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Flooding basements can be a bad situation, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare! While you’re probably dealing with a flooded basement for the first time, it’s something we handle on a daily basis. So if you need certified, experienced basement flooding cleanup services, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Our focus is on providing the best restoration services possible at an affordable price. We proudly offer free estimates and stand behind all of our work, so please call us today!


Fast basement water extraction services!

Flooded basements require immediate action…standing water is an emergency situation that can deteriorate the structural integrity of your home and lead to mold.  There’s a small window to begin the basement water extraction process in time to save the water soaked areas so the sooner we can get onsite, the better!


Easy to understand, no nonsense pricing!

Some companies will use your state of panic to pull things over on you.  Whether it’s gouging you with the price or using bait and switch pricing, it’s a shame it happens.  We offer upfront pricing in writing.  It outlines exactly what we’ll do to cleanup flood damage and repair your basement.  You’ll know the price before any work begins, and the price won’t change mid-project!


Direct billing and/or help with your insurance claim!

While not almost basement floods are covered under insurance, if your damage is covered, we would be happy to assist with your policy claim.  Our on-staff insurance specialists can communicate directly with your adjuster to handle every detail of the claim process.  If it is the case you want us to bill them directly, we can do that as well!


Why does using a certified basement flooding cleanup company matter?


Anytime you’re dealing with a flooding situation, there are many elements that must taken into consideration in order to ensure that the water loss is properly mitigated.  Only a certified basement flood restoration company has the resources available to ensure that your property is safe, dry and clean.


Spotting water damage isn’t easy!

Some homeowners cleanup basement flooding themselves only to realize they didn’t get out all of the water.  By the time we’re called in, there’s usually a mold problem and considerable damage to the home’s structure.  The problem that most don’t realize is that it’s impossible to spot all of the areas that have been compromised due to the flooding without specialized equipment.


Proper drying techniques & equipment prevent mold!

Some companies simply show up with a few fans and assume that they’re effectively drying out your basement.  That just isn’t the case.  Whether it’s specialized water extraction equipment designed to remove water from carpets and padding to negative-pressure extraction systems designed for hard surfaces like wood floors, treating flood damage requires different approaches depending on the situation.  No matter what type of basement flooding repair is required, we have everything necessary to get the water out and make sure you’re not faced with a mold problem after we’re gone!


We give honest prices using standard pricing!


We don’t fleece our customers.  We simply calculate the costs using standard pricing accepted by all major insurance carriers.  Here is how the Xactimate pricing system works and how it insures you always get the right price for any basement water cleanup services you may require:


Understanding insurance claims when your basement floods…


If you have a wet basement from flooding, you’re probably wondering if it’s covered by insurance.  Obviously, that’s going to be determined by the type of insurance policy you have.  Generally speaking, there are 2 types of policies that relate to water damage in Baltimore:

() homeowners insurance

() FEMA flood insurance

insurance-claim-formIf you have a mortgage on your home you’re required to have homeowner’s insurance, and if you own your home outright you probably have a homeowner’s policy. This type of policy typically covers any basement flooding as a result of a sudden flow of water originating from within the property’s walls.  We bold that last part because many times it confuses people that have standing water in their basement from rain or storm water.

So if your loss occurred from water coming inside your basement from the outside, you would need to have FEMA flood insurance in order to have the loss covered.

To find out if you should get flood insurance, check the Baltimore County floodplain map.

If you believe you have a sewage backup in your basement due to the city’s negligence, contact the Bureau of Facilities.

When it comes to dealing with your adjuster, what’s important for you to understand is that you want a knowledgable expert on your side that can advocate on your behalf.  For insurers, paying out claims isn’t in their best interests financially, so many will do whatever they can to not follow-through on their fiduciary responsibilities to their customers.  How do you combat that?  You hire a basement flooding cleanup company that has years of experience helping customers get a fair settlement from their insurance company!


Want to see basement water damage repair in action?


While not all of the images in the video below are basements, this video should help you get a better idea for what we do to get wet basements dry.  We use patented equipment and follow the IICRC’s S500 guide at every step of the project to make sure the water mitigation process has been performed properly and you have no risk of black mold once we’ve left!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Baltimore area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



If you are in the Baltimore MD area and have a basement flood, expert restoration help is just a call away!  We understand that you have many options when choosing a Baltimore flood damage restoration company.  It’s why we work hard to provide the highest level of Baltimore basement water extraction services available and the best customer service around!  No matter when you call you will always speak to a friendly representative.  If you would like, we can dispatch a Baltimore MD water damage restoration vehicle immediately to your property to begin the extracting water from your basement.

From a Baltimore sewage backup resulting in wastewater throughout your basement to a commercial boiler leaking, flooded basements do happen, and when they do we’ll get your Baltimore flooded basment back to its original state quickly.  Our basement flood repair crews stand behind all of their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  That means if you’re not happy with our basement flooding cleanup services, neither are we.  So call us today for emergency service throughout the Baltimore MD metro area!


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Customer needed water damage restoration services after her basement flooded.

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