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You might think that cleaning sewage from a back-up is a pretty straightforward process, but the reality is that it requires trained professionals and state of the art equipment. That’s why if you’ve experienced a sewage back-up and need the waste to be removed and your property cleaned and disinfected, it’s always best to call the pros! We offer complete sewage cleaning service at an affordable rate, so call us now for a completely free estimate!


We’re a Residential & Commercial Sewage Removal Company in Trenton!


Not every company that advertises as a sewage extraction company is qualified to do the work…so make sure you do your homework and that you choose a company that will provide great service at a reasonable rate!


It’s an emergency, so we get there fast!

Any standing sewage presents problems for your home and extreme health concerns for your family members.  Because of that, we have to move quickly to get it out and disinfect your property.  So we have crews throughout the area that can immediately be dispatched to your home!


We give you a free estimate in writing!

Finding a reputable sewage extraction company that offers fair rates shouldn’t be difficult.  It’s why we always price our rates according to insurance company standards and always provide potential customers with a free estimate in writing after we’ve had a chance to survey the sewage damage!


Maybe one of the best things a customer can expect from us when it comes to a sewage backup cleaning project is the expectation that the cost will always be driven by your insurance company’s rates, not our own. In fact, we don’t even have our own prices, we simply calculated the costs of the cleanup process based upon what your insurance company has already deemed as an acceptable amount. How does it work? Glad you asked! We made a video the explains how pricing works in the water restoration service space and what you can expect when you get a quote from it below!


We make sure the job is done right!

Many sewage cleaning companies are there one day and gone the next.  If there’s a problem that arises from a mistake they made, good luck getting them back out to fix it.  But we stand behind any sewage extraction service performed with a 1 year warranty on labor!


Cleaning up sewage is something that should always be done by professionals!


It doesn’t take much effort to find plenty of DIY sewage cleanup articles online and most make it seem like a pretty simple process.  Sadly, many homeowners fall into the trap of thinking they can effectively repair sewage damage and make their home safe to be in once again.  In most cases, they call in the pros once it’s clear things didn’t go as planned.

The first problem we must address is the toxic nature of sewage.  There can be many different things in sewage that can make anyone exposed to it very sick.  As such, we have to treat any sewage back-up removal job with the caution it deserves.  That means sealing off the effected area and making sure any technicians working on the job are wearing all of the appropriate safety gear!

The next issue is making sure that we’ve found all of the areas that have been affected so that we can perform the appropriate sewage damage restoration services.  That might sound like something that is easy to do, but in reality finding hidden damage can be impossible without the right equipment.  So we come to every job with sophisticated detection equipment so that we make sure that we’ve found all of the problem areas and that they’re addressed properly!

We made another video that we hope you will watch too. In it, we describe the perils involved with cleaning sewer backups in basements. Hopefully it’s a clear reminder that attempting the cleanup process in any way, shape or form is a really bad idea.


How to stop sewage backups from happening!


If your home is susceptible to having sewage backups, the issue may be that your sewer line is tied to a combined sewer line for the city. These are older systems that can cause a lot of problems, as you are aware. What happens is the system is designed to carry both storm runoff water and sewage. It can handle that task right up until there are heavy rains that overwhelm the system, at which point the pipes become overloaded and the water flowing through them escapes up your sewer line attached to your home. That’s usually when you get a massive amount of sewage overflow in your basement.

How do you prevent it? The single best thing you can do is have a plumber install what is called a sewer backflow prevention device outside of your home. While it can cost upwards of $1,000 to install, if you’re constantly dealing with sewage water in your basement, it’s well worth the cost (especially if your basement is partially finished!).


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Trenton area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Proudly serving NJ & PA with exceptional sewage extraction services:


In NJ: Trenton, Robbinsville, Windsor, Bordentown, Upper Freehold, East Windsor, West Windsor, Plainsboro, Ewing, Princeton, Hopewell, Lawrence, South Brunswick,

In PA: Morrisville, Levittown, Tullytown, Woodbourne, Woodside, Newtown, Langhorne, Parkland, Penndel, Holland, Richboro, Southampton, Warminster, Feasterville-Trevose

If you need emergency sewage back-up cleaning services for your home or office, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Trenton flood damage restoration crews specialize in the messiest of sewage back-up removal situations.  Day or night, we are available to provide a rapid response for your Trenton sewer back-up and can begin the extraction process immediately.

No matter what your issue, our Trenton crews know what needs to be done to get your property clean and dry.  Each has years of experience serving Trenton customers in their time of need and are fully certified in basement flood restoration services.  We know it’s a traumatic experience, walking into standing waste-water in your Trenton property.  But rest easy knowing professional Trenton water extraction services are just a phone call away.  Call now for immediate assistance and a no obligation, free estimate for any work you need performed!

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