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Lansing Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

Find a water damage companyHas your basement flooded from heavy rains?  Or perhaps your child left the sink running and you have standing water in your bathroom that has begun running down into other floors?  No matter the cause, getting the flooding damage fixed quickly is imperative.  We offer fast, emergency flood cleanup services and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate anywhere in the Lansing, Mi area!


We’re your partner through the flood restoration process.


Chances are this is the first time you’ve dealt with a flood.  We deal with them on a daily basis.  When you have questions, we have answers.  We you need guidance and recommendations, we have expert advice.  Our job is to get you through the flood restoration process as quickly as possible so that you can move on with your life.


We dispatch help immediately!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgImmediate help is our first priority.  Flooding damage gets incrementally worse the longer it stays untreated.  It’s why if you have water damage, you need help immediately.  We can get onsite within 60 minutes and usually much quicker.  If you would like us to begin work, we can get started immediately to contain the amount of damage.  Our ability to react quickly saves our customers time and further headaches!


toxic-moldWhy is the response time so crucial? There are a number of reasons you should always call an emergency flood company in Lansing when you find water in your home or business, but none more important than the threat of black mold. Our goal when we get called to a flooded home is to make sure we get it dry before toxic mold spores multiple and cause a lot of damage (that is both expensive to cleanup and potentially won’t be covered by your insurance). And because the average drying times in our industry are longer than the time it takes mold spores to grow under the right conditions, an immediate response takes on even greater immediacy.


We assess the loss & give you an upfront cost!


Free_EstimatesWe are always able to provide you with a free estimate for Lansing flood cleanup services, including the dry-out and any reconstruction work that might be necessary.  Our customers are always pleased to know that our rates are driven by the same estimation software that their insurance adjuster uses.  So when we give you an upfront estimate for the flood extraction project, you know that it is a fair and competitive rate and that you’ll never be fleeced!


We made a video that explains how pricing in the flood restoration service industry works. It is probably a lot different than what you are used to with other industries, so it’s worth a minute of your time to check it out. Hopefully it gives you some peace of mind that when we quote your flooded basement cleanup service, you know it’s an honest price.


You get certified flood removal services!


CertificateIconFlooding damage in Lansing should always be handled by a professional flood mitigation company that has the proper certifications.  In most cases, you want to make sure they have an IICRC certification for flood damage restoration services.  Our contractors are fully certified to perform any residential or commercial mitigation work.


You can relax knowing that the work is going to be done correctly from start to finish, and that our technicians will never stray from the proper techniques and procedures!


You know the work will be done right!


Our job is to make sure your property is restored to its original state.  It’s something we’re fully capable of doing and it’s something we do for our customers on a daily basis.  It’s why we make sure every job we go on is backed by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

satisfaction-guaranteeWhen we finish the dry-out phase of the property, and complete final moisture readings, we then walk the property with you to make sure you’re completely happy with our work. If there is something we need to fix, then we can do it at that time.  We don’t consider the work to be done until you confirm you’re completely satisfied!


Lansing basement flood cleanup services you can trust!


checklistOur job isn’t just to restore flooded properties, it’s to restore homeowners confidence that their lives and the home they spend so much of that life will returned to normal. It’s no easy task, but it’s a challenge we embark on daily. When we get a call from you, we know you need help and that if we can’t provide it effectively, there can be lasting damages. Because you place so much faith in our Lansing flood restoration services, we can not afford to take chances when it comes to our employees or the work they do. So here are some of the things you can be sure to expect should you choose RestorationEze:

– technicians that have passed a full background screening

– technicians that routinely pass random drug/alcohol tests

– technicians that carry up-to-date IICRC certification

Curious what certified flood cleanup & repair services entail? Watch this quick video:


Property flood repair in Lansing requires an immediate response. We have Lansing flood repair contractors available whenever you need help. We provide a 24/7 rapid response and free estimate for your Lansing flood cleaning service needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help get your Lansing property repaired and restored fast!

Flood Restoration

Comprehensive Lansing flood restoration services are our forte. We work tirelessly to make sure your flood damage restoration needs are met quickly and effectively. If you are in need of emergency help, please call us now and speak with a flood damage technician for an immediate response!


Flood Repair

A fast response to any flood repair needs is a must! The longer your home or office sits damaged, the more costly any Lansing flood damage repairs will be. So if you live in the area and need help now, please call us for a free estimate. Our flood repair in experts are available 24/7!


Flood Cleaning

Emergency flood cleaning service that you can trust is just a call away. We offer residential and commercial flood cleanup services that get your property restored quickly. Our Lansing flood cleaning specialists are available anytime, day or night, and can respond immediately and offer a free on-site estimate so please call now!

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