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South Jersey Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWe realize the impact a water loss can have on your family and your life. It’s an unfortunate situation which can be made worse by the lack of clarity. Who do I call? How do I get paid back by my insurance company? What happens if there is a problem? We have the right answers to all of your questions, and consider ourselves your trusted partner throughout the water damage cleanup process. 24/7, we’re here to help you by providing effective, affordable, and fast water damage repair services in South Jersey.


How the water damage restoration process works…


Understanding the process before you get started can help calm your nerves.  Hopefully the outline below helps you get a better sense for what the process looks like!


Step 1: Call our water damage company!


phone-sans-shadowPeople can often get things started down the wrong path right out of the gate.  How?  By calling the insurance adjuster first.  What happens if it’s the weekend?  What if they’re out of town or busy?  You can’t wait around while water damages your property.  It’s why the first call should always be to a water restoration company.


Step 2: Get a price quote upfront!


Free_EstimatesAny South NJ restoration company will use the same estimating software to calculate the costs of your flood damage repair project.  The universally-used system is called Xactimate.  We simply put in the volume of water damage, enter the steps necessary, and it calculates the reimbursable rates agreed upon by insurance companies.


Step 3: We can file & settle your claim!


bill-directInstead of you having to go through the process of your claim by yourself, we do it for you.  We are insurance approved, meaning certified and use standard rate calculations.  So just call us and let our specialists handle the claim.  That also includes sending the bill for any water restoration services directly to the insurance company!


Step 4: We get the moisture out fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgOn average, the drying time for a residential property is between 3-4 days.  Our goal is to get in and out of your property as quickly as possible.  We design unique drying plans according to your situation.  We use moisture probes to constantly determine moisture levels and vary our approach according to the results.


Step 5: You get a 1 year warranty on our service!


1-yr-warrantyWe know we’re going to do a great job repairing water damage in your property.  We have the right people for the job, the right equipment, and we know what we’re doing.  But to give you the same level of confidence, not only do we guarantee your complete satisfaction, we honor a full 1 year warranty on our services completed!


Our estimating process is straightforward…learn more!


Call the wrong water damage company in South Jersey and you could end up in a tussle with your insurer when it comes time to settle the claim. Some ballpark costs or severely inflate their rates to take advantage of the emergency situation you find yourself in. It’s a shame, especially because if you use a reputable water mitigation company, they’ll be estimating the loss the same way and with the same system as your insurance company adjuster. Watch this video to learn about the RestorationEze system for estimating water restoration services using Xactimate:


Do you have water damage from heavy rain storms?


Whether the water is in your basement or came through the roof and dripping through your ceiling, getting it out quickly and making sure the property is completely dry is the only way to stop black mold and keep the structure from weakening. Watch this video to learn how the water damage mitigation process works, from the initial call to the final walk through. We want you to be educated and feel comfortable about the process and of course our ability to do our job. So please watch this video to get a better sense for how we do what we do!


Don’t get mold – call for help now!


black mold damageCustomers rarely understand how invasive mold is and just how quickly it can spread. Within 36-48 hours of your water damage, if it goes untreated you will end up with a mold problem. And the longer it sits, the more it spreads. Black mold is toxic, and it can cause you to get very sick. Not only that, in many cases insurers won’t cover the costs of removing it even if it was caused by water damage. So call us now so that you don’t end up with a sick home that damage your health!

Much of New Jersey lies in flood plain areas. If you don’t already consider checking the appropriate flood plain map for your county to see if your property lies in a flood plain and is more susceptible to flooding.  If so, you’ll want to have FEMA flood insurance as a normal homeowners policy rarely covers water losses from outside water sources like rain!

Some of these resources may be helpful:

Atlantic County Flood Mitigation

FEMA Flood Hazard Data for New Jersey

Camden County flood map

Properties throughout southern NJ experience a water event daily.  Whether it’s a small residential loss or your southern NJ commercial building has experienced a massive water event, our southern NJ water clean-up and restoration crews have the experience and equipment necessary to get your property back to normal fast!  By calling now, we’ll have a technician out to your property immediately to begin the loss assessment and providing feedback on the best water damage restoration plan to get you back on your feet.

All of our estimates are completely free, and our South Jersey water dry-out & restoration professionals stand behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’ll get to your home or office usually within 30 minutes and can get to work extracting any standing water and can work with your insurance company on any claims necessary.  We even provide sewage back-up cleanout services in case you have sewage standing in your home.  These situations can be toxic, and can quickly escalate, so an immediate response is absolutely crucial.   If  you’ve experienced a very unfortunate water or flood situation, it’s important to know help is just a phone call away.

South NJ water damage restoration experts are available and can help get your life back to normal quickly!  Our goal is simple:  make your life as easy as possible.  We understand this is probably a first for you, but we’ve been restoring southern New Jersey homes and offices for years.  We understand what it takes to get you back up and running, and we’ll work hard to make sure that this traumatic experience is as painless as possible…so call our water damage service experts today!


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


The toilet on the second floor of the customer’s condo overflowed causing water damage to the AC ducts and the garage on the first floor.  The water damage restoration company was hired to properly dry out the area.

–Luis, Tom’s River, NJ

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