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Flood Damage RestorationWater mitigation services should always be done quickly. Responding to calls quickly and arriving with everything necessary to effectively contain your loss and get the moisture out fast is what we do! We offer complete water extraction services throughout Baton Rouge and surrounding communities. Just one call and we can make sure that you’re back to normal quickly! We offer free estimates, in writing & upfront, and we stand behind the work performed!

Emergency water cleanup in Baton Rouge!


Do you need rapid help?  Call for a free quote!


Free_EstimatesOur initial assessment can be performed within minutes of our arrival.  The project coordinator can perform a full moisture analysis and determine exactly how much water will need to be extracted and moisture evaporated from your property.  He can then provide a detailed cost estimate and explain everything you see in the written estimate.

Here’s a quick video explaining how we determine what to bill to your insurer:


Certified service?  That’s us!


CertificateIconOur firm belief is that you should never use a water mitigation company that isn’t certified as a water damage restoration provider.  That’s important because the process isn’t as straightforward as some contractors would have you believe.  It takes being properly trained on the right procedures and correct use of all of the equipment necessary to effectively resolves a water or flood emergency.

It’s why our technicians are fully certified to handle your loss correctly!


We can’t get it wrong. If we do, it can put you in a really bad position. Not only can your health be at risk from black mold, but your insurer will probably not cover the costs to fix the damages that are still present. Unfortunately, we are called to homes weekly that were supposed to have been properly mitigated by a Baton Rouge water damage company only to find out they didn’t properly remove the moisture. Properly drying out a home is a complex task that only certified technicians with the right equipment can do. Watch the video below to get a sense for what we’re talking about:


Insurance repairs?  We bill them for our services!


bill-directThe majority of the water mitigation work we do is paid for by insurers.  As such, we’re set-up to handle your claim with your adjuster and set up to bill them for our water cleanup services.  Because we use the same estimating software, each group is on the same page and the entirety of your project is exhaustively documented and catalogued.  So call us now, before you call your adjuster, and we’ll make sure you have a timely resolution to your upcoming claim!


Will my claim be accepted or denied?

insurance-claim-formThe insurance claim process can be tricky sometimes. Too many homeowners think that their insurer is going to go to bat for them in their time of need, and often times they end up extremely disappointed when they realize the truth: insurers look out for their best interests, not yours. That isn’t always the case, and some claims are dealt with expeditiously and resolved properly, but in most cases, you’ll want a water cleanup company with experience dealing with insurance claims to work with your adjuster. And not just any restoration company…you want to hire an independent company, not the one your insurer tells you to call. If you choose the water removal company your adjuster wants you to, please know that they are going to charge your insurer a lot less than the actual cost of the work should be. Why does that matter? If you’ve ever hired a really cheap service contractor before and it became a nightmare experience then you’ll understand why!

If you plan on filing an insurance claim, your best bet is to call us first. Even what you say in your initial conversation with your adjuster could be used against you to deny the claim. You should always hire a certified water mitigation company that is used to dealing with adjusters and speaks their language. We will make sure you get the best possible outcome on your claim and will fight tooth and nail to make sure they step up to the plate on your claim.


Service guarantees?  The best in the industry!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhat’s better than knowing that when the work is done you will be satisfied?  Because that is what comes standard on every water extraction & dryout job we do.  We know that without our customers’ continued satisfaction, we can’t stay in the business of helping people after flood emergencies.  So we offer you, and every customer, a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work!


Advanced moisture detection & drying equipment!


extraction-equipmentIn our business, you simply can’t do a proper job without the right equipment. It’s expensive, and often times the equipment changes as advances in the industry are made. If you hire a water cleanup company in Baton Rouge that isn’t willing to invest in these systems, you’re rolling the dice. We always make sure we have top of the line equipment and we spend money to keep them maintained so they’re capable of doing their job effectively. When seconds matter, you need to get the most out of your people and equipment.


Finding Baton Rouge water extraction services that you can count on isn’t easy.  The number of Baton Rouge companies that don’t answer their phone, don’t show up when the promise, and don’t perform the level of water extraction or water damage restoration necessary is frightening.  Luckily, you’ve found us.  Our Baton Rouge LA water extraction crews can quickly and effectively remove any water from your property, whether it is residential or commercial, and use industry standard methods to dry out the entirety of your Baton Rouge property.

We understand how horrible it is to come home to standing water and that’s why our Baton Rouge LA flood damage professionals are here to help.  We can be at your Baton Rouge home or office place within minutes and all of our trucks are stocked with the appropriate equipment to begin extracting water from your Baton Rouge basement flood or any other affected areas.

Each Baton Rouge LA technician is fully insured and trade industry certified to provide complete water damage restoration and water extraction services.  So if you’re experiencing a Baton Rouge sewage back-up emergency or any other water event in your residence or place of business, please call us now for immediate response and a free estimate for any work that you might need done!

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