Albuquerque Flood Cleanup & Damage Repair

flood-damage-companyRepairing flood damage and properly drying out a structure should always be left to the professionals.  There is too much at stake, and a poor job will end up costing you a lot of money.  It’s why we’re here!  At RestorationEze, we help people recover from flooding damage in Albquerque and surrounding communities.  We make the process easy, fast, and affordable.  So if you want service from a certified flood restoration contractor that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction, make the call now!


Albuquerque NM Flood Damage Restoration Services


What makes a water damage company special?  We think it’s the attention to details throughout every step of the process.  We put ourselves in your shoes and constantly ask what we can do to make the process of repairing flooding damage and restoring lives better.  We know that you have choices when it comes to Albuquerque flood restoration services, and we hope that you’ll consider putting your trust in us.


We use Xactimate to calculate our free flood cleanup estimates!


Free_EstimatesWhat the heck does that mean?  For starters, it means you’re getting a price that is approved by your insurance adjuster in the case you plan on filing a claim.  How do we know that?  Because Xactimate is the exact same estimating system your adjuster uses to quote the loss.  That’s right!  Our flood damage repair costs aren’t even determined by us but rather by the same third party software that all insurance companies use.

When our estimator comes to your home, we measure the affected areas and then line item the equipment and materials and service necessary to mitigate the flooding damage.  We enter that data into Xactimate and it spits out the’s how it works:


Don’t worry about the bill – we direct bill your insurer!


bill-directMost flood mitigation work is covered by insurance if the loss resulted from a pipe or appliance malfunctioning.  Even a sink clogging or overflowing is covered by most homeowners insurance policies.  Because of that, most of our customers rely on us to help them file a claim.  We handle any and all insurance flood repairs and can work with your adjuster throughout the claims process.

We even bill them for our services, not you!


All flooding damage cleanup & repair work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeGetting a flooding repair contractor in Albuquerque to stand by their work can be like pulling teeth.  Many are there to get paid by your insurer and do the bear minimum to collect that check.  Have a problem or concern?  Good luck getting it address.  But choose RestorationEze and you are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of the flood extraction, drying & repair process.

At the completion of the project, our flood cleanup contractor will survey the property with you and detail all steps taken.  You will have an opportunity to point out any concerns and they will be promptly addressed before we close out the job!

Want to see what we do when called in to cleanup flooding damage in your home or business? The video below outlines our services and explains the common steps we take during the water mitigation and reconstruction process:


We dry-out flooded homes before mold grows!


mold-free-guaranteeWhile there are certainly many things we want to address during the mitigation process, black mold is public enemy number one.  While we live in a dry climate, mold can still become pervasive quickly.  To ensure it doesn’t become a problem, we must remove all excess moisture from your walls, floors, ceilings or anywhere else it might have traveled.

To spot moisture, we use moisture probes that can take readings behind the surface so that we can accurately know what areas have sustained flooding damage and will need to be addressed.


Stay safe when it comes to a flooded home!


Priority #1 during any flooding event is to stay safe! But once the initial dangers have passed, it’s important to understand there’s still a lot of danger present. Flooded homes can carry a host of harmful chemicals and disease-causing pathogens that can make anyone inside the structure very sick. And with each passing hour, the threats grow.  And the dangers are especially elevated if your property has sustained sewage damage from a backup! No matter what the cause, if you’ve experienced flooding you need to exit the premises and call the experts immediately!