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Did you know that mold can start growing less than 24 hours after a flood? Or that a very small amount of water in your walls or floors can lead them to collapse? If you’ve got standing water in your office or home, it’s important that it’s removed quickly. We offer certified water extraction services designed to get your property back to normal at an affordable price. So please gives us a call for a free estimate!


Emergency water cleanup service in Trenton is one phone call away!


Don’t worry, we can be at your property within minutes!

Whether it’s from a big storm that brought a lot of rain or a pipe that busted, it’s important that the water removal process gets started immediately.  So call us now and you’ll get a live person on the phone & we can dispatch a team that can get to your house fast!

black-mold-2No response or any delay in your response and you’ll probably end up with the same result: a severe black mold problem. That’s why emergency water mitigation service is so important. The time it takes to get the water out of your home and get the structure completely dry is actually longer than the time it takes for the black mold spores present in your home to grow.  In fact, we have to take measures after the water extraction phase and before the dry-out phase to inhibit mold’s growth, otherwise it can start to take over a home even as we work to restore it!


We can provide you with a free water removal estimate!

There isn’t a way for us to know what it will cost or what needs to be done without seeing the situation first hand.  As such, call us and we’ll send a technician to provide you with a full assessment along with an estimate (in writing) to cleanup the water and dry out your property!


You have enough on your plate, and the last thing we think you should have to worry about is the cost of water cleanup services or whether or not your insurance company is going to cover those costs. So we make sure the estimating and pricing process is simple, straightforward, transparent, and always done according to industry norms. How? We use Xactimate to quote the water damage. That means when our lead technician gives you a quote for any water removal services in Trenton, you know that price is good. Watch this video that explains what Xactimate is and what our estimating process entails:


What good is a service if that company doesn’t stand behind it?


We wish we had a nickel for every time we were called into a job to fix up another restoration companies mess.   They’ll usually suck up all the water, lay down some fans and collect a check.  Fast forward a couple of months and the customer starts seeing their walls bubble and their floors cupping…or even worse, they start seeing mold!

We do things the right way.  That means not only extraction water but performing every necessary step in the structural drying and restoration process.  And to give you even more peace of mind, each of our service jobs is backed by a 1 year warranty.  So if there’s ever an issue that needs to be dealt with, call us back and consider it done!


Complete residential & commercial water removal services from start to finish! 


Our job isn’t done until your home, and your life, are back to normal.  We can help with every facet of the water cleanup process!

() Full damage assessment & free estimate

() Certified technicians that are insured, background-screened & drug-tested

() Satisfaction guaranteed

() Insurance-approved for direct billing or help with your claim

() Latest equipment to detect moisture, detect dampness, remove water, and dry out your structure

() Anti-mold application

() Complete damage repair & replacement services


See our Trenton water damage cleanup service in action!


In this short video, potential customers like you can see how our water restoration service actually works. While every job we mitigate has it’s own challenges which result in slight changes to either the process or the equipment we use, this video will at least give you a better idea for what you can expect when you hire us after you’ve experienced home flooding.


Please don’t try the water removal process yourself!


cautionIt’s probably a good idea to caution you now about the perils of attempting the water removal process on your own. We field calls almost daily from people that thought they could handle it only to realize the bit off more than they could chew. The realization comes in the form of ruined floors or black mold in their cabinets or on their walls. It’s a terrible situation because by the time we get to the house, the insurance company isn’t going to cover the costs of cleaning up the damages. But worst of all, those costs are really high due to the presence of black mold!


If you’re still thinking about trying to cleanup water and dry out your home, take a look at the picture below and ask yourself this: without sophisticated equipment, would you even know your bathroom wall cavity was wet? The answer is no, but if you didn’t address it that wall would quickly become a haven for black mold spores that can put the health of your family or employees at risk.



Call us now if you’ve discovered water in your property. We will take care of the issues from A-to-Z so you can put this unfortunate event behind you and move on with your life!

Reliable Trenton NJ water cleaning services are just a phone call away.  Our crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You will always speak with a live representative, and we can provide response within half an hour in most cases. If your Trenton home or office has experienced a flood, whether it’s in a flooded basement or other area, an immediate response is the most important thing.

If you call us, you can rest easy knowing the Trenton water damage restoration team will respond quickly to immediately begin drying out your property and any items that have been affected.  Using modern techniques and the latest & greatest equipment, our technicians stand behind all of their work with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!  That means your water soaked property will be completely dried out or they’ll come back and fix any issues!

Call now and we can immediately dispatch a crew in your area.  They’ll walk through your property to assess all of the flooding and provide a completely free estimate for any dry out services needed!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Trenton area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


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