Louisville Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Fire-damageOur job is to help you through every part of the fire damage mitigation process.  We know it’s a difficult time for you.  Whether you’ve been displaced from your home or you’re just confused as to how the process works and what you should do, we understand.  We see it every day and we have the resources to get the situation fixed and be your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

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Getting fast, affordable and trustworthy fire restoration & smoke removal services is simple.  Here’s just some of the things we can do to help you.  Call us now to learn more about how we assist people in your situation everyday:


We always respond to your call quickly


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgFirst thing is always first.  You need a Louisville fire restoration company that treats your call like an emergency.  In many cases, homes or offices will experience some level of structural damage from the fire that can put the building’s inhabitants in danger.  Whether or not that is the case in your situation can not be known until we get there, but we treat like an emergency nonetheless.

We respond to your call immediately!


We give you a fair price quote upfront, at no charge


Free_EstimatesOne thing that weighs heavy on people when faced with fire damage in Louisville is wondering if they’re going to be offered a fair price from the restoration company they hire.  With us, we take that concern away by guaranteeing that you will receive a competitive, fair price quote.


XactimateBy using Xactimate.  It’s a estimating tool that is used by reputable fire damage cleanup companies to estimate their jobs.  As a third party system, it simply calculates the rates for every material, service, and equipment used through the process.  It determines the rates based upon what insurance companies will pay for those things.  That means you know that we are offering you a fair cost for any fire restoration or smoke odor removal service you might need!

Call today and schedule a free estimate!


We make sure the technicians are safe


The unpleasant reality of fire damage restoration services is that it means people will be coming and going from your home.  We realize that’s not something that makes you, or anyone for that matter, jump for joy.  But it’s definitely something you would not allow if those technicians were criminals and/or drug users.

checklistSadly, that’s exactly what can happen if you choose the wrong fire damage repair contractor.  Some simply don’t screen their employees or test them for illicit drugs.  It’s a scary thing and something we can not understand.

It’s why we drug-test each employee throughout their work with us.  We also perform a criminal background screening before they are hired to make sure they’re safe people.


We make sure the work is certified


Would you let a company perform fire & smoke repair services if they didn’t know what they were doing?  Just because they advertise themselves as an emergency restoration service doesn’t mean they can provide that service competently.  In fact, many aren’t even certified as restoration professionals.

CertificateIconWe make sure that all contractors are certified to perform the fire mitigation process.  That gives you comfort knowing that the people that show up know what they’re doing, follow the right procedures, understand the equipment and how to use it, and will do things by the book!

All technicians are certified fire restoration professionals!


We send the bill to your insurance company!


Most fire & water damage restoration services we provide are covered by insurance companies.  If your loss is covered by insurance, we can handle the settlement of your claim directly with your insurance company.

Instead of our customers having to pay upfront, we just bill the insurer!

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