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Basement Flood St Paul MN

Flooded basementWhen a basement floods, there are several dangers that can be present.  Whether it’s hidden moisture that will result in mold or structural damage to the basement walls, any amount of water in basement means you should call a professional water mitigation company.  We can happily provide you with exceptional service at an affordable price, as well as assist you with any insurance claim help you may need. When it comes to cleaning up basement flooding, nobody does it better or faster – so call RestorationEze today!


Emergency basement water extraction services in St Paul!


Wet basements, whether from storm water rising through your foundation, or busted pipes, or even leaky water heaters, are emergencies and should be dealt with accordingly. We can handle any type of basement flooding you may be having.  Sewage back-ups, wet carpets or even class 3 losses where the water loss occurs above ground but drips down to the basement…no matter what you’re face with, we can handle it!


Our mitigation & repair estimates are always free!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call us we can always provide you with a free onsite estimate to cleanup flooding damage on your property.  Our process is simple and always produces a cost estimate you can trust.  We use Xactimate to estimate our service costs, which means we’re using the same system your insurance adjuster will use to calculate the amount they will reimburse.

We aren’t there to fleece you and use some sort of bait and switch pricing technique. We’re there to provide you with competent basement water damage repair services at a fair price, and that’s precisely what we will do!

Learn more about the process we use to estimate your loss:


Certified basement flood damage restoration services!


CertificateIconWhen it comes to cleaning up basement water, you shouldn’t ever hire a company that is not certified with the IICRC.  All of our basement flooding companies in St Paul are fully certified as restoration professionals.  That means they have the knowledge and training necessary to handle any loss type and can properly use the water extraction & drying equipment required to fully mitigate the loss.

Some restoration companies simply refuse to invest their resources to becoming certified and we think it speaks volumes about their commitment to providing great service to their customers.


We’re in the business of providing peace of mind!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe think it’s our responsibility to provide you with confidence.  Confidence that your home will be safe and that your life will get back to normal.  And while some basement flood cleanup companies aren’t willing to stand by their work, at RestorationEze, it comes standard with any flooding restoration services in St Paul we offer.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


Call now before you get black mold!


mold-sporesMost people think black mold is something that takes a long time to grow.  The truth couldn’t be more different.  Mold growth can occur within 48 hours of your flooded basement taking on water.  If the structure is not properly dried, you will end up with black mold.  There’s no way around it, and it’s why we stress how important a fast response is.  And it’s why we take a variety of pre-cautions to make sure your basement does not become a home for toxic mold that can make you very sick!


How the basement water damage cleanup process works!


The process for cleaning up a flooded basement in St Paul can vary depending on the extent of the damage. But in general, there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure the water damage doesn’t cause black mold growth. We always follow the recommended procedures laid out by the IICRC. To see what you can expect should we mitigate your loss, please watch the video below:


Why does my basement flood?


The 2 most common scenarios for a flooded basement are ground water entering the basement or from a sewage backup exiting into the basement. In each case, it’s possible to take precautionary measures that will greatly reduce the chance the loss occurs.


Rain water collects near your foundation.

gutter_cleaningSo many of the floods we see are a result of water pooling next to the house. When this happens, the water will find its way into your basement. Many people assume that if they don’t have cracks in their foundation that the concrete will keep water out, but water will seep right through concrete. Make sure your gutters work to move water off your roof and towards the street. This means keeping your gutters clean and having downspouts installed that expel the water away from the home. It also means making sure once the water exits the downspouts, it doesn’t drain towards your home. To make sure that doesn’t happen, slope the grade of your lawn away from your house and towards the street!


Sewer water comes back up your main sewer line.

sewage-overflowIn the case of areas where there is a combined sewer system that transports both storm water as well as raw sewage, when it rains heavily the municipal sewer lines can get filled with too much water. When this happens, the water passing through the drains looks for an escape, and often that escape is up your home’s pipe and into your home. Yuck!

To prevent this from happening, have a sewer backflow prevention device installed right outside your home. It represents your last line of defense, it will stop the water coming back up your pipes from getting into your home and save you thousands of dollars in sewage cleanup costs!


Does insurance cover a basement flood in Saint Paul?


insurance-claim-formLike with any other claim type, it depends on the language in your policy and the cause of the basement water damage. If you have flood insurance along with homeowners insurance, then you should be covered for just about any type of flooding you might have experienced. If you don’t have flood insurance, you’re usually not covered for rain water or any other water source outside the home getting into your basement. But even if you have both policy types, please be aware that insurers can deny your claim if they determine that you could have prevented the loss with routine maintenance.

As an example, let’s say your basement flooded from a water heater leaking. If the adjuster comes out to inspect the loss and it’s clear the water heater was 10 years past due for being replaced, and the entire base of the tank was corroded and rotted, then they may deny your claim because they’ll fault you for not seeing that and replacing it earlier!


Call us before you call your adjuster!

You don’t need a claim number before getting help, and often the things you say initially can be used against you should there be any concern on the part of your adjuster about the cause or timing of your flooded basement in St Paul. The best thing to do is call us first and allow us to diagnose your loss and then work directly with your insurer to get it handled in a way that ensures your insurance company upholds their obligations to you!

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