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Sewage Back-upSewer back-ups are a mess, and getting things cleaned up and disinfected should always be performed by a certified water damage restoration company. Only a certified contractor has the safety equipment, knowledge and experience to safely restore your property so that it’s completely clean and you are completely safe. If you have suffered a sewer line back-up that has sent human waste water on to the floors of your home or business, we hope you’ll call now!


Call for a free assessment & sewage removal estimate!


Free_EstimatesWe can help you get a fair price to get your property disinfected and restored.  It’s straightforward and simple.  Just give us a call and we will dispatch and estimator to provide you with a complete on-site assessment.  While on-site, he can visually determine the extent of any damage and provide you with an appropriate mitigation plan. Of course he’ll answer all of your questions and make sure you understand every step in the process that must take place to get your home back to normal!


The estimate you get from us is simple. Why? Because we use the exact same software that every other water damage company in Baton Rouge uses and the same system that an insurance adjuster would use if you’re filing a claim. Most of the time, a sewer backup is covered by insurance, and since they usually pay for our work we have to go by pricing that they have already established. That means that you don’t need to get quotes from multiple sewage cleanup companies because we are all working off the same prices. Here’s how it works:


Considering doing the cleanup yourself?


cautionWe hope that you will reconsider.  Cleaning up sewer back-ups are simply not a do-it-yourself project, no matter how many articles you might read online and how handy you are.  Sewage back-ups are significant health hazards.  And w’ere not just talking about making you sick to your stomach.  There are things like Hepatitis and salmonella that are commonly found in sewer water.

Our technicians must put on complete hazardous material suits for a reason.  Even full face respirators are used.  That’s because many of the harmful pathogens can not only infect people by skin or ingestion, but even through the air.  Bottom line, it’s not something you can take lightly and it’s not something you have the proper training to handle correctly!

We can’t stress more forcefully the folly in trying to cleanup a sewage backup on your own. Not only is the process fraught with danger, but the likelihood of you being able to get out all of the dangerous toxins and then be able to properly dry the structure is slim to none. We made a video to try and explain to people the dangers and challenges that are confronted when a home sustains sewage water damage in Baton Rouge. Please take 90 seconds to watch it, it could help you prevent a costly and/or dangerous mistake:


We safely remove sewage using certified technicians!


sewage-cleanupFor us, the goal is to be safe.  We don’t want to jeopardize the health of our employees and we can’t jeopardize your safety.  It’s why each of our restoration technicians are properly trained on every facet of the sewage extraction process.  We don’t cut corners or use shoddy techniques that put our team or you in danger.

We follow the right protocols and always cleanup sewage damage using certified techniques!


Our Baton Rouge sewage cleanup services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe won’t consider it a job well done until you agree.  While we’re confident that we have completed the restoration process correctly and that every square inch of your property is clean and disinfected, we still perform a final walk-through with you.

It’s a chance for us to go over everything we have done and a chance for you to ask any last questions you might have.  If there is something that we haven’t done right, or something you’re not happy about, just let us know then and we will fix it!


What’s the rule on what can be cleaned and what must be removed?


carpet-raw-sewageWithin the restoration industry, any water damage job should be done according to the procedures and standards set forth by the IICRC. But that’s especially true when it comes to a house that has raw sewage in it. Any deviation from the protocols can put the technicians tasked with cleaning your home in danger and obviously also put anyone living in the home at risk.

When it comes to sewage water, the rule of thumb is that if it touches a porous surface, the wet area must be completely removed. So if the backup came through a toilet and it touched drywall or spill into the hall and got carpet wet, all of that must be removed from the property and safely contained and thrown away.


Why did my sewer line backup?


Just because it happened once doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. If you have sewer water in your home obviously you need emergency water cleanup services, but you also need to understand why it happened so that you can do everything possible to prevent it from happening again in the future. Here are the most common reasons we see sewer backups:


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineClogged main line – what clogs a line? Usually it’s either tree roots that have grown into the pipe or it’s the property owner pouring the wrong things down their drain (cooking oils, fatty liquids, etc.) or flushing the wrong things down the toilet (baby wipes and other fibrous materials). If you make sure that you treat your drains and toilet lines well and once every couple of years get your line snaked, you should be able to avoid this type of Baton Rouge sewer backup.


Heavy rains causing an overflow – these can get really ugly quickly simply because of the amount of contaminated water that can flood your home when this happens.  What happens is when there is a combined sewer system (meaning the same pipe carries sewage to a treatment facility and storm drainage to a clean water source) the line can get too full of water. When that happens, the rushing water seeks the path of least resistance. Where is that? Up your home’s line that is connected to the pipe and into your home. Install a backflow preventer to keep this from happening!

We handled emergency sewage back-ups throughout the Baton Rouge LA area.  Whether it’s a small residential back-up or large commercial issue, our wastewater extraction process is the same.  Our Baton Rouge LA water damage restoration professionals use patented equipment and certified techniques to completely remove sewage from your Baton Rouge home or office.  We then utilize mold prevention techniques to make sure there is no future mold growth.

We understand your Baton Rouge sewage back-up can be a traumatizing situation.  That is why we are committed to providing the highest level of Baton Rouge LA sewage cleanup service and the best in customer service.  Our Baton Rouge basement flood contractors will respond within minutes of your call and can begin the Baton Rouge water extraction process immediately.  We always offer free estimates for your Baton Rouge flood damaged property and are approved by every major insurance provider and can work directly with them to handle the claims process.

So if you have experienced a sewage back-up in Baton Rouge LA and need emergency water extraction services you can depend on, please call us now for immediate response and a free, no obligation estimate!

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