywall or wood floors.

If you’re attempting to extract water on your own, there’s virtually no chance you’ll be able to get all of the moisture out.  But just call us and consider it done!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Lexington area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Dealing with standing water in your property?  If so, you need a Lexington water extraction company you can trust.  While some companies claim to be water extraction & dryout specialists, many lack the training and certifications to get all of the moisture out of your property effectively.  Our Lexington water removal technicians use the latest equipment and are fully trained to handle any job!

Whether your home or office has experienced a sewage back-up or you’ve got flooding from a massive pipe burst, we’re there when you need us.  Our water mitigation crews are available around the clock and can usually respond within 30 minutes to immediately begin getting your property dry.  We offer free estimates and can work with your insurance agent to put your Lexington water extraction problems behind!

So if you have water, act now and save yourself the trouble of even more problems down the road!  Call our Lexington water extracting pros today for fast, reliable, & extremely affordable service today.