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Lansing Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyDo you need a restoration company in Lansing that you can trust?  Our water damage contractors are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your moisture issue fixed for good!  Call us now for an immediate response and a free estimate for any work performed!  You’ll always speak to a live representative who can dispatch a crew to your home or commercial property on the spot!


Lansing, MI water damage restoration services you can count on! 


We’ll make sure every aspect of the water damage cleanup process is done correctly.  It’s our job to guide you through the process and make sure we can get your property dried out and restored as cost-effectively and pain-free as possible.


We give you a free water damage removal quote!


Free_EstimatesIn order to determine the extent of the loss, we need to send out a licensed & certified estimator that can provide you with a complete assessment of the damage.  He or she can take moisture readings and measurements and provide you with recommendations for the best water damage mitigation plan.  At that point, you’ll get a written estimate to cleanup the mess and get things dried out and fixed!


What comes with our water damage cleanup estimate? Not just a fair price, but peace of mind that we arrived at that price using approved rates. What do we mean by ‘approved rates’? Insurers set our prices for any restoration work we may do. So when we provide a quote, we aren’t using our own in-house prices…we’re actually using their prices. In fact, we’re using the same system they use to estimate the cost of the water damage services we’ll need to provide. Watch this video to see how it works:


We train & certify our restoration technicians!


CertificateIconWe can’t make mistakes when we cleanup water damage or it could put you in jeopardy. Whether it’s missing hidden moisture or not properly drying out a structure, mistakes during the water mitigation process can result in mold or damage to the home’s integrity. In other words, walls and ceilings could collapse later.  It’s why we don’t take short cuts when it comes to training our employees.

Our contractors are certified water damage restoration professionals and they each are fully insured to protect you in case of any accidents!

All of that focus on our people and our process shows when it comes to cleaning up water in properties. Some water damage companies don’t go to these lengths to make sure their people know what they are doing and it shows in the results. But we take great pride in performing the water restoration service the right way and following the proper procedures and steps as dictated by the S500 water damage restoration guide. While the manual itself is hundreds of pages, we want to at least give you an idea of what professional water damage cleanup services look like. So please take a moment to watch the video below:


Need help with a claim?  We bill insurance!


bill-directOur customers appreciate the fact that we can handle the insurance claim ourselves.  In fact, our Lansing water damage company has people on-staff that deal exclusively with the claims process and work with adjusters to make sure they have what they need to successfully file the claim so that our customers can truly put this whole incident behind them and move.


Will our Lansing water damage repair services be covered by your insurance carrier? Chances are, if the source of the water loss was within your home’s walls, you will be covered. But most insurance policies do not cover flood events where outside water sources such as rising river water or rain water come into a home. But in most cases, you’re covered for all sudden water losses that occur inside your home. However, there are 2 primary causes of denied claims in such instances:
leaky-pipe-kitchen-sink-drain– gradual water damage. Insurers differentiate between sudden and gradual water damage. The former is covered, the latter may not be. For instance, if you’ve had a slow drip in a drain pipe exiting your kitchen sink that has caused significant water damage over time, they may not cover the costs of fixing it.

– negligence. Have you spent years ignoring the fact your water heater is really old and that it needed to be replaced? If it ended up failing and causing house water damage, you could be in trouble. Insurance policies don’t protect against negligence on your part, and the adjuster may very well decide that you were negligent in maintaining your home’s systems.

We can handle all aspects directly with your insurer, including billing them for our water restoration services!


You get guaranteed water damage removal service! 


satisfaction-guaranteeIf you choose us and allow us to help with your water damage cleanup needs, you get the confidence in knowing that the work is guaranteed.  We trust our technicians and have equipped them with the skills, training, and equipment they need to do every facet of their job to exceed your expectations.

It’s why we back our water damage services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Protect your property from future water damage with these tips:


Inspect supply lines.

Any supply line feeding water to your sinks, toilets, or other plumbing systems is under a significant amount of (water) pressure. It’s recommended that you check them every 6 months for any creases, bubbles, or warping. If you see any issues, call a plumber and have them replaced immediately!


Install a leak detector.

Systems can range in price, but they all serve the same purpose: at the first sign of a moisture intrusion, they shut off the water valve to prevent more water entering the home. These systems aren’t too expensive to install and can save you a ton of money and headache in the future.

Water damage losses occur once every 11 years. So while you can’t prevent what has already happened, you can take proactive steps to make sure you don’t fall victim to it again!


Water Damage Restoration

Our Lansing water damage crews are available whenever you need them.  We offer completely residential & commercial Lansing water damage services and each restoration contractor is fully licensed and ensured.



Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is not as simple as drying out your Lansing property.  We understand the intricacies of proper Lansing water damage repair services, because it’s all we do!  We offer Lansing residential & commercial water damage repairs that get your life back to normal quickly!



Water Damage Cleanup

Emergency water damage cleaning in Lansing is just a phone call away.  We specialize in rapid responses to any Lansing water damage cleanup crisis.  From free estimates to 100% satisfaction guarantees, our Lansing water damage cleaning companies are the best in the business!


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