Albuquerque Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Back-up CleanupWhen you need a sewage backup cleaning contractor that has the team, tools, and experience to truly mitigate your loss and return your property to its original condition, RestorationEze is the only call you need to make.  We provide complete sewage damage mitigation services you can trust.  We cleanup the mess, restore the affected area, and let you get back to your normal life.  So call us today for a free sewage cleanup estimate from a certified Albuquerque restoration company that guarantees your complete satisfaction!


When seconds matter, call us for emergency service


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny time that your commercial property or home has sustained sewage damage, your immediate response should be to call an Albuquerque water damage restoration contractor that specializes in emergency responses.  While some will say that on their web site, rarely can they respond immediately.

We offer 24/7 services & are on-site within 60 minutes!


You deserve to know the price is fair & reasonable


Free_EstimatesChoosing a sewage damage company in Albuquerque can be tricky.  The urgency of the situation means shopping around doesn’t really make sense, and in fact, can put you in more danger.  But how do you know who to trust and whether the quote is fair?  With RestorationEze, it’s guaranteed!  Our certified estimators must use Xactimate, the same claims estimating software insurers use, to calculate the cost of repairing sewage backup damage on your property.

Watch this 80 second video to find out more about our estimating system…


When quality matters, call RestorationEze!


Our job is to help you recover from what can be a pretty stressful event.  Sewage backups are tough to experience because they can cause damage not only to your property but destroy items in your home that you cherish.  We understand the emotional toll it can take, and it’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our sewage damage contractors in Albuquerque will provide the best possible service, and customer service, to you!


All sewage backup repair services are certified!


CertificateIconWe make sure any sewage cleanup company we work with is certified by the IICRC.  While any restoration company will tell you they provide great service, many won’t even take the time or energy to actually become certified as water damage professionals.  If you end up calling someone else, make sure you’ve asked if they are certified by the IICRC!  With RestorationEze, it’s a guarantee!

Why can’t I complete the sewage mitigation process myself? For many, the desire to save some money trumps their thought process. And when it comes to cleaning up raw sewage, it’s simply not a task that should even be attempted by anyone other than a certified water damage restoration company. Why? Because it’s dangerous, and without the right equipment you simply can’t remove the harmful elements successfully. If you think you can put on some gloves and throw down some bleach and then turn on some fans, you’re going to make yourself sick and be really disappointed with the results of your hard work!


The Water Utility Authority has some helpful tips for avoiding a sewer backup, but the best you can do if it happens to you is call a professional for assistance!


Insurance billing & claim assistance available!


costs of restoration95% of the time we are able to successfully help our customers file a claim through insurance to cover the costs of cleaning up sewage damage.  So not only do we provide great service, we also provide assistance on the insurance front.  And because we use the same software to calculate the cost of the loss, there is never any push back on the fees.  So if you need help with your claim, we hope you’ll call our Albuquerque sewage backup contractor today!

Not only can we help with your claim, we can bill the insurance company directly! Sewer backups can be tricky when it comes to discovering the source of the problem and what entity might be at fault. So if you’ve experienced one and hope that you can file an insurance claim, your best option is to hire a certified water mitigation company that has a great track record of assisting clients with flood cleanup service needs like yours…that is us!