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mold-inspectionBlack mold is something that occurs when a property has experienced high levels of moisture over a sustained period of time.  Whether your home has experienced water damage that might have gone unnoticed, or there’s been some other event that has caused moisture to find its way into your walls, it doesn’t take much and doesn’t take long for mold growth to begin.  If you’re in need of a Louisville mold remediation company that has the experience, team, resources and knowledge to handle any toxic mold situation you might be facing, we hope that you will call us!


Do you see black mold damage?  Then call us now!


If you’re certain you have mold, then please give us a call.  Whether it’s in a crawl space, closet, or ceilings and walls, mold spores are released into the air and can cause serious health problems.  It’s why we consider it an emergency and handle it accordingly.


Free_EstimatesOne call and we’ll schedule our mold estimator to come to your property to provide you with an estimate for any Louisville mold remediation services that you require.  It’s a chance for us to see firsthand what you’re up against, as well as explain your options and make sure you feel confident in the path forward!


We make your property safe from harmful toxins!


mold-sicknessThe substance that causes so many problems is called mycotoxin.  It’s a dangerous substance that when ingested by the human body, can cause a variety of adverse reactions.  Mold is a naturally occurring substance, and is actually found at very low levels virtually everywhere.  The problem is when mold becomes elevated.  Here’s just some the things people experience when exposed to toxic mold at high enough levels:

black-mold-health-effects() skin rashes/irritations

() coughing & upper respiratory infections

() vomiting, headaches & dizziness

() immune system suppression

We look at our job as one of ensuring your safety and the well-being of your family members or employees.  It isn’t just about getting rid of an unsightly problem.  It’s about truly resolving a complex issue that puts your wellbeing at risk.  And when it comes to that, we just don’t think it makes sense to try and cut corners or do things on the cheap.


We follow industry-approved mold removal techniques!


You wouldn’t want a mold removal contractor in Louisville to show up and test out new processes?  Or perhaps even cut steps in order to save money on their overhead?  It happens, and more often than you want to know.  But call us and you’re assured all services will be done according the highest standards in the industry.


Trained, insured & certified technicians.

checklistOur success begins and ends with our employees.  We can’t be successful in our mission without knowing that they’re fully capable of carrying out that mission. It’s why we place so much emphasis on making sure our black mold removal specialists have the right tools to exceed expectations on every job they do. Each is trained, insured & fully certified!


Your property will pass post-project testing.

CertificateIconOnce we’ve completed our work, and have performed all necessary mold cleanup and water damage restoration services, we will suggest a third party mold sample be taken.  It’s an environmental test that will confirm that we have done our job effectively and that the property is free from elevated levels of black mold spores!


From containment to disinfecting – it’s done safely!


mold-containmentDepending on the severity of the mold damage, we may be able to contain the affected area so that you can continue to live in the property while we perform the mold remediation service.  We can use air-tight environments that prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas.  We can also employ a system that shoots negative ions into that atmosphere…without getting too scientific, the negative ions attach to the positive ion mold spores, causing them to become heavy and sink to the ground.  We then collect the spores and dispose of them!

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