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flood-damage-companyIn need of a fast, reliable, and reasonably-priced flood restoration company? Then please give us a call! Whether it’s a home that’s been flooded from rain or a commercial building under water from a pipe burst, we have all the equipment, manpower, and training & experience to fully mitigate your property. We handle everything from A-to-Z and always back the project with a 1 year warranty and guarantee your complete satisfaction…so just give us a call for a free estimate!


How does the estimation process work?


Free_EstimatesWhile we are not able to quote any flooding cleanup services over the phone, we can come out to provide an on-site estimate.  Essentially, our technician will survey the property, take moisture readings, determine what’s salvageable and what the mitigation plan should be, at which point he can provide an upfront quote!

The estimate is always free – just call today!


When you need a straightforward quote, and you need confidence that the flooding cleanup cost you’re being quoted is fair, than call RestorationEze. We always use Xactimate when estimating your loss, meaning the rates are calculated by what your insurance company has already agreed to pay! Even if you don’t plan on filing a claim, our process ensures the cost for your loss is never inflated and that you get a price that is fair and honest. Watch this video to learn more:


We’re an emergency flood damage company!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe have enough trucks on the road to be able to immediate respond to your emergency situation.  While some restoration companies in Louisville advertise as emergency service providers, few of the resources in place to respond to your call when you make it.  We do, call & we’re there in 60 minutes or less!

If you need help now, we’re standing at the ready!


Don’t worry – we prevent mold before it grows!


cautionOnce presented with the right environment, black mold is a formidable enemy.  Once it gets going it’s tough to stop, and the costs are astronomical.  So if you’ve got flooding damage, the most important thing is making sure we can begin the cleanup process before mold has a chance to take off!

We use certified mold prevention techniques!


Let us bill insurance for the work!


bill-directWe understand the financial bind paying out of pocket for water cleanup & repair services can cause, even if it’s a temporary thing while you wait to be reimbursed by the insurance company.  So in many instances, our customers ask that we send the bill for our work directly to the insurance company themselves!

Why pay out of pocket?


Will my loss be covered? It’s impossible to know the answer without digging into your policy and diagnosing the source of the loss. But generally speaking, if you have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance, your loss will be covered. If you only have homeowners insurance, and the water came from a source outside of your home, that is not something that is typically covered. But regardless of the source, and whether or not it will be covered, the costs will go up the longer you delay the flood damage mitigation process. So please give us a call and let us help you understand your best options moving forward!


We offer great service AND peace of mind!


satisfaction-guarantee100% satisfaction guarantee at project completion.

Our flood restoration services are geared towards providing comprehensive help throughout the entire process of restoring your home.  From our responsiveness, the professionalism of our employees, our help with your insurance claim, and our communication, our goal is nothing short of your complete satisfaction!


1-yr-warrantyFull warranty for 1 year on service!

Warranties are virtually unheard of in the restoration industry.  The problem is that very few flood repair companies in Louisville are confident enough in the work they do to stand behind it.  But that’s not a concern should you choose us, because we back our work with a full warranty for a one year period!


Professional flooding restoration services in Louisville!


Any time water enters your home, whether it’s from heavy rains causing massive flooding or your kid leaving the bathtub running too long, the process for getting it dry should always follow the IICRC’s S500 manual. Sadly, most companies don’t concern themselves with the standard operating procedures in our business, and homeowners suffer because of it.

Watch this video so that you can be educated on the right processes that a reputable water damage cleanup company should always use:


If you’re concerned about your home flooding, there are a lot of resources out there to help you protect your property, both physically and financially. For starters, many times flooding causes disruptions to your utilities, like electrical, gas and water. Here are flood safety tips when it comes to dealing with utility outages.

Flooding damage can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties if not dealt with quickly and in the proper manner.  We have Louisville flood damage restoration crews available around-the-clock that can quickly arrive at your property to begin the flood extraction process.  Our water damage restoration professionals use the latest drying equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure your property is fully dry and safe from mold.

Not only that, but each of our crews is insurance approved, meaning your Louisville flood damage event can be handle by us and your insurance company.  It’s important that you use a certified sewage back-up contractor that uses the proper tools and processes to ensure that not only is the water removed but that future mold growth does not occur!  Flooding repair isn’t as simple as getting out water and then leaving.  There is an entire industry approved method for mitigating and restoring properties, depending upon the type of water loss and classification.  Each of our Louisville flood damage crews adheres to those standards, insuring you’ll get the highest level of competent service available!

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