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Wilmington NC Water Extraction Services

flood-damage-companyIf you need immediate water removal & drying services anywhere in or around Wilmington, please give us a call. We offer emergency flood mitigation services and are capable of quickly drying out even the largest commercial properties. From an immediate response from our insured & certified technicians to our completely free estimates & competitive prices, we’re the right choice for your water cleanup needs! So just call now and we’ll give you a free on-site estimate!


Call now & we’re there in 20-60 minutes!


24-7-emergency-serviceIt doesn’t matter whether or not you have one room flooded or your entire business is underwater, any amount of additional moisture can spell big trouble if not removed quickly.  It’s just one of the reasons we put the right struts in place to be able to immediately respond to your phone call!

Call us if you need a fast water mitigation company!


black-mold-2What can happen if your home sits under water? There are a couple of bad consequences to not hiring emergency water removal services immediately. The initial threat is a weakened structure that can collapse. Walls can cave, ceilings can collapse, and the floor can fall out below you. Even small amounts of moisture cause the strength of support structures to weaken. But the threats don’t stop there. Wait a couple of days and a new enemy will attack your home: black mold. Any Wilmington water damage company will tell you: their biggest concern when drying out a structure is making sure mold doesn’t grow. We make sure you don’t end up with black mold. In fact, we guarantee it!


Call now & get a free on-site estimate!


photo_free_estimatesEstimating the cost for water extraction & drying services can’t be done over the phone, so in order to give you a clear sense for the total cost, we’ll need to come out to your property.  We can then provide you with a complete rundown of what we’ll need to do to get your property dried out & the cost!

Don’t wait – just call now for a no obligation, free quote!


The quoting process is a lot simpler, and a lot different than what you are probably expecting. Why do we say that? Because most people don’t realize that when we give you an water extraction estimate, we’re not even using our own pricing, we’re using the pricing your insurance company has decided upon. To make sure that is always the case, our estimators are certified in using Xactimate to estimate losses, regardless of whether or not your loss is covered by insurance and/or you plan on filing a claim. Still confused? Watch this short video explanation:


The mitigation job isn’t done until you are satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe realize the pain and inconvenience a water loss can cause.  And we know the stress that can be caused by having strangers and equipment in your home and in your way.  But we’ve designed our water cleanup & drying services to be fast & we always guarantee that once we’re done you’ll be 100% satisfied with the process!

Choose us & we guarantee your 100% satisfaction!


Drying out a property is NOT a DIY project!


Our least favorite call to get is the one where a homeowner tried cleaning up after a flood only to realize he/she didn’t get out all of the water.  Anytime that happens, you’re certain to end up with bigger problems than you started out with in the first place!

Flood Damage Moisture TestThe problem with any water loss in a property is finding the water.  And we’re not talking about the water that’s standing in your kitchen or soaking your carpets.  We’re talking about the water you can’t see!  Hidden moisture can permeate your walls, subfloors and ceilings and end up making those surfaces unstable.

Structural damage from water is a very real threat and something we’re fully equipped to detect and mitigate.  We use moisture equipment and probes to find any levels of excess moisture so that we can either evaporate the moisture or if necessary replace the area entirely.


Are you still thinking you can accomplish the water damage cleanup process on your own? Please, please watch the video below. Not only is the equipment used to actually find and measure moisture in a variety of surfaces complex, but the task of drying out the structure without causing secondary water damage and preventing mold damage is extremely complex. It’s just not something you’re going to be able to do effectively!


Our technicians undergo screening & are certified to help!


CertificateIconWhen our trucks arrive and our technicians are at your door, you can rest easy knowing the people there to help you are the best in the business & that they’ve been vetted, criminally background-screened & are randomly drug tested.  We take your safety and the service of our technicians seriously!

So sit back and relax and let our techs get things dry!


Professional Wilmington water extraction services are just a phone call away!  Our Wilmington water damage restoration crews are available anytime, day or night, to help get standing water out of your basement flood and provide complete water extraction & dryout services for both Wilmington NC residences and businesses.  Our Wilmington flood damage restoration crews have experienced it all…from small residential jobs to massive water losses in industrial buildings.

We have the experience and training to handle your Wilmington water extraction needs, whether the issue is raw sewage back-up or clean water from a malfunctioning hot water heater system.  You’ll always speak to a Wilmington representative that can be at your property in not time at all to help assess your Wilmington damaged property.  All trucks are fully equipped with the necessary drying and dehumidification systems, meaning we can get your Wilmington NC home or office dry in no time.  And if there is any damage to items within the property, such as furniture, file cabinets, or paintings, we can assist with those items as well.

From the first time you call one of our Wilmington water extraction companies you’ll experience a level of service that will help put your mind at ease.  Our job is to ensure your Wilmington NC water extraction & dryout needs are handle quickly and with the utmost care.  Our Wilmington flood damage technicians can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, so that you feel comfortable that your Wilmington NC home or office restoration needs are being handled properly!  So if you anywhere in the Wilmington NC area, call us today for a free estimate and a rapid response!

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