Manchester NH Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Back-up CleanupOur job isn’t just to cleanup a mess, it’s to ensure your safety.  And what most people don’t realize is just how serious of a situation they have on their hands when a sewage back-up leaves waste exposed in a home.  It’s a potentially life threatening situation, and it’s because of that we always recommend having the sewage damage assessed by a licensed & certified water damage restoration company.


When you have sewage damage, getting help fast is key!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgOur hope is that you realize the severity of the situation and take action to help salvage your home and keep your family safe.  We make that process simple, and we want to help you recover from a sewage back-up and get things back to normal.  We can always respond to your call and will dispatch a team of certified sewage cleanup contractors in Manchester to your property that can be there in less than 1 hour!


We give you a sewage cleanup cost estimate that you can trust!


Free_EstimatesThe first order of business during the mitigation process is assessing the damage and determining the correct cleanup procedures.  To do that, we need to visually inspect the property.  Our certified sewage extraction estimator will come to your home or business with everything necessary to properly diagnose the situation, at which point he’ll lay out the procedures necessary to fix the damage.  At that point, he can walk through the estimate in detail and answer your questions!

But how can you trust our estimate is fair?  Because we use the same estimating software, Xactimate, as your insurance adjuster.  It ensures a fair quote each and every time!


Here’s some questions we usually get from customers…


Will my insurer cover the costs?

In most cases, yes.  While there can be extenuating circumstances, we’re usually able to help our customers successfully file an insurance claim to have them cover the costs of sewage cleanup services.


What can be saved from my home?

sewage-restorationThe rule with sewage water is if it’s a porous surface, and it has sustained sewage damage, it must be removed.  Things like drywall, carpet, etc. can’t be salvaged if they have been affected by the sewer back-up.  If a restoration company tells you otherwise, it should raise a red flag and make clear they don’t know what they’re talking about.  We can properly assess your situation and let you know ahead of time each step we’ll need to take, including notifying you of what must go and what can be salvaged.


How long does the process take?

It can take a few days to get your property fully restored.  We’ll need to remove areas that can’t be salvaged, apply cleaning solutions to kill off all remaining pathogens from the sewage waste, then lay down our drying equipment and remove all excess moisture.  Once that is complete and our moisture probes have confirmed we’re at normal moisture levels, we can put back drywall or replace carpet as necessary.


How can I be certain you’ll do a great job?

satisfaction-guaranteeWe don’t envy the situation you’re in…choosing a sewage cleanup company can be hit or miss, and with what’s at stake, that’s not a great situation.  To help you make the right choice, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We’re confident in our techniques, our equipment, and most of all our team of certified sewage backup cleaning experts, and we’re certain that all adds up to service that meets and exceeds your expectations!


We are available around the clock if you’ve experienced a sewage back-up in Manchester NH.  We know it’s messy and scary, that’s why our Manchester flood damage crews are standing by to help assist you if you’re in need of emergency sewage cleanup services.  Time is crucial.  The longer you wait, the more Manchester flood damage that can occur to your home or office.  That’s why when you call our water restoration crew you can expect an immediate response.

Our technician will come to your Manchester NH office or home to provide a free estimate and we can begin the Manchester water extraction process immediately.

If you have a Manchester basement flood from a back-up sewer line and need professional help, call us now and we’ll be there in minutes to get your Manchester property cleaned up and dry!