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Boston MA Basement Flood Clean-up

Boston basement floods can be extremely stressful.  Dealing with insurance adjusters that don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry, flaky flood cleanup companies, all the while not knowing how quickly you can get your basement back to normal.  We understand, that’s why our Boston basement flood cleanup  crews are here to help you through the experience.  Our job is clear: get your flood damaged property back to normal as quickly as possible.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Boston area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Not All Basement Flooding Cleanup Companies Are The Same!


Make sure you do your homework before choosing a basement flood company.  Like any service trade, there are good providers and there are bad providers!  Here’s some things to look for when finding a reputable basement water extraction company:


Do they offer around the clock service?

If you’ve come home from vacation late at night only to find a Boston flooded basement and you call a company that doesn’t answer, move on!  You don’t have time to wait around.  The longer you do, the greater the basement flooding damage and the more extensive the process of mitigating your loss.  Call us anytime day or night to speak with a live person and have a crew at your flooded basement within minutes!


Do they use industry standard pricing and offer free quotes?

You should never be charged to get an estimate for your basement flooding cleanup service needs.  And there really shouldn’t be any ‘ballparking’ from the technician that comes out to assess your loss.  We use a claims estimating software used by insurers to determine what to charge and always present you with a firm estimate in writing.  Our estimates include the entire scope of work and you’ll have confidence knowing the price won’t change once the basement water extraction process begins!


Can they bill your insurance carrier directly?

In some cases you may pay out of pocket and have your insurance company reimburse you for your loss.  In other instances, you may want to have the Boston basement flood company to bill them directly for the cost of their services.  We are insurance approved, meaning we can both help you settle a claim and get reimbursed as well as bill them directly if you choose!


We calculate our estimates using Xactimate!


That’s important to you because it allows you to be confident that the rate we offer is fair.  Our Xactimate estimator software is the same software your insurance provider will use, and it’s an independent 3rd party system that makes sure you always receive the right price.

Here’s how it works:


When choosing a company to cleanup basement flooding, always make sure they’re certified to perform work!


Basement flooding can present a number of challenges even for the most experienced restoration company.  Anytime there is water damaging your home, there’s a whole host of things that must be taken into consideration.

Only a certified water damage restoration company has the skills and knowledge necessary to truly repair basement flood damage.  While some companies have some vacuum systems and fans, that doesn’t make them basement flooding repair companies.  Being certified means undergoing a lot of training and examinations in the proper methods used to mitigate water losses.  It also means being proficient with the latest equipment.

Ultimately, choosing a certified company means having peace of mind knowing that the cleanup, drying, and restoration work being performed is being done to the highest standards.

What does the process look like?  Watch this video to see how we cleanup water damage in basements and make sure your property is dry and mold-free!


Fix basement water damage before you get toxic black mold!


What are the risks of getting mold after basement flooding?  What can you do to stop it? How long do you have before it grows?  Most people realize that mold is a potential risk after flooding, but most don’t realize just how real that risk is.

basement-moldWith black mold, it only needs a couple of days in the right environment to flourish. And a flooded basement in Boston is just the right environment.  Within 48 hours mold spores begin to spread, eating away at any wet, organic surfaces it can find.  So really, that’s how long you have to address the moisture problem before you get a mold problem.


As the Boston Globe has reported, with climate change comes elevated sea levels that put many Bostonians at greater risk of getting a basement flood.  If you’re concerned you might be at greater risk of a storm event or other natural disaster effecting your basement, it might be a good idea to check the Boston flood plain map to see if there are other precautions you can take (including getting flood insurance from FEMA).


We provide free basement flood cleanup & repair estimates through the Boston metro area, including:

Lynn, Wakefield, Reading, Revere, Winthrop, Saugus, Salem, Beverly, Marblehead, Wilmington, Woburn, Medford, Somerville, North Reading, Wilmington, Burlington, Lexington, Belmont, Norwood, Milton, Quince, Wymouth, Newton, Brookline, Winchester, Bedford, Concord, Waltham, Wayland, Sudbury, Dedham, Wellesley

But our Boston water damage restoration crews don’t stop there.  When you call us, you can rest easy knowing that you will always speak with a person and that we’ll be able to respond to your flooding basement quickly.  A flooded basement Boston is serious…the longer water stands, the more damage it does to your property.

That’s why you need a Boston flood damage company that can respond immediately to your property to begin the basement water extraction process on the spot.  Should any of your home’s items be damaged, we can also have them restored to their pre-loss condition.  So if you need a Boston basement flood repair you can trust to be there with immediate service throughout the Boston MA area, then please call us now!

And should it be the case that you continually find yourself dealing with a wet basement, you’ll need to consider hiring a basement waterproofing company like these guys to help protect you from future flooding.

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