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Hagerstown Basement Flood Damage Restoration & Repair

flooded-basement-damageWhether it’s basement flooding from recent rains or your house flooded due to a busted pipe, your response should always be the same: call for help. Not in a few hours, not tomorrow, right now. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to removing moisture from a home. If it’s not done quickly enough, it puts your health in jeopardy. We focus on providing emergency flood cleanup services in Hagerstown and the surrounding area for both residential and commercial properties! No matter the size of the affected area or the dangers present, we will arrive prepared to tackle your loss!


Emergency basement flood cleanup services – 24/7/365!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhether it’s from a sewer backup in your basement or your sump pump failed during a storm, water in basements represent a unique danger. Namely, basement walls can erode if they’ve taken on too much water. And when extracting water from a basement, doing so too quickly can offset the water pressure inside versus outside and actually cause the wall to collapse into the home. So whether you have 2 inches of standing water in an unfinished basement or 2 feet of water in a finished basement, call us now and we’ll be there within 60 minutes!


Free flooding restoration cost estimates – onsite and no obligation!


free-basement-water-damage-estimateGive us a call now and we’ll be at your property within 1 hour to provide you with a free, no obligation cost estimate for whatever flooding cleanup services may be necessary. The process takes about 1 hour, during which our technician will use moisture detection equipment to precisely determine where the water has traveled so that we know what areas will need to be dried. We can then walk you through our plan as well as the associated costs, and of course are happy to any questions that you may have!


Don’t let the price scare you! Unlike other industries where you will see a lot of different prices depending on who you get estimates from, making you wonder what you’re really getting from each company, in our space all pricing is uniform. Yep, the quote you get from us will be generated using the same software that any other flood cleanup company in Hagerstown will use. And when it comes to estimates, it’s ultimately up to the insurance company to decide what a loss is worth. Confused? We understand, it’s a lot different than what you’re used to…watch this video to see how pricing works:


Water in your basement? Watch out for black mold!


mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesWhen it comes to wet basements, the lurking danger is always black mold. In fact, it’s so much of a threat that you are virtually guaranteed to experience black mold damage within about 72 hours after your basement flooded. That is a very short amount of time. In fact, it’s shorter than the average amount of time it takes us to remove all of the water and dry-out your basement. So that obviously doesn’t leave you much time to call for help, and puts our back against the wall even before we’ve started work!

That said, should you hire us to perform basement flooding cleanup services, we guarantee once we are done your basement will be mold-safe!


Flood damage restoration services done right!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou can not afford to hire a fly-by-night contractor for any flooding restoration services you may need. And believe us, there are dozens of them out there in the area. They don’t know what they are doing, don’t have access to the right equipment, and generally produce lousy outcomes for their customers (all the while collecting insurance checks and then disappearing). We do things the right way, and we guarantee our outcomes will satisfy you. That comes standard with any flooded home we have the opportunity to fix!


Why are we so confident in our flooding cleanup services?


When you have the right ingredients, and you follow the right recipe, you’re destined to produce the right outcome. And with us, we truly believe we have the right people and systems in place and we make sure everyone is following the right approach. Here are some of the benefits we bring to the table:


We believe in our technicians’ ability.

checklistThey are good people that have the right training and experience. How do we know that? First, to even become an employee you must past background screening and also pass random testing for drugs and alcohol. Second, you must become certified by the IICRC, which is the certifying body within the water damage restoration space. Without the right people, there is no way we would be able to succeed in business…we understand that and invest heavily in our employees.


We use the most advanced flood cleaning systems.

airmovers-structural-drying-equipmentYou can have the best people and the best intentions, but without the right equipment there is no way you can properly cleanup flooding damage in Hagerstown. Unfortunately, there are many flood restoration companies that won’t spend the money to make sure their crews have the best equipment available. We do, and we make sure they are properly trained on how to use the equipment! We also routinely clean and maintain our equipment to ensure they run at peak performance.


Watch our flood damage repair service in action!



If you’ve got a flood damaged property in Hagerstown, we understand you’re scared and anxious. Our Hagerstown flood damage companies deal with these crises everyday! It’s why you can trust our Hagerstown flood repair companies can properly dry out and restore your property!

Flood Restoration

Rapid Hagerstown flood restoration service is what we do! From an immediate response to working with your Hagerstown insurance agent, we try to make the flood restoration process as simple as possible. So call us 24/7 for all your Hagerstown flood damage restoration needs.

Flood Repair

Are you in Hagerstown and in need of professional flood repair services? Our Hagerstown flood damage repair experts are available when you need them to handle any flood damaged property. Please call us now for a free estimate and rapid response throughout the Hagerstown area.

Flood Cleaning

Emergency flood cleaning service in Hagerstown is just a call away. We offer Hagerstown residential and commercial flood cleanup services that get your property restored quickly. Our Hagerstown cleanup flood specialists are available anytime, day or night, and can respond immediately and offer a free on-site estimate within the Hagerstown area, so please call now!

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