Albuquerque Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWhen water damage happens, there’s always help available.  It’s important that you seek that help immediately after the loss occurs.  Within a couple of days, you can have black mold damage if the water damage cleanup process hasn’t been done.  That’s how little of a window there is.  So if you need a water damage company in Albuquerque, please call us now.  We provide certified water extraction & repair services that are fast & guaranteed to meet your expectations.


What to look for from a water damage company in Albuquerque:


Here’s some things to consider when choosing an emergency water extraction contractor should you need one:


Do they use insurance-approved rates and prices?


Free_EstimatesInsurance companies are usually the party that ends up paying for water restoration services.  And because of that, the way a water damage cleanup contractor should be pricing their services is using software the calculates the rates insurers will pay for various services and materials.  But in some cases, companies don’t use the right estimating software, or don’t use any system at all, at which point you could be in a pickle when the claim process plays out.

Want to learn more about how our water damage companies estimate your loss? Watch this 1 minute video!


Do they provide insurance billing?


bill-directThe costs for water damage repair services can vary greatly, but generally speaking it will end up costing in the thousands of dollars.  And while most losses are covered under insurance, you still don’t want to have to write a check for that amount and then have to wait for your insurer to send you a check.  Instead of asking customers to pay out of pocket, we invoice our Albuquerque water extraction services direct to your insurance company!


Are they certified?


CertificateIconYou want to make sure you choose a water damage repair company that is certified by the IICRC.  That is the certifying body in the cleaning & restoration industry, and they require technicians to take several days worth of course work and pass exams proving their proficiency in the trade.  Technicians also must maintain their certifications by taking additional course each year.  That ensures they learn any new techniques or can master new equipment that become available as advancement are made in the industry!


Do they guarantee your satisfaction?


satisfaction-guaranteeWhat type of assurances can you get when you need to pull the trigger quickly on professional help?  You can do your due diligence, make sure they’re licensed, insured & certified.  But at that point, you should be able to have more confidence the work will be done up to your standards.  We guarantee any water damage restoration services that our technicians provide.  It’s one more thing we try to do so that our customers understand the importance we place on doing the job right!


What does professional water damage repair service look like?


The job isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of training by the employees and a strong mastery of a wealth of equipment. Every job is unique, and will present special challenges that can only be dealt with by certified water damage restoration technicians. To give you a sense for what we do and how we go about doing it, watch the video below:


Why is emergency water cleanup service a must?


mold-free-guaranteeAny time your property has sustained water damage, it’s an emergency. Some people assume they can wait days or even weeks to get their property dried out, but unfortunately they learn just how wrong they were. Why? Black mold needs only a couple of days before it will take over a room or multiple rooms after the property has sustained flooding damage. And once you have that type of damage, the costs can skyrocket. When we get there, we understand our job is to get the moisture out quickly before mold takes hold and potentially does damage to your health. In fact, we guarantee a mold-safe environment once we’ve completed the water mitigation work!


Commercial water damage? We can help!


Commercial water damage repairWhen it comes to having water damage in a commercial space, there are a number of things that make the job even more difficult. Down time for a business can be a killer, and working around active employees means you need to be flexible. Not to mention, the sheer amount of high-powered water damage equipment necessary to dry out a larger building. When it comes to commercial water mitigation companies, no one is better positioned to offer faster or more effective service than us. Whether it’s a hotel, school, office space, or retail space, give us a call so that we can assess your loss and get your business back up and running!