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Springfield MO Water Extraction Services

flood-damage-companyWe offer residential and commercial water mitigation services designed to completely dry out your property’s structure before any black mold growth occurs. Whether it’s 2 in the morning and you have a flooded office building or Christmas Eve and you have wet carpets in one room of your home, we’re here to help you get things fixed fast! If you’ve discovered water damage in your property, please call us now and we can dispatch the closest crew to your property within minutes!


You must get the moisture out immediately…or else!


black-mold-wet-basementThe thing we try and stress to potential customers that have water in their home is how quickly the situation must be addressed. If you wait around for your adjuster to open a claim, or delay for any reason, you open yourself up to the risk of getting black mold. In fact, black mold grows around the 48-72 hour mark after flooding occurs. So the second excess moisture gets into your home, you’re on the clock to have it removed before it provides black mold the opportunity to take over the affected area!


Call us and we can provide a free onsite water mitigation estimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen we get a call, our first action is to come out to the property in order to fully inspect the damage and survey the full extent of the moisture problem. When it comes to moisture, most of the damage is hidden and requires special equipment to detect. So the only way we can fully assess your property is to see it ourselves, at which point we can walk you through our opinion on what makes the most sense and provide you with a free estimate for the work required!


Our estimation software is actually the same software that your insurance adjuster uses. What does that mean? It means when we give you a price, it’s the same price your adjuster will use for the loss. It makes sure we don’t inflate our rates and that when it comes to file the claim and settle the payment there won’t be any issues with your insurer. The video below explains how it works when you need an estimate for any water cleanup services:


Please don’t attempt the water extraction process yourself!


wood-floor-cuppingSometimes people get the crazy idea that they can handle the water mitigation process. They do a little research online, fire up their wet vac, lay down some fans and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. A couple of weeks later they start to notice some problems. Depending on the types of surfaces that got wet, they might see wood floors start to cup, or the cabinets start to bubble and warp, or they might start seeing mildew and mold growing on their walls. At this point, we usually get the call and have to inform them that everything that got wet (and is still wet) will probably need to be removed and replaced.

And what can make things even worse is what would have been a pretty cut and dry insurance claim now stands the chance of being denied completely. So you’re left with more expensive damages and your insurance policy won’t cover it. Don’t let this happen to you! If you are considering trying to do the water cleanup and drying process yourself, please trust us: you can’t do it effectively.


How should professional Springfield water mitigation services look?


The reality is that identifying and removing moisture simple isn’t something that can be done unless you are a trained water mitigation professional with access to the right equipment. Extraction and drying techniques are not a one-size-fits-all approach, and only a certified water damage company will have the resources and knowledge to get the home dry and remove the environment necessary for black mold to grow.

If you want to get a better idea for what happens when you call us to deal with your flooded house, watch the quick video below!


Choose our water extraction service and the work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe are confident our technicians will be able to perform the work they are tasked with in a fashion that exceeds your expectations. Why? Because of the efforts we take to make sure they can succeed in that mission. From the pre-hire process, including exhaustive interviewing and background screening, to the random drug tests they must pass during their employment, we first must make sure they are good people with a good head on their shoulders. But we don’t stop there!



We always make sure our technicians have the knowledge they need to face any situation. With some companies, they aren’t willing to pay for the training necessary to make sure their technicians can handle any situation. The result is they make a poor decision or use the wrong piece of equipment that screws up the results. With us, all of our technicians are fully trained and must carry a current water damage restoration professional certification from the IICRC.


If you are in Springfield MO and need emergency water extraction services, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Springfield water damage restoration specialists are standing by around-the-clock and can be at your Springfield MO home or office within minutes!  All of our Springfield technicians are fully insured and certified to extract any water from your flooded basement or any other standing water you’re dealing with!

Coming home to water is a nightmare!  Fortunately our Springfield flood damage and dry out specialists deal with these situations on a daily basis.  We have literally seen it all.  From raw sewage-back-ups to malfunctioning water heaters, our Springfield MO water extraction crews have the tools and experience necessary to restore your quickly and correctly.  That means using the best equipment and latest techniques to completely dry out your Springfield home of office and also utilize mold prevention techniques to make sure mold doesn’t take root.

Many companies advertiser themselves as water extraction specialists…don’t be fooled!  Proper Springfield water extraction services require the right equipment and continually trained and accredited teams!  So if you’re in Springfield MO and need emergency water extraction services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, please call our Springfield water damage specialists today for immediate response and a free estimate!

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