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Asheville NC Sewage Cleanup

sewage-crawlspaceIf you have a sewer line backup, the end result can be toxic waste water in your property that can make people sick. And we’re not talking a stomach bug or cold, we’re talking viruses like Hepatitis-A and E-coli, among other things. We cleanup and repair sewage damage, not just to remove the smell, but to make your home or office safe. So if you need help now, please call our Asheville sewage cleanup service today. We always provide you with an onsite estimate for any work that may need to be done, and when we complete the project, we guarantee your satisfaction!


Don’t take chances when it comes to cleaning up sewer water!


cautionSome people discover sewage damage and roll up their sleeves and try tackling it themselves.  While we certainly can appreciate their work ethic, we highly caution against doing that when the project is sewage extraction and cleaning.  Not only is the environment highly toxic and require full body hazardous material suits, but the cleanup effort takes specialized equipment you won’t have access to nor know how to use.

So while you may think it’s a simple project, we highly suggest you call a certified emergency restoration company to assess the situation!


How does our sewage cleanup service work?


We make the entire process simple by handling the project from start to finish.  We want to educate our customers so they feel comfortable and confident that their home is being restored and cleaned properly.  Here’s a quick guide of what the professional sewage damage repair in Asheville process looks like:


Loss assessment & free estimate


Free_EstimatesWhen we dispatch a crew to your home, their first priority is to determine the exact amount of sewage damage that has occurred.  Our lead estimator will take some measurements and readings to know where the sewage has traveled, and can then map out the fastest and most effective mitigation plan.  To help with that process, all of our sewage damage contractors use Xactimate to estimate the full costs of repairing the damage.

Here’s a video we’ve made to explain how RestorationEze ensures customers get a fair rate for cleaning up sewer backups!


Sewage extraction & surface removal


sewage-cleanup-item-removalThe process of cleaning up the sewer water hasn’t changed much over the years.  First, we determine which surfaces can be salvaged, meaning we can clean it as opposed to tearing it out and replacing it.  We remove all standing sewage and surfaces that need to be replaced and get out as much of the mess as possible by hand.  It’s important to note that any porous surfaces (carpet, laminate, drywall, etc.) can’t be saved if they have sewer water damage.


Cleaning & de-contamination.


mold-removalOnce the surface area has been cleaned up as much as possible, we then go through with powerful cleaning systems to decontaminate the remaining surface.  Our powerful cleaning solutions eliminate any remaining bacteria and harmful pathogens that might still be present.  We don’t leave any area untouched and make sure that we have fully decontaminated the area before performing the drying and build-back process.


Drying & build-back.


sewage-cleanup-dryingThe final step in any water damage restoration project is making sure moisture levels are returned to safe and normal levels.  Every surface contains some moisture, and the key during the drying process is to use specialized equipment to remove the right amount of moisture (over-drying is bad and can ruin a surface) safely from the property.  We have the right equipment for any sewage extraction project and can get the rest of the moisture out fast!


Pre-screened Local Restoration Providers

800 Water Damage

976 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC 28806

We specialize in providing emergency response service for sewage back-ups throughout the Asheville NC area.  It’s a stinky, messy situation that requires immediate professional help.  That is why our Asheville water damage restoration crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get any sewage out of your Asheville basement or property.  We believe we are only as good as our last job.  It’s why we work hard to ensure each Asheville water extraction job we perform is done with the utmost professionalism.

We understand you have choices in providers to help with your Asheville flood damage event, and we hope you’ll call us when it happens.  Each of our Asheville basement flood experts has years of experiencing cleaning up sewage back-ups of all sizes.  We use patented equipment and certified Asheville water extraction techniques to get out the mess and make sure your property is clean and dry.

So call us today and a Asheville flood damage crew will be at your home or office in minutes to provide a free estimate for any services you need performed!

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