Basement Flood Cleanup Services

Flooded basementWet basements present many challenges and should always be addressed by a certified flood restoration company.  We use specialized equipment to detect all moisture and can quickly extract the water and begin the drying and restoration process.  Our goal is to make sure your basement is safe and you don’t develop black mold.  That means getting to the loss quickly and working with speed and efficiency to get your basement dry!


What does the flood cleanup process entail?


When you’re dealing with flooding damage in St Louis, there can be a lot of confusion and stress involved.  Most people haven’e gone through this experience again, and that can lead to mistakes and issues that don’t need to happen.  Here’s a general outline of how the process should work for you!


Call and get an estimate from a certified contractor!


phone-sans-shadowThe most important thing you need to keep in mind when your home or office has experienced a flood is that it is your responsibility to get it fixed.  Some people mistakenly assume their insurance adjuster is going to take the lead on that process but that isn’t their job.  Their job, assuming the loss is covered, is to settle payment.  But your job is to save your home and keep your family safe.


Free_EstimatesSo once you call us, we can provide you with a free and upfront written estimate for flood damage repair services.  That will include a detailed outline of the damaged areas, what will need to be done, and a line item price for each service.  Our estimates are always free, and there is never any obligation to move forward.  But they’re also guaranteed to be the right price, and that’s because we use a system to estimate the price that pulls the standard reimbursement rates from insurance companies.  It’s why you only need one estimate from our certified St. Louis flood restoration contractor!


Work can begin immediately!


Hopefully you’re clear on how we generate an estimate and how the process ensures you receive the right price for any flood mitigation services you might need.  Since you don’t need to shop around, we can get to work immediately.  Here’s what that usually looks like.


Water Extraction & Containment

flooded-basement-cleanupAny reputable St. Louis flood company will stress the importance of containing the water damage.  By that, we mean simply making sure that we can get the standing water out before it spreads to other areas and causes more damage.  We use a variety of water extraction systems depending on what types of surfaces have been affected. We can usually fully contain the water and have most of it out within an hour or 2 of being at your property!


Mildew-cide Spraying.

mold-removalAt the top of our ‘enemy list’ is black mold.  And it’s a ferocious enemy that doesn’t need much time to take over.  While mold can only be contained by removing excess moisture, to give ourselves a longer window to get the moisture out, we spray industrial strength fungicide solution that acts as a mold inhibitor and allows us to continue our work without mold spores taking root.


Flood Cuts & Drying.

Home Flood DamageOur hope is that we will not need to open up any walls or tear out any wet carpets.  But in some cases, like if a wall is insulated or the carpet has sewage water in it, we might have to remove some items so that we can properly and safely dry things out.  We use a number of rapid evaporative systems to get remaining moisture out of all surface types and then use dehumidifiers to safely trap and remove the moisture!


Still not sure how the basement water extraction process works? Watch this quick video to see how we go from a wet home to a dry, fully restored, property.


When we complete the flood restoration, you’ll be satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeEvery St Louis basement flood cleanup job we are called to comes backed by the same guarantee:  when we’re done, our clients will be completely satisfied.  Our job isn’t just to restore flooding damaged properties, it’s to make sure that our customers have as pleasant of an experience as possible under the circumstances.  So we strive to provide that level of service, and guarantee we’ll exceed your expectations throughout the entire flood repair service process!


Why do basements flood and what can you do to prevent it?


Basements flood because they are surrounded by the earth and the ground collects water. Sooner or later, if that water is pooling by your foundation walls, it’s going to find its way into your home. Luckily, there are things you can do to help prevent them from getting water in them! Here’s some tips:


gutter_cleaningMake sure water is moving away from your foundation by ensuring your gutters are functioning properly. It’s so simple, but usually the main culprit for wet basements. Clean your gutters regularly, make sure they are properly attached and that you have downspouts installed to allow the water to be disposed of away from your foundation. Again, if the water collects by your foundation, it will go through concrete and flood your basement.


Slope your lawn. A lot of times people will have flower beds with bushed and flowers in it next to their home. While beautiful, a lot of times they are your worst enemy when it comes to preventing basement flooding.


sump pumpInstall a sump pump. Sump pump’s act as the last line of defense. Sometimes, you do everything you can to keep water away from your foundation but there is only so much you can do. A sump pump collects and deposits water before it makes its way through your slab or basement walls. While they can be expensive to have installed, especially if you have a finished basement, the costs pail in comparison to needing complete basement water damage restoration services.


Have an alternate power source. We can’t tell you the number of times we get a call that starts like this: ‘My basement has water in it because the sump pump failed.’ Usually, it’s a lack of power. In the case of emergency flooding, often times the electricity will go out. In these instances, your sump pump may be able to run on battery power for a couple of hours, but after that it’s useless. Consider installing a generator to ensure your sump pump can continue doing its job when you need it to the most!

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