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Water Extraction Minneapolis

Water ExtractionWhen you have moisture in your home or office, you’re dealing with an emergency. Delaying the process of drying out your structure can only result in bad things, including black mold growth and even the deterioration of your property’s support structure.  That means you should always call a professional water mitigation company in Minneapolis to assess the situation, get a handle on what you’re dealing with and provide a complete restoration plan to make your home safe again!


Don’t take chances – hire a water cleanup company you can trust!


The reality with any amount of water damage is that you need to hire a professional restoration company quickly before more damage occurs.  That can make the process stressful, and sadly there are contractors out there that don’t have your best interests at heart.  So why can you trust a RestorationEze water removal contractor?

Here’s some things we hope make us the right choice for you!


We offer free quotes & use Xactimate to calculate the costs!


Free_EstimatesGetting a fair price is imperative.  If a water extraction service charges too much, there’s a good chance your insurer will not accept those fees and the company will come after you seeking payment for the difference.  That’s not good, but luckily not something you have to worry about should you choose us.  That is because our estimators all use Xactimate, the industry leading estimating software in the insurance repair sector, to calculate the costs.  So call not for a free flood cleanup estimate today!

Watch our video to learn more about the price estimating process….


We only employ the best technicians in town!


checklistHow do you make sure you’re getting great emergency restoration services?  One thing is a must: great technicians.  Nobody understands that better than us, and it’s why we go to such great lengths to hire the best Minneapolis water cleanup companies around.  In fact, each of our partners must, at a minimum, do the following:

  • techs must submit to (and of course pass) a criminal background check
  • techs must randomly take drug tests throughout employment
  • techs must carry insurance & proper licensing


All water removal services done by certified companies!


CertificateIconAnother thing you should always make sure of when hiring a Minneapolis water cleanup company is that they carry the proper certifications.  In most instances, that will be a water damage restoration certification from the IICRC.  At RestorationEze, we only partner with contractors that carry the proper certifications at all times, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment and that they can provide you with a superior level of service!

Curious what a certified water mitigation project entails? We hope you’ll watch our video below that explains the steps of water damage restoration and the process taken to get your property dry:


Insurance-approved for direct billing convenience!


bill-directWhat’s worse than having your home flooded?  Having to come up with the money to pay for the water mitigation services out of your own pocket.  Luckily, we make that pain for away by offering direct billing options for claims successfully submitted to insurance.  Our specialists work with your adjuster and do everything possible to ensure the claim is filed quickly and successfully, and then we send any invoice for our services to the insurance company directly!


Emergency Water Cleanup FAQs


How long does the process take?

The drying times will depend on the class of water damage your property has sustained. But on average, our equipment needs 3 days to properly dry out your structure.


Will my insurance cover the costs?

If it’s from a sudden water event where the source of the flooding is within the home, most often the answer is yes. If the water needing to be extracted came from outside your property (snow melt, rain water, etc.), then the answer is no unless you have a separate flood insurance policy due to your home’s location in a flooding zone.


Can I stay in my home?

It depends on how much damage there is. If you’ve lost use of your kitchen or your only functioning bathroom, your insurer will most likely reimburse you for any hotel stay you may need. But if you don’t mind the constant humming of our machines and the occasional technician coming in and out, you most certainly can stay!


What if I start seeing mold?

If you’re seeing mold, you’ve waited too long to call for help. If you hired a water cleanup company and you’re seeing mold, they didn’t do their job. Call them back and pray they’ll honor their service commitment to you and remediate the mold problem as well as fix the moisture issue for once and for all.


Can I begin getting the water out myself?

If it’s safe to be in the flooded area, and you’ve already removed any household items that are at risk of getting soaked, then by all means do what you can to get the water contained. But make sure help is on the way before you do anything, and of course make sure there is no risk of electrical shock or that the damage is severe enough to cause the property to collapse.


Will you need to replace my floors and walls?

The appropriate mitigation plan is going to depend on a number of factors outside of our control. First, what does the S500 water damage restoration guide say? If the water loss contains raw sewage, anything it touches will need to be replaced.  Is an insulated wall wet? Unfortunately the insulation is ruined as water causes it to lose its insulating properties. But assuming we can dry things in place, the next question becomes what is most economically feasible.

injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemIf your insurer is paying for the loss, they will want to know that the most cost-effective route was taken to repair the damages. If it costs twice as much to dry something as it would to replace it, we would notify you and let you make the call, understanding that you may be on the hook for those costs should your insurer balk.

But generally speaking, we have very good equipment that can dry out your structure without taking a wrecking ball to your home. As a matter of economics, it’s usually much more profitable for us to dry what’s in place than replace things, so we want the same thing you want if your goal is to salvage as much of the existing structure as possible!

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