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South Jersey Basement Water Clean-up

basement-flooding-repair-2If it’s a flooded basement you find yourself walking down to, time is of the essence.  By calling our flood damage company, we ensure you get the highest level of service.  We offer complete basement water extraction & repair services throughout South Jersey and would be happy to offer a free onsite estimate for your property.  Just give us a call and we’ll immediately dispatch certified help.  Our technician can discuss your options, explain the process, and make sure you feel comfortable and have had all of your questions answered!

Fast service, free estimates – just call!


Day or night emergency response guaranteed!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe always make sure we can respond within minutes to your call.  We understand the effects basement water damage can have and we’ve seen the results of a delayed response all too often.  So call us and the closest crew is on their way to make sure we can help get your wet basement dry as quickly as possible!

24/7 – Just call and we’re on the way!


Here’s how the basement water removal process goes…


photo_free_estimatesYou get a free estimate upfront.

Our estimates are always free and there is never an obligation from you to move forward.  We use a 3rd party estimating system to calculate the approved rates for any basement water extraction work necessary.  We simply measure the extent of flood damage and then it tells us the fair price to charge.

Never pay more than the industry-standard rates! Most people are surprised to learn that water damage companies use the same estimating software to quote losses. Well, they should be, but too many contractors don’t abide by industry standard pricing and are either gouging customers or insurance companies. Watch the video below to see how we determine the cost of cleaning up flooding damage in your basement:


extracting-waterWe extract the moisture.

Containing the extent of the basement flood damage is the first step on any project.  We use high-powered vacuum systems designed for various surface types.  These allow us to remove the overwhelming majority of moisture within 2 hours of being in your basement.  We get the water out fast to stop the damage!


mold-sporesMildew prevention.

Black mold doesn’t take long to start growing after a basement flood in South Jersey.  Any water damage restoration company will tell you, a job done well must include a mold prevention step.  We spray powerful anti-fungal agents on the effected areas, and then vacuum that moisture.  It gives a few day window to fully dry everything.


airmovers-structural-drying-equipmentDrying & dehumidification.

Getting moisture safely out of your property requires the right equipment and skilled professionals.  Drying plans differ based upon the ambient temperature, surface types affected, and many other factors.  We us the right drying equipment to rapidly evaporate and remove all remaining moisture.


See how we cleanup basement floods!


While the requirements vary by job based on the damage itself, there are some standard steps usually taken during the water mitigation and reconstruction process. Watch the video below to learn how we embark on getting your basement dry and fully restored:


Delay the cleanup process and you will get black mold!


basement-moldIf you’ve been out of town and the flooding occurred more than 2 days ago, chances are you already have black mold. And if it just happened, you’re going to be in the same boat. Black mold needs very little time to grow once presented with the right condition, and unfortunately a flooded basement is the perfect breeding ground. It’s just one of the reasons a fast response by you and the water mitigation company you hire is so important! We guarantee your basement will be mold-safe upon completion of our work!


We always guarantee your complete satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeOne thing you can always count on from our basement flood cleanup company is that when the work is completed, you will be happy. We realize that without your satisfaction, along with the satisfaction of our other customers, we won’t be in business for long. So we always go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work, and don’t consider the job complete until you’ve signed a document confirming it!


Flooded basements can occur for a number of reasons.  From water heaters that leak to pipes that burst, our basement water extraction crews have seen it all and can help you!  Even severe situations such as South NJ sewage back-up are no match for our crews.  We have years of experience restoring residences & offices throughout the area.  Basement floods are scary, and not something to be dealt with on your own.  You need a professional water damage restoration company that has the tools and skills to properly extract water from your basement and dry your property.

So if you’ve got a flooded basement in Southern NJ, and need an immediate response from certified flood damage restoration professionals that will stand behind their work, call us now!

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