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Toxic Black Mold Remediation

mold-inspectionWe provide reliable & affordable mold remediation services throughout Eastern Massachusetts.  If you have toxic mold in your property, you have a situation that can cause extreme illness…it’s something that should always be attended to by professionals that are trained in bio-hazards like black mold.  Our technicians are available around the clock to help diagnose your mold damage and provide a free estimate for any cleanup & removal services that may be required!

A Boston mold remediation company you can trust!


Knowledge is key when handling a black mold situation


We’ve found when talking to customers that many have done a lot of research online and come to us with the craziest stories, questions, etc.  The problem is the amount of misinformation out there…in our view, it can cause people to make poor decisions that can negatively impact their well-being.  Here’s some things we like to clear up right out of the gate….


You can’t remove black mold with some bleach.


cautionDespite what you’ve read in a DIY article, scrubbing down black mold with bleach isn’t going to get rid of your problem.  In fact, there’s a high likelihood that it is going to make the situation worse.  Why?  Scrubbing mold causes the spores to release into the air and spread to other areas of the property.  So not only are you not going to truly fix the mold damage where it exists today, you’re going to create additional mold damage in other areas of your home.


Mold is caused by excess moisture.


It doesn’t take much for mold spores to grow wildly out of control.  In fact, all it takes is some moisture, some food (think: walls, floors, ceilings), the right temperatures, and a little bit of time.  While there is some moisture in every substance, an elevated amount of moisture gives toxic mold the opportunity it needs to thrive.

Take a look at the image below:


In some cases, we see small pipe leaks that don’t create noticeable water damage.  It’s a bad situation because while things look fine, it can actually be the perfect scenario for mold to grow.

So what does this mean for you if you need mold remediation services?

A mold remediation company can effectively rid your property of toxic mold so that you’ll have a clean bill of health once they are done.  But we are also a flood damage repair company.  That means that we can also determine what moisture issues have caused the mold in the first place and address those trouble spots.  If that doesn’t happen, there is a high likelihood that you’ll end up in the same position down the road!


How will I know if my home is safe from high levels of mold?


There are some Boston mold removal contractors out there not providing quality services.  Typically, they find ways to make a home look safe, collect their check, then move on to the next home.  If you peel back the curtains, there still may be unsafe levels of mold along with the original conditions that caused the mold.  That leaves you in a terrible position of having paid for a service that ultimately didn’t do much.  It’s the bandaid on a hatchet wound approach.  Not effective.

environmental-test-moldWhat we always do is order a third party test of the structure at the completion of our work.  There are companies that specialize in taking environmental samples that they send off to labs that can test for air quality and mold levels.  Every environment has some level of mold in it, and at normally low levels, it is completely safe.  But in any event, we’ll be able to provide you with proof positive that your home or business is safe!

We guarantee our work!

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