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mold-damageWe offer certified mold removal services from trained, insured & qualified technicians.  While some mold remediation contractors aren’t willing to invest the time and resources to properly equip their team to do the job well, we understand that we can’t guarantee your health and safety without that commitment.  When you need professional mold removal help, you’re entrusting your well-being on us, and that’s something we never take lightly!


As Baltimore mold remediation specialists, we can…


Free_EstimatesProvide you with a mold assessment.

The first thing that will need to happen is for one of our mold removal estimators to come to your house to perform an assessment.  If you have visible black mold damage, we can determine the extent and give you a cost estimate.  If we can’t find mold, we would refer you to an environmental company that can perform an air quality test to analyze the amount of mold spores in the air.


CertificateIconEnsure you received certified services.

One of the unfortunate things about mold cleanup is the number of contractors out there promising to help and only doing more harm.  Too many don’t have the proper equipment or training to effectively mitigate your mold problem.  The result is you end up paying a company to just clean things, not remediate the mold.  Our technicians are certified mold remediation professionals!


checklistGuarantee a mold-safe & healthy environment.

Some Baltimore restoration companies focus on water damage services and will occasionally tackle a mold loss if it’s a part of a water job.  They might or might not be able to effectively tackle the mold.  But we’re mold specialists, so we can guarantee that once complete your home or commercial office will pass any and all 3rd party environmental tests.


Toxic mold – it’s your health on the line.


When you call upon a Baltimore mold remediation company, you’re asking them to help ensure you’re living in a safe & healthy environment.  That can only be done if we’re able to fully diagnose your mold loss, safely mitigate, and ensure whatever moisture issues you had that led to the mold are corrected.

We always follow the correct safety protocols during every phase of the project.  That means fully containing the effected area, wearing proper safety gear, and utilizing equipment that captures all airborne mold spores and safely removes them from the environment.  The last thing we can afford to do is put your health, or that of our employees, in jeopardy.

Your health & safety is our #1 priority.


We address the moisture problems that caused mold damage


Most people are surprised to learn that mold spores can be found in every environment.  At low levels, they are normal and do not pose a risk to you or your property.

Then how does it become a problem?

Toxic mold becomes a problem when it is found in elevated levels, and that is only possible in the right environment.  More specifically, it’s only possible when there is flooding damage or excess moisture.  If you’ve suffered some flooding or even a small amount of moisture has found its way into your home’s structure, it provides a gateway for mold growth.


What happens in many cases is some part of a home gets wet for whatever reason but the effects aren’t detectable.  As you can see in the image above, only through moisture detection equipment can get a full picture.  Sadly, this wall, if left wet, will ultimately grow mold on and behind it.

So part of our job is to figure out where the moisture is and make sure that it’s corrected.  If that doesn’t happen, you’re more than likely going to end up with mold in the future!

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