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Minneapolis Basement Flood Cleanup

Flooded basementFlooding damage can happen quickly and can be devastating.  Beyond the physical affects, the psychological damage can be difficult to overcome.  Fear and anxiety can paralyze people or cause them to make poor decisions.  If your basement flooded, or you have water damage anywhere else in your property, you need to call in the professionals.  Only a certified flood restoration company has the experience, equipment & skills to ensure your property is dry, safe, and free from mold.


Your trusted source for Minneapolis flood damage cleanup services!


Our job isn’t just to provide the services to get your flooded house dry, it’s to be your partner throughout the entire flooding damage restoration process.  We aim to be a comprehensive source for everything from consultative service to insurance assistance to everything in between.  It’s our responsibility to make the process of cleaning up after a flood as fast, simple, and pain-free as possible.  And here’s how we do it!


We give you the only cost estimate you need – for free!


Free_EstimatesYou really don’t have the luxury of calling around for a bunch of different estimates when you’re dealing with basement flooding in Minneapolis.  Any delay in the water extraction and containment process just means the cost will go up along with the potential for structural damage and black mold.  But how do you know if you’re receiving an estimate that is fair?

Simple: call RestorationEze.  All of our flood damage contractors use the same estimating system.  In fact, it’s the same system most likely used by your insurance adjuster should their be a claim.  It’s called Xactimate, and it ensures you only need one estimate, from us!

Here’s how it works:


Water in your basement? Don’t let it become a mold problem!


basement-moldMold doesn’t need much time or moisture to ravage your house. In fact, if it’s been more than 72 hours since your home flooded and you haven’t had it professionally dried out, chances are you already have black mold. Up to 2 weeks after the flooding, insurance will typically cover the costs of cleaning up both the water damage the mold damage. But if you get water in your basement, don’t have it properly dried out, and later you end up with black mold, you’ll be on the hook for a very, very expensive remediation job.


We get all the moisture out – guaranteed!


Some people under-estimate what it takes to get a flooded basement or any other of a property fully dried out and restored.  For starters, just finding the moisture requires sophisticated equipment and trained professionals.  It isn’t something as simple as just throwing down some fans and waiting.  In fact, that is a recipe for disaster.

Take a look at the image below.  As you can see, moisture can hide in plain sight.  And if it isn’t removed, you’ll end up with toxic black mold.




Basement flood restoration services you can trust!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe’re so confident in our technologies and the experience of our flooding extraction crews, we offer you something you won’t find with other companies: a mold-free guarantee!  Our water damage restoration services are always backed by another guarantee.  We promise that when our technicians pack up our equipment and we’ve completed a walk-through with you that you will be completely satisfied.  How does that work for peace of mind?

Learn how we get wet basements dry using IICRC certified technicians and the best equipment available.  In the video below, we explain the basement water damage cleanup process so you see with your own eyes how we work our magic!


Questions about your insurance policy?  Just call!


bill-directMost of the time the costs to repair flooded basements are covered by some sort of insurance policy.  We’re able to help our clients with any insurance repairs and assist you through the entire claim.  We have people on staff that provide complete insurance claim help from start to finish.  Because we work with all insurance companies, we can go directly to your adjuster and make sure he or she has the things they need to file and successfully settle your claim.

We can also send them the bill so you aren’t left paying upfront!

A word of warning when it comes to the claims process: don’t assume your insurer has your best interests at heart. We don’t say that to scare you, but we do want to point out some of the things that can occur when the claim is filed.

insurance-claim-formFirst, they may ask that you call a particular water damage restoration company. This is highly unethical and borderline illegal if they don’t also make you aware that you are free to use any mitigation company you wish. What might not be obvious to you is that the company they refer you to is ‘in bed’ with the insurance company in the sense they already have an informal agreement in place to discount the total cost of the claim to well under the market value of the job. Do you want the work done by someone that will need to cut corners in order to make up for the big loss in revenue they will take?

Second, adjusters try to keep their liability on the claim as low possible, meaning they don’t want to pay out any more than they have to. This can sometimes result in a tug of war between them, you and the water damage company you’ve hired. We work with adjusters daily, and in fact probably know your adjuster well. We realize the challenges in representing our clients and will do everything within our power to convince them of the work required to truly mitigate your property and restore it to its original condition!

If you live in an area prone to flooding, check the flood information web pages from the Minneapolis public works department.  If you discover you’re in a flood zone, you’re best bet is to buy flood insurance!


Where is the water coming from?


When it comes to flooded basements, often times people aren’t sure what’s happening or what the source is for the water. In most cases, it’s ground water seeping through cracks in your foundation. Even in the case you don’t have cracks, concrete is a porous material that water can travel through with ease. If it has rained recently and you start noticing wet carpets in your basement or water pooling on the ground in an unfinished basement, rest assured you’ve got some issues that need to be addressed to prevent flooding damage from happening again.

In the event of a massive storm, there are 3 main contributors to flooding damage:

Bad gutters.  It’s such a sad sight when we arrive at a home where the owner has reported flooding damage and we spot the culprit immediately upon parking the truck. Gutters exist for a reason. Without them functioning properly, you will end up with water in your basement.

Improperly sloped lawns. Even good gutters become useless if the home’s lawn doesn’t slope away from the house. If your property has no slope or a negative slope back towards the house, guess what? The water will pool around your foundation and will creep through your basement walls and flood your cellar.

sewage-overflowStormwater overflows. Even if you’ve got great gutters and your property’s grade is sloped correctly, there’s another way for water to end up in your home during a storm event: through your pipes.  A sewage backup can occur when the city’s storm drains are over-taxed. Called a sewage overflow, what happens is the water needs somewhere to go and it will often start going back up the pipes servicing your home and ultimately end up spewing out of the toilets, shower drains, or sinks.

Will my Minneapolis basement flood be covered by insurance?

insurance-claim-formMaybe, maybe not. Ok, that wasn’t helpful, but the reality is it’s tough to say without a) knowing the source of the water damage and b) reading your policy. That said, we can share some insight based on our experience.

If you have a flood insurance policy, along with homeowners insurance, you should be covered for 99% of the causes of basement water damage in Minneapolis. If you do not have flood insurance, but you do have homeowners insurance, then you probably aren’t covered by any flooding that was a result of rain water or other outside water sources. But if the water source came from inside your dwelling, then you are probably covered.

There is one caveat to that you should be aware of, and that’s if your insurance adjuster sees the loss and determines it could have been prevented with regular maintenance. For instance, if they see the cause of the flooded basement is a water heater that was really old and the tank was corroded, there is a good chance they will deny the claim because you didn’t have it replaced and you should have!

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