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Boston MA Sewage Cleanup

Cleaning up sewage is a job that requires trained professionals. Given the toxic nature of sewage and the ability of many of the harmful agents in it to be contracted via touch and through the air, a sewage backup is considered an environmental hazard that should always be dealt with by professionals. We offer immediate responses and free, upfront estimates for any and all sewage cleaning service needs, so please call us now if you’re anywhere in the Boston area!


Call us & you’re guaranteed a competitive sewage extraction rate! 


Almost all sewage damage mitigation work we do is covered by insurance providers and the overwhelming majority of our customers end up filing a claim.  So you’ll be happy to know that we use the same estimating software they do to determine how much to charge for sewage cleanup services.  Here’s how it works:

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Boston area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Know Your Foe: Raw Sewage is Dangerous!


It really can’t be overstated: raw sewage is very dangerous if you’re left exposed to it.  Sadly that isn’t always evident by searching online.  In fact, there are hundreds of articles describing how to cleanup sewage back-ups on your own.  If you didn’t any better, you’d probably think you could grab some gloves and a bleach/water solution and put the issue behind you pretty quickly and easily.  Sadly this just isn’t the case…

If you would like to learn more about the process of cleaning up sewage backups safely, we’ve created the video below to help educate you.  Hopefully it helps you get a sense for the risks involved and makes clear any amount of sewage damage in your property is cause for enough concern for you to call a certified Boston sewage cleaning contractor like us!

Removing sewage requires specialized equipment.

Not only do you need special safety equipment and full hazmat suits, but cleaning up sewage and cleaning/disinfecting your property also requires advanced equipment.  Assuming some trash bags, shovels, towels and fans will get the job done is a mistake.  Don’t find yourself making things worse by trying to cleanup the mess on your own!


Finding hidden damage is a science.

One of the challenges with any water loss, not just sewage damage, is being able to spot all of the affected areas.  In fact, it can’t be done by just visually inspecting the area.  We use equipment designed to spot dangerous levels of moisture anywhere it might be hidden, so we know what needs to be dried or replaced.


We make sure you don’t end up with mold.

Not only does raw sewage contain infectious diseases that must be neutralized, but just like any flooding event, any time water infiltrates your home one of the biggest threats is mold.  We utilize industry-standard techniques during the sewage extraction and drying process to ensure that mold does not take hold within your property!


We would love the opportunity to cleanup sewage from your property…here’s what you can expect from us:


On-time arrival and 24/7 emergency response.  Sewage cleaning services require an immediate response to be as effective as possible.  It can mean the different between saving much of the damaged area and having to completely replace it.  That’s why we focus on being there when you need us and can respond to your sewage extraction service needs anytime day or night!


Free written estimates and industry-standard pricing.  One other challenge has a homeowner or business owner dealing withe a sewage back-up is knowing what to pay.  We provide free on-site assessments where we use claims software (the same software used by most insurers) to determine the cost of our services.  We present you with our full estimate in writing!


Guaranteed sewage cleaning service.  Some “restoration” companies are just out chasing insurance money with little care given to the quality of work they are offering.  With us, you can rest easy knowing we stand behind any sewage cleaning we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We aim to please, so if it’s the case you aren’t happy, that means we haven’t done our job right!


Because of the amount of work required and the advanced nature of the cleaning equipment used to mitigate sewage damage, along with the obvious health risks, your best bet is to always call a professional. Click on this guideline to get a better sense for the complexities involved along with some preventative measures you can take to protect your property against a sewer backup. And if you are planning on attempting the cleanup process yourself, please be aware there are strict rules dictating the collection and disposal of solid waste within the Boston city limits that you can read about here.

Need immediate help for your Boston sewage cleanup service needs?  Our water damage restoration technicians are standing by ready to provide rapid, emergency sewer clean-up service.  We stand behind all of our sewage extraction Boston work and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  A rapid response, free estimate, and help with your insurance claims are just some of the things you can expect when using our Boston flood damage & sewage removal service.

It’s our way of assisting you during a trying event and it’s just some of the things we do to make the sewage extraction process less painful and more stress-free.  So if you’ve had the misfortune of a Boston basement flood and have raw sewage in your home or office, please call us now so that we can immediately respond to your property and begin the process of cleaning sewage as well as restoring any damage that has occurred to your household items!

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