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Every water mitigation job presents unique challenges that must be addressed quickly and effectively. It takes years of experience, the right equipment, and an ability to act quickly and make decisions on the spot. We offer certified water removal service throughout the New Orleans area and have what it takes to cleanup and dryout everything from small residential losses to large commercial floods. So give us a call and we’ll send out a crew that can provide you with a free estimate at no obligation to you!


Here’s why we are New Orleans’ trusted water removal company!


We arrive on-site quickly & can have the water out fast!

If you haven’t heard it before, we’ll go ahead and say it: the most important factor when it comes to flooding is time.  If we can get there fast, it means we can contain the water, extract, and dry out your property in less time.  So call us for an immediate response!


We are affordable & always give you a free cost estimate!

Since most water cleanup jobs are covered by insurance, we’re obligated to price our services according to insurer reimbursement rates.  We run your project through a standard estimating system and provide you with an upfront estimate based on that system!


We’re serious about your satisfaction & warranty our service!

We’re fully committed to making sure the water mitigation and drying process is completed to your satisfaction.  It’s why we guarantee it!  Not only that, but when you choose our water removal company, you’ll get a full warranty for one year on all work performed!


Here’s how we perform the water extraction & drying process:


We used advanced equipment to extract water from every surface

Assuming it’s clean (and in many cases gray) water, we can usually salvage the soaked areas by quickly extracting the water and beginning the drying process.  To help us with the first step, we use a variety of water removal systems to pull water out quickly!


We use moisture probes to accurately determine moisture levels

You can’t formulate a drying plan without knowing what’s wet and the amount of moisture you’re dealing with…it’s why we take readings throughout your property and every conceivable surface to find moisture so we know what to dry!


We spray affected areas with mildicide to stop mold

In order to buy more time while dry out your property, we apply a spray designed to inhibit mold growth.  While the greatest deterrent to mold is a dry structure, this aids our efforts tremendously while we work to get the moisture out!


We then dry out your property

Our job as water mitigation experts is to dry out your property without having to resort to tearing out your walls and floor and replacing them.  In most cases we can do just that by strategically employing negative pressure extraction, air movers and fans, heat movers, and dehumidifiers throughout your property!


Need help with your insurance claim?  No problem, we’re insurance approved!


What’s it mean to choose an insurance approved New Orleans water cleanup company?  It means a couple of things.  One, we can settle your claim with your insurer and work directly with your adjuster through the mitigation process.  Two, we can actually just bill them for our work, so that your only financial responsibility is your deductible!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the New Orleans area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If you need emergency water removal services, Our New Orleans water extraction company is available around-the-clock and can respond to your call immediately!  From fully insured & certified technicians to the best equipment, we can extract any water from your property quickly and expedite the drying process so that you can get your property and life back to normal quickly!  We know it’s a pain having loud equipment and strangers in your home, so we promise to work as quickly as possible to get things cleaned up and dry!

Coming home to standing water is a nightmare!  Fortunately our New Orleans flood damage and drying specialists deal with these situations every day.  From raw sewage-back-ups to overflowing washing machines, our New Orleans LA water extraction crews have the tools and experience necessary to mitigate your loss quickly.  We always use the best extraction & drying equipment and latest techniques to to make sure mold doesn’t take root.

Many restoration companies advertiser themselves as water extraction specialists…don’t be fooled!  Proper New Orleans water cleanup services require the right equipment and continually trained and accredited teams!  So if you’re in need of emergency water removal services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, please call our New Orleans water damage specialists today for immediate response and a free estimate!

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