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Mitigating flood damage is a resource-intensive job that requires special training, advanced equipment, and experience. It’s not as simple as getting water out and laying down fans. Doing it right means quickly extracting water from any surface and properly identifying and drying all affected areas so that mold doesn’t grow. If you’re looking for an affordable New Orleans flood cleaning company, we hope you’ll let us provide you with a free estimate for our award-winning services!


Flood cleanup in New Orleans has never been simpler!


You’ve got a life to live and can’t drop everything you’re doing when your property sustains flooding damage and needs repair.  We understand that, and it’s why we’ve tailored our services to handle all of the issues related to cleaning up flooding!


We get there fast & can begin work immediately!

What’s in a response time?  Everything, really.  A company that has the resources to get to your flood damaged house quickly is serious about the service they offer.  It’s why we always respond to your call on the spot and can have a crew on-site within minutes of dispatching them!


We make the ‘how much does it cost’ question simple!

Before we begin any work, we need to fully survey your property and assess the extent of flooding damage.  Once we’ve done so, we can provide you with a quote for our services – and there’s no obligation to you!  And our quotes are determined by insurance-approved claims software so you know it’s fair!


We honor our commitment to you and the service we perform!

There’s nothing more important to us than your satisfaction.  That’s why we guarantee it.  Our flood restoration company knows what it’s doing and will complete the job and make sure you’re happy.  In fact, we even offer customers a full year warranty backing our service!


Here’s what you can expect if you choose our flooding cleanup & repair service:


On average , homeowners experience a water loss every 11 years, so this might be the first time you’ve dealt with the issue.  Since you probably have more questions than answers at this point, here’s how our service generally looks (please be aware every job is different and every mitigation plan must be tailored to the job!):


Step 1) Flood water extraction

We’ve got to get as much of the water out as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t spread to other areas of your property and cause more damage.  We have a truck full of different water removal equipment designed to get water out of any surface type quickly!


Step 2) Moisture detection

Once we’re removed as much of the standing and free water possible, we then need to find out what areas have dangerous levels of moisture and what those levels are.  This helps us to determine our drying plan so we know what type of equipment and how much to use in the next step!


Step 3) Dehumidification & Evaporation

While we get out as much moisture as we can during the extraction process, it’s impossible to get all of it out during that step.  So the next step is to use drying equipment to pass hot air over the soaked areas to evaporate trapped moisture and then trap & remove those water vapors using dehumidifiers.


How do you ensure I don’t get mold?


Almost every customer we work for is concerned about mold, and rightfully so!  Especially with our muggy climate, mold can be an aggressive foe and it must be dealt with effectively.  Our certified flooding repair technicians are properly trained to prevent mold, and there’s 2 main ways to do so:

1) Get the property dried quickly!  The surefire way to prevent mold is to not give it an environment to grow.  Mold needs food, time, moisture and the right temperature to grow.  So we act quickly to completely dry out your structure so that mold can’t take root!

2) Apply mildicide spray!  Once we’ve removed all standing water from your home, and before we put down the dehumidifiers and air movers/fans, we apply a mildicide spray on all affected areas that inhibits mold growth and gives us more time to get everything dry!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the New Orleans area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Flood damage in New Orleans properties happens everyday.  If it has happened to you, our water damage restoration services are just a phone call away!  Repairing flooding damage is our business, and each of our water extraction and restoration crews are fully trained, certified & insured so we can get your property back to its original state quickly!  By calling now, you’ll always talk to a person and we can get a New Orleans flood damage cleanup crew en route to your home or office immediately.

The most crucial thing to remember if your business or residential property has flooded is that acting quickly will save you time, money, and headaches.  Our New Orleans flood restoration company can provide a no obligation estimate and should you choose, we can begin work immediately.  Using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques, our sewage back-up cleaning and water damage restoration professionals back all of their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  No matter the extent of the flooding damage, we can get your home or office dry fast.

So if you are in the New Orleans area and have an emergency flood damage situation on your hands, call us today for a rapid response & free estimate!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Larry B. in Laplace, LA – Flood restoration & drying services

3 bedrooms, dining room, living room, garage & kitchen flooded. Roughly 1500 square feet flood damaged requiring about 3 days of drying time.

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