St. Louis Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWe’re able to assist you with any water damage repair services you might need.  We can help with small residential leaks that leave a room soaked with wet carpet, and can handle large commercial water losses that require truck loads of equipment and teams of technicians.  No matter what type of flood emergency you’re faced with, out job is to get the property dry and repaired fast at a price that is fair and honest.


We offer free quotes to cleanup any water damage!


Free_EstimatesOur first job is to make sure you get a fair price.  That means we send an insured, certified & trained estimator to your property whenever you call to provide a free onsite estimate.  Because of the nature of water damage, that occurs as soon as possible.  Ideally, you’re at home and we can dispatch the estimator immediately.  If necessary, we schedule a time that is convenient to you.

Once there he or she can perform certain tests to determine the exact extent of the moisture damage in your home or office.  We’ll formulate a recommended water damage mitigation plan and can then walk you through each step we’ll take to get your property fixed.  Our technician can then discuss our upfront cost estimate and answer any questions that you might have!

Want to get a closer look at how we estimate water damage cleanup services? Watch this!


Our work is guaranteed – service that exceeds your expectations!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur responsibility on any job we are called to do is to provide the best level of water damage mitigation services possible and to do it in a way that pleases our customers. When we’re given the responsibility and trust is placed in us to help people through a crisis, it’s our job to take that responsibility seriously and do a great job.

And to hold ourselves accountable, we offer each St. Louis water damage customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

From the moment we arrive at your property through to the final inspection, we strictly follow the guidelines in the S500, which is the industry’s operating manual. To see what that usually looks like, watch the how-to video below:


You don’t pay – we bill insurance!


bill-directMost of our work is covered by insurance policies.  If that is your case, you’re most likely going to want to file a claim.  Or more accurately, let us help file the claim on your behalf. Because we work with every insurance company out there, we are well versed in what they need to successfully file a water damage claim for their customers.

So if you call us, our insurance specialists can handle the claims process and when we are done repairing water damage we can send the bill to them instead of you!


We provide commercial water damage restoration in St Louis, too!


commercial-water-mitigationThe majority of our work is helping people whose homes have been damaged by water, but we also help commercial clients.  Many commercial jobs are much larger in scope than what some water damage companies can handle.  If they land the job, they usually have to scramble to find enough equipment, and charge premiums given they’re renting the equipment themselves.  And some lack enough technicians to effectively contain and mitigate the loss, so they’ll resort to outsourcing the work to contractors who they might not know anything about!

We have the team, resources & experience to handle any commercial water damage services necessary!


When you need a St Louis water damage company, go with the best!


Our employees are drug-free & have clear criminal backgrounds.


checklistAt a minimum, shouldn’t you be able to trust they people coming into your property to be sober and law abiding citizens?  Like you, we wish it was a given with every water damage contractor in St Louis, but sadly it isn’t.  In fact many don’t perform any sort of screening measures at all.  We don’t believe that’s safe and it’s why every technician must pass drug tests and background screening!


They are certified water damage restoration technicians.


CertificateIconBecoming certified to cleanup water damage effectively and know how and when to use the various pieces of equipment throughout the process is time consuming and costly.  It’s just 2 reasons why many water restoration companies don’t certify their technicians.  Again, we think that just increases the likelihood you don’t receive great service.  It’s why our techs are trained & fully certified!


How to protect your property from water damage!


There’s only so many things in your home that can cause water damage, so we often see many of the same causes of water losses when we get to our address. Here are some things we see and some ways you can mitigate the chances of suffering flooding damage in your house!


Water supply line hoses disconnecting. The two most common sources for this type of leakage are the water line running into your fridge to make ice and serve water as well as your washing machine. We recommend your washing machine hoses every 5 years and once per year check your refrigerator line to make sure it’s properly attached.


Hot water heater leaking. This video does a good job of explaining the common sources of water damage from water heaters as well as what you should do to prevent them.


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-linePipes backing up. When water can’t properly exit your home because there is a blockage in your main sewer line, it will cause a sewer backup. When this happens, it exposes you to a serious health hazard and is truly cause for emergency action. Be careful about what you put down your drains, especially fats, oils and grease! Disposing of it the right way can mean the difference between a clean and healthy home and one filled with human waste and harmful toxins!

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