Trenton NJ Flood Damage Restoration

If you’re in Trenton or the surrounding areas and have experienced flood damage to your home or office, qualified flood damage cleanup services are just a phone call away.  Our technicians are fully insured and certified flood cleanup & restoration professionals meaning we can get you back on your feet quickly!  Whether you’re in need of Trenton water extraction services from a sewage-backup or your basement is flooded to a heavy storm, we’ve got the skills & experience to restore your property fast.  So give us a shout for a free, no obligation estimate!


Flooding cleanup in Trenton has never been easier!


Our service is designed to take all of the guesswork and headaches out of the process.  You need help, you need it fast, and you need it done correctly and at an affordable rate.  We understand…it’s why you’ll get:


Your call answered by a live person & a rapid response!

Nobody understand the importance of a rapid response to your flood damage than us…we deal with them everyday!  We can respond within seconds to your call and can have a certified flooding repair crew at your home or business within 1 hour of your call, and usually much faster than that!


A free cost estimate & full damage assessment!

If you’re just looking for a quote over the phone, we can’t help you.  That’s because it is impossible to provide any ballpark figure that’s even worthwhile without assessing the damage first.  So we come to your property and perform our assessment and then provide you with an upfront & written flood cleanup estimate for free!


Not only does the estimate come with no strings attached (there is never any obligation to use our Trenton flood restoration services), it also comes with peace of mind. How? Because we only quote estimates using Xactimate. That is the same software that any insurance company adjuster would use. The system is great because it calculates any flood damage cleanup services we would need to provide using the appropriate amounts insurers have agreed to pay. So there shouldn’t be any discrepancies between your adjusters loss amount and ours. Here is how it works:


Service we’re proud to stand behind!

We know we’re only as good as our last flood cleaning job and it’s why we work so hard to make sure everything is done to the highest standards.  And to make clear to potential customers just how serious we are, each of our jobs is backed by a 1 year warranty and we guarantee your satisfaction!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Trenton area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Repairing flood damage the right way, each and every time!


When it comes to restoring a property after a flood, there’s the right way and then there’s a million other ways, any one of which can result in problems down the road and put you and your home at risk.

The flood restoration industry has strict protocols that should be adhered to by all reputable companies.  Simply put, there are no shortcuts when it comes to cleaning up flood damage.  Doing it well means following these protocols to a T, utilizing the proper equipment, and testing the effectiveness of the measures taken along each step.

So no matter what company you choose, even if it’s not us, please make sure you choose a certified Trenton flooding damage restoration company.


Know the dangers of hidden moisture!


If you’re not a professional in the restoration industry and you’ve never dealt with a flood before, you’re probably under the impression that it’s as simple as getting out standing water and then turning on some fans.  But in truth, there’s so much more.  With any flooding damage job, the immediate concerns are making sure that all of the moisture is removed, but that’s not as simple as it sounds.

Spotting flooding damage can’t be done with a simple visual inspection in many cases.  In fact, special equipment is brought to every job that helps find the most dangerous moisture:  the stuff you can’t see!  Whether it’s by using a moisture meter or infrared imaging device, our tech thoroughly scours the premises to identify all of the areas with high levels of moisture.

This is such a crucial step in our flood damage repair service for a couple of reasons: one, water-soaked walls and floors tend to collapse, meaning your house could literally cave in on you.  Two, mold will grow.  Black mold, at high enough concentration, can make you sick.  It’s why we have to find all of the moisture and rapidly remove it so that we’re not providing a perfect home for mold spores to flourish!


We guarantee our flood cleanup services result in a mold-safe home!


mold-free-guaranteeWhen flooding happens, it can send thousands of harmful pathogens into your home. Our job is to not only clean up and disinfect the property, it’s to properly dry it so that once we’re gone you don’t start to notice mold damage. We do that by returning every affected area of the property back to its dry-standard, meaning that the moisture levels of the wet areas are returned to normal. Once done, we encourage customers to have a 3rd party mold test completed to ensure the home is free from harmful levels of black mold!


Are you wondering what flood restoration services look like?


Great, we made a video just for you! Well, and anyone else that hasn’t experienced a flood damaged home and is curious what it actually takes to get it fixed. Watch it below:


We’ll work directly with your homeowners insurance company to handle any claims and billing necessary, and our Trenton water cleanup company will make this chaotic experience as easy as humanly possible.  So if you have a Trenton NJ basement flood, we can be at your property within minutes to begin the cleanup & repair process.    Our flood damage company offers 24/7 emergency service throughout the area and we always provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for any work that needs to be performed!

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