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Water Damage St Paul MN

Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWhen it comes to you home or business suffering flooding damage, just any restoration service won’t do.  It’s where you live or work, and where you feel safe.  You deserve to know the highest level of detail and care will be taken throughout every phase of the water damage restoration process.  And you deserve a restoration company that is truly committed to helping you recover from the disaster.  That’s RestorationEze, and that’s what has made us the trusted source for water damage mitigation services for so many people!


Fast water damage repair services you can trust!


Finding a company that you can trust, and finding them quickly, shouldn’t be difficult. But all too often, the moment you need fast, reliable help is the moment there doesn’t seem to be anyone there to help.  That is why we are here, and why you can trust us to help you through every phase of the water damage cleanup process!


You don’t have to worry about getting a fair price!


Free_EstimatesOne thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is getting fleeced by a dishonest water restoration contractor but it happens daily to unsuspecting homeowners.  But call us and that worry disappears.  Our water damage services use Xactimate to price the cost of restoring your property.  As the leading insurance repair estimator, Xactimate ensures a fair and honest price each and every time.

When we give you a free estimate, the price is never inflated or inaccurate, it’s simply the cost of services as determined by a reputable 3rd party software.


You never have to worry about the quality of work!


A fair price is great, but not if it includes shoddy service.  Some water damage companies in St Paul might use the same estimating software, but do they offer the same level of service?

Our technicians are certified water damage restoration professionals.

CertificateIconBeing certified matters in the restoration space.  While some industries have certifications that amount to allowing you to put a nice logo on your van, in our industry, it means something.  As a water damage restoration technician, you must complete heavy 3rd party training and coursework, along with an examination, and you must complete continual education each year to remain certified.

In an industry where the science behind our techniques and the quality of our equipment change drastically, maintaining the proper certifications is a crucial step in providing excellent St Paul water damage repair service!


You never have to worry about the bill!


bill-directIf your loss is covered by insurance, we can make sure the claim is successfully filed.  And while customers appreciate our willingness to work with their adjuster throughout the St Paul MN water damage cleaning process, what makes them smile is knowing when it’s time to pay the bill, they don’t have to worry.  Why?  Assuming the claim was successful we send the invoice directly to the insurer!


You never have to worry about black mold!


mold-free-guaranteeChoosing the wrong water damage company can be a huge mistake, and never is that more evident than weeks after the project has been completed and your property starts to smell like a gym locker room…and then you start to notice it: black mold.  Don’t let this be you!  We repair water damage in St Paul the right way, and that means taking great care to inhibit mold growth during the process and only leaving when our instruments make clear that we’ve eliminated the environment mold needs to grow.

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