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Springfield MO Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyAny amount of excess moisture in your basement is cause for concern. Whether it’s slow leak through a crack in your foundation, or a massive amount of water has entered your basement due to heavy rains or a frozen pipe that busted, your reaction should be the same: call a certified water damage company in Springfield immediately to assess the situation and discuss your options. We are happy to provide emergency basement water extraction services and would be honored to help you when you need it. Just give us a call and let’s discuss your situation and figure out the best way to address it quickly!


Why is any basement flooding an emergency?


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny type of home water damage should be treated as an emergency, but especially a flooded basement. Why? A number of reasons, but most urgently: the threat of black mold. Basements are already prove to moisture problems, and any excess moisture is going to allow toxic mold spores to grow in numbers and thrive. This isn’t news to anyone, but the quickness in which it happens usually catches people off guard. Water damage leads to mold damage within 3 days, and sometimes sooner depending on the humidity in the basement. So if you have noticed basement water damage, please be aware the clock is ticking.


What happens when your basement water damage becomes black mold?


A number of things happen when this occurs, all of them bad. The most important are:


black-mold-health-effects() black mold spores can ravage your health – from “minor” things like skin irritations and coughing to serious things like lung infections and other major complications for those with suppressed immune systems, the health issues from black mold exposure are well-documented and very real. Your home is where you spend the majority of your time. If it becomes a toxic place, the impact on your way of life can be dramatic. Please don’t put your health at risk. If you have water in your basement, please call us before it becomes a much bigger issue.


() black mold can complicate any otherwise simple insurance claim – insurers don’t pay for mold damage. While there might be some exceptions if the mold was the result of water damage which was dealt with as quickly as possible, when an adjuster sees or hears the word ‘mold’, things immediately get tricky and there is the potential all or some of your claim could get denied. That’s really bad news for you because the cost to cleanup mold damage far outweighs the cost of mitigating a basement flood.


Call anytime and schedule a free onsite estimate!


Free_EstimatesThe best way to know what you’re up against and weigh your best options is to have one of our crews come out and provide you with a complete assessment. As part of that service, we take detailed measurements and pictures of the damage, and can then provide you with a complete cost estimate for the work we deem necessary to fully mitigate the damage. Once our lead technician has had a chance to fully assess the underlying moisture issues, we can then discuss your best options and of course answer all of your questions in detail. Our goal with the initial assessment is to meet you, understand what we’re up against, and see if our Springfield water restoration company is the right fit for your project!


We made a video for you to help you understand how the estimating process works. What most people find surprising is that our quotes aren’t “ours” at all, in the sense that we don’t even use our own pricing. Instead, we operate like every other basement water cleanup company out there and use Xactimate to quote your loss. It calculates the project based on insurance prices so you know the work is being done at fair prices and that you aren’t being gouged by the service provider!


Why choose our Springfield basement flood service?


checklistOptions are great for you, but only if you weigh them and make the right choice. The reality is not all basement water mitigation companies are the same, and all offer varying levels of service. We believe we represent your best option and we hope some of our promises to you as a customer will lead you to the same conclusion. We promise:

() that all of our technicians have passed a criminal background screen

() that all of our technicians also pass drug and alcohol tests

() that all of our technicians are certified by the IICRC

() that all of our technicians are insured


When it’s done, you’ll be happy – we guarantee it!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur job isn’t just to return basements to their original condition, it’s to ensure a safe and healthy home. And we can’t do that properly unless we’re also making sure each and every customer we service is happy with the work we’ve performed. If there are ever concerns or issues that need to be addressed, we do so before we consider the work completed and leave. Choose us and we guarantee your complete satisfaction on all of our work!


If you have a wet basement, give us a call today!


Basement floods occur each day in Springfield MO.  That’s why we’re here, to help with any Springfield water extraction or restoration services you might need.  With just one call, we can dispatch the closest Springfield MO flood damage crew to immediately begin drying out your flooded basement.  Whether you’ve experienced a sump pump failure and your have Springfield sewage back-up, or your Springfield basement flood was caused by heavy rains, we can help.

Springfield MO basements floods will cause more damage the longer you wait to get the water out of your Springfield property.  That’s why our water damage restoration crews are available any time that you might need them and will arrive with a fully stocked truck!  Each Springfield crew has the right equipment and is completely certified to handle every aspect of the water extraction process.  Flood damage in Springfield is scary, but when you call us, you’ll know you’re calling a company that will stand behind their work and do things the right way.  So call one of our Springfield MO water damage restoration technicians now for a free cost quote for any issue you have with your basement flood!

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