New York NY Basement Flood Clean-up

Basements floods, if not dealt with quickly, can become an even bigger mess. As water sits in your basement, it seeps into every porous surface and begins eating away at your structure and your possessions. That’s why responding quickly and diligently to a flooded basement emergency is so important…doing so will save you time, money, and heartache. We focus on providing a rapid response throughout NYC to any basement flood cleanup emergency and would be happy to offer a free, no obligation estimate for any work you need performed.


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Don’t trust your basement flood service to just any company!


Go with a company that is certified.  Receiving proper certifications in water & flood damage restoration, environmental services, etc. is a time intensive process.  Being properly certified means understanding every aspect of basement flood cleaning & repair and being able to competently use the equipment required for the job.  We’re fully certified to perform any restoration services you might need!


Go with a company that offers fair pricing.  Sadly there are some companies out there that will price their services at an inflated cost hoping that the insurance company won’t ask any questions.  Not us…in fact, we use industry-standard pricing systems that are actually the same systems your insurance provider uses to decide what amount they’ll reimburse.  By choosing us you can be confident you’re getting great service at a fair price.

The estimating process in our industry is flipped upside down on its head in that the entity that typically pays for our service decides the price of that service.  Since most flooding damage is covered by insurance, that means they decide what we are allowed to charge. To learn more about this unique system, watch the video below:


Go with a company that stands behind their services.  There are also companies in the restoration business simply out to collect insurance money and have little regard for you as the person dealing with a crisis.  Not us…we strive to offer exceptional service each and every time, but if you’re not happy, please just tell us and we’ll make sure it gets corrected.


Why restoring your flooded basement quickly is so important!


As with any water event, a quick response is crucial…and it’s no different with basement floods.  Here’s why:

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe can save more things.  You would be really surprised at what can be saved when the basement flood extraction process begins quickly.  Things like drywall, wood floors, and carpets can often times be dried out on the spot and salvaged.  But the longer the water in basement stands, the more likely you are to have to replace affected areas and items.

It costs less.  The shorter period of time water is standing, the less damage it does.  The less damage it does the more likely we are to save those items, the short amount of time it takes to dry out the basement, etc.  So moving quickly saves you money!

It reduces the risk of mold.  Mold can begin forming within hours of finding a moist, humid place to take root.  Basements provide the perfect spot for mold to take shape.  By calling us now, we can ensure that you’re not faced with black mold! If you do have water damage in your basement, there’s a very strong likelihood you will end up with mold damage if the area isn’t properly mitigated by a water damage restoration company.

mold-free-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, we provide all of our customers with some of the strongest warranties in the business, and that includes mold protection. With some companies, they come in, get the water out, put down some fans, then pack up and collect their check. Should you notice continuing moisture problems develop into mold damage, you’re on your own. We offer a mold-safe guarantee, meaning if you would like to have a 3rd party provide mold environmental tests once we are done, we guarantee your property will pass!

To get a better feel for what we do when called in to cleanup water in basements and dry out the area, watch the video below. In it, we highlight the common steps taken during the process so that you can learn more how it works and be prepared to ask as many questions as possible!


The New York City Office of Emergency Management has a great web page outlining flooding tips and do’s and don’ts that you should visit if you’re looking for more information. They also have a helpful resource that allows you to review FEMA’s flood map to determine whether you live in an area that is more susceptible to basement flooding.

If it’s a New York flooded basement you find yourself dealing with, time is of the essence.  Calling our certified flood damage in New York crews insures you’ll get the highest level of service fast.  We offer complete water extraction & water damage restoration services in the New York NY area.  Flooded basements can occur for a number of reason in the New York area.  From water heaters that leak to pipes that burst, our New York water extraction crews have seen it all and can help you!

Even severe situations such as New York sewage back-up are no match for our crews.  We have years of experience restoring residences & offices throughout the New York NY area.  Basement floods are scary, and not something to be dealt with on your own.  You need a New York professional water damage restoration company that has the tools and skills to properly extract water from your basement and dry your New York property.

So if you’ve got a flooded basement in New York, and need an immediate response from certified flood damage restoration professionals that will stand behind their work, call us now!

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