Trenton NJ Basement Flood Clean-up

When it comes to needing your flooded basement cleanup and dry, we know you’ve got a lot choices. There’s many great basement flood restoration companies in the Trenton area, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to be the company you choose to help in your time of need. Our crews are fully insured & certified, always stand behind their work, and we offer free estimates and affordable rates…so please give us a call for a rapid, emergency response!


Don’t make the mistake of thinking all basement flood cleanup companies are the same!


We’ve all made the mistake of hiring a home improvement company that ended up costing us big time in the long run.  It happens all the time, but when it comes to cleaning basement floods, you really don’t want to make the wrong choice.  Here’s what you can expect if you choose us:


Emergency help when you need it and a rapid response!

If you’ve come home late from a trip and walked into your basement to find water, you need help!  So no matter what time of the day or night you call, we’re here for you!  Our crews can be dispatched the second you call and we can get to your basement flooding within minutes!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy is a prompt response so crucial? For a number of reasons, but the biggest is that if you delay you will get black mold damage. This isn’t just an unsightly problem, it’s a health problem and can potentially lead to your insurer denying your claim. Insurers no longer cover mold damage because it’s extremely expensive to properly remediate according to EPA standards. So while most basement flooding services in Trenton are covered by insurance, if you wait and develop mold you could put that protection in jeopardy.


Free basement water removal estimate in writing!

If it’s a nasty sewage back-up in the basement or clean water from a malfunctioning sink, the process is the same.  We send out a technician to examine that basement flooding damage and determine a remediation plan, at which point you’re presented with a complete estimate in writing!


How does the pricing work in our industry? The answer will surprise you: water damage companies don’t set their own prices but instead rely on insurers to determine the costs. So when you get an estimate from us, you’re getting a quote for what your insurers have determined is the fair price for any basement water cleanup services you may need! Watch the video below to see how a RestorationEze quote works:


Exceptional service you can count on!

Hoping that the basement water extraction company will do their job isn’t best strategy.  We know we’ll do a great job because we’re properly trained and have the experience.  But to give you that same peace of mind, we warranty all labor for 1 year and if any problems arise we’ll get it fixed ASAP!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Trenton area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Here’s how we perform basement water removal & repair services:


It’s important to understand that every job is different and that each presents unique hurdles and challenges and thus mitigation plans vary depending on what needs to be done.  That being said, this outline should give you a bit better sense for what to expect should you choose us as your Trenton basement flooding company!

Step 1) We’ll remove damaged & soaked items

Step 2) We’ll begin extracting any standing water in your basement

Step 3) We’ll identify hidden moisture to determine what needs to be replaced or dried

Step 4) We’ll lay down powerful drying equipment & dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture

Step 5) We’ll apply anti-mildew spray to prevent mold growth

Step 6) We’ll place your furniture and other items back to their original place.

Step 7) We’ll perform a final walk-through to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our working repairing your basement flood.


Tired of reading about it? Watch our short video that walks you through the basement water damage cleanup process. We always follow the S500 manual when it comes to drying out a wet structure, meaning you’re guaranteed a safe, healthy & dry basement once we complete our work. With some basement flood damage companies, they either don’t know the proper procedures to follow, don’t have the right equipment, or they simply skip steps to save time and money. But not with RestorationEze! Watch this video to see how the flooding restoration process is done the right way!


Protect yourself…make sure you choose a certified basement flood repair company!


Dealing with a Trenton flooded basement requires acting quickly but also making the right decisions.  And there is no more important decision than what company you chose to have the work done by.  One thing that we highly recommend…even if you don’t choose us, make sure you choose a contractor that is certified to do the work.  Being a certified water & flood damage restoration company is the best indicator that they know what they’re doing.  Granted, it doesn’t guarantee perfect service, but it at least gives you a strong indication that they’re a reputable company that is serious about being good at cleaning up basement flooding and that they’re willing to spend a good deal of time and money going through the accreditation process each year!

Is your Trenton NJ basement flooded?  If so, you need professional flood damage & water extraction services in Trenton.  We offer day & night flooded basement emergency service designed to get your Trenton property dry fast.  Flooded basement in Trenton means you’ve got a problem.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage in Trenton that can occur.

Our Trenton basement flooding damage cleanup company can arrive within minutes of your call to begin  work and we use the best extraction systems and industrial strength drying equipment available so that you can feel confident the water is gone for good.  Not only that, but our flood damage in Trenton NJ crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement flood doesn’t result in a mold problem.

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