St Louis Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage Back-up CleanupSewer back-ups present several challenges that should always be dealt with by trained professionals.  For starters, mitigating the sewage damage and cleaning the property without anyone getting sick.  Most homeowners don’t realize just how dangerous sewer water can be.  Many are surprised that we wear full haz-mat suits and respirators throughout every phase of the job.  If you have a sewer back-up, please call us today for a free estimate to clean it up.


Safe – fast – effective sewage extraction & repair!


We believe there a 3 components that must be occur on any job we are called to where sewage damage has occurred.


We must be safe.

cautionOur job is to make your property safe once again.  When you’re dealing with sewage back-ups, you’re dealing with a situation where there can be extremely harmful pathogens in the environment that can cause serious illness or even death.  We have to take the utmost precautions throughout every phase of the mitigation process to make sure our employees are safe and that are free from harm once we leave.


We must be fast.

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgGiven the nature of sewer back-ups, we have to act quickly.  We can be onsite at your property within 30-45 minutes and can begin containing the damage as soon as we have your permission to do so.  And we have the best equipment available to quickly act on the appropriate mitigation plan so that your property can be safe & clean quickly and with as little disturbance to you as possible!


We must be thorough.

checklistWe can’t skip steps.  While some St Louis sewage removal companies might cut corners in order to save time and money, we’re fully aware of the negative impacts that can have on you.  If we make mistakes or cut corners, the result can be you’re left with a home that is still full of harmful disease causing pathogens.  It’s why we simply refuse to be anything but absolutely thorough!


The sewage backup cleaning process should always be done by pros


Too often we get calls from people that initially tried cleaning up the mess only to throw in the towel and call us. By then, more water damage has been caused and they’ve put themselves at extreme risk from a health perspective. If you’re in this camp, and at all considering cleaning up the mess on your own, please watch the video below then call us!


Call now for a free estimate at no obligation!


Free_EstimatesCall now and not only will we dispatch an estimator and crew immediately to your property, we can provide you with a free estimate for any Saint Louis sewage damage removal services required.  During the onsite estimate, we can examine the amount of sewage damage there is, formulate a mitigation process and answer your questions and talk through your options.

Call today for an upfront cost estimate!

Getting a fair price is much easier than you think, at least if you call us. We provide free estimates using Xactimate. What does this mean for you? That the price isn’t inflated and is based on the industry-standard prices already accepted by your insurance company. Watch this video to see what we mean:


When the job is done, you’ll be completely satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe can restore your home to its original state and in the process make sure every phase of the work is done to your complete satisfaction.  It’s something we offer every St Louis sewage cleanup customer: an iron clad guarantee that if you’re not happy with anything we’ve done we’ll fix it no questions asked!

While some sewage damage repair companies are simply there to collect payment, we understand the importance of making sure when we leave you feel like it’s your clean home again and that you’re safe!


We also service commercial buildings!


commercial-sewage-from-floorCommercial sewage damage can sometimes overwhelm mom and pop contractors.  While they’re happy to take the business, effectively fixing and cleaning the property quickly is a whole other issue.

We provide the same great sewage extraction services in St Louis to commercial clients and would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate if your office building has sustained a sewer back-up!

To see what the city is doing to prevent sewer overflows in our community, click here.


Concerned about the bill?  You’re probably covered!


bill-directIn the overwhelming majority of sewage cleanup jobs we do, the insurance policy of the homeowner covers the loss.  That’s great news because depending on the size of the loss, it can become expensive.

But to help you, our sewage cleanup contractors in Saint Louis all offer insurance billing and claims assistance.  Not only can we handle the claim with your adjuster and insurance company, we can bill them instead of you!

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