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Water Damage Restoration

Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWhen a water loss occurs, a fast response, from the homeowner and the service provider, is essential.  That is why we make sure we have the crews and resources available to respond any time you need help after flooding damage.  We have become the trusted source for reliable water damage cleanup services by offering fair costs, providing excellent service, and standing behind our work.  So if you want a Minneapolis water damage company that will go the extra mile to make sure you receive the highest level of service, please call RestorationEze today!


Here’s how we help people needing water damage services…


You need to put trust in the right people to help you get your life back in order so that you can move on.  But unfortunately there are water restoration contractors in Minneapolis that don’t have your best interests at heart.  We hope that you’ll give us a chance to earn your trust and help you during a trying time.  Here’s some things we do everyday to help our customers through every phase of the water damage restoration project.


Need a fair price?  Call us – free quotes & guaranteed rates!


Free_EstimatesThere’s only one call you need to make if you’re insurance adjuster has asked you to get a cost estimate from a certified water damage contractor.  We use the same software they do to determine the cost of mitigating your loss.  That means you don’t need multiple quotes, and you don’t need to wait around for a bunch of companies to come in and out of your home to get the process started.  We always offer a guaranteed insurance-approved estimate!

Here’s how our estimating system works and how you can be sure when we provide you with an upfront estimate, it’s the right price:


Our water damage contractors are certified!


CertificateIconOne way we ensure you receive the highest level of service is by pre-screening any technicians we work with.  All must pass a 10-point screening, and included in that is maintain current certifications as a water damage technician.  While there are plenty of contractors advertising themselves as professional water restoration companies, many aren’t willing to make the commitment of educating and training themselves on the latest techniques and equipment.

Should you choose one of those water damage repair companies in Minneapolis, you could end up regretting it.  So don’t make the wrong call…just call RestorationEze today and you can rest easy knowing the technicians will be properly vetted, trained & certified!

If you would like to see what our water damage restoration services look like, please watch the short video below:


We guarantee you don’t get black mold!


mold-free-guaranteeWhat would happen if you hired a company to cleanup water damage and they collected their money and weeks later you discovered mold?  Sadly that can happen, especially if you choose the wrong contractor.  But call us, and you’re guaranteed to be mold free.  It’s just one thing we offer customers to show them we are the right choice for their Minneapolis water damage services.


We use powerful equipment to spot & remove hidden moisture!

Moisture can find its way into the strangest places, and it’s the moisture that you can’t see that can be the biggest problem.  We use equipment that ensures we find any moisture that can’t be seen, so that we don’t miss a spot that will end up breeding toxic black mold.

Here you can see a bathroom wall that appears fine but is actually very wet when put under thermal image scanning:



Call us if you need insurance assistance – we bill them!


bill-directInsurance claims assistance can take many forms.  Our Minneapolis restoration companies are all approved to work directly with adjusters from all major carriers meaning we can handle the claim for you, answer your questions, and make the file is successfully claimed in most cases.

But not only do we help with the process itself, we also send the bill for losses that are covered to the insurance company instead of asking our customers to pay out of pocket.


Additional water damage information & resources


There are so many great resources around the web that can help you prevent water damage and deal with the aftermath. While we do our best to provide you with all of the information you need, we also know there’s some great information out there. Whenever possible, we update our site with web sites we come across that can help you in the event your home has water damage.


What can you do to prevent water damage?

bad-guttersFix your gutters! Sometimes all the prevention in the world can’t stop the inevitable. That said, there are plenty of things you can do to lessen your chances of a water loss. One thing you should always do is make sure your gutters are working. We see too many flooded basements that could have been prevented simply by making sure the home’s gutters were doing their job. It’s such a simple and cheap fix, but can save you thousands of dollars!

Install a basement sump pump! You can take all the precautions possible outside of your home, but if it rains several inches in the matter of minutes, your gutters won’t be able to save you. Sometimes water is coming in one way or another. A sump pump is your last line of defense. While it can be costly, it’s far less than the cost of cleaning up basement water damage, especially if your property is in a flood zone and prone to flooding. If you do get a sump pump installed, make sure you have an alternate source of power to allow it to run in the case you lose electricity in a major storm event. Most will run for a while on battery power, but a generator can be a life saver in an emergency!

frozen-pipesInsulate pipes that are prone to freezing! The busiest time of year for us is winter, and the reason is frozen pipes. When temperatures drop well below freezing, any pipes that aren’t properly insulated are at risk of freezing. When a pipe freezes, it’s at grave risk of bursting, sending water spewing everywhere. If you can’t get to the shut off valve quickly, you’ll be swimming in your home in no time. Every fall, do an inspection of your home’s exposed pipes and wrap them in some form of insulation to protect them against severe sub-zero temperatures! Here are some good tips on preventing frozen pipe bursts!


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


Water mitigation services were needed after the main drain off of the bathroom on the second level leaked causing water damage inside the walls of the lower level.

–Jordan, Minneapolis, MN

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