Rochester NY Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding losses represent the single largest percentage of claims to homeowners’ insurance companies. So while this may be your first time dealing with, it does happen frequently and fortunately certified flood cleanup service is available when you need it. Don’t trust your home or office to companies that are not certified to cleanup flood damage…call us now for a free estimate and go with a company fully licensed, insured & certified to get your flood damaged property back to normal!


You need a flood cleanup company you can trust…


To move quickly to clean flooding damage.  If you’ve visited a few flood restoration companies’ web sites, you’ve read over and over how important it is to move quickly.  It’s absolutely true and it’s why we are available around the clock and can respond immediately to your flooding emergency.


black-mold-2Why is moving quickly so important? It’s important for you to do it and for us to do it for one main reason: your safety & health. Flooded homes can pose a serious risk to your health almost immediately due to the fact that a wet structure is a weak structure. Floors can cave and walls can buckle and the structure can collapse on you. But the risks continue to grow as the water sits. Namely, you’ll end up with black mold spores taking over your home and threatening your health, not to mention making the cleanup process a lot more challenging.


To offer a free estimate and fair prices.  You shouldn’t have to pay for an assessment of your flooded property and to know what it will cost to repair flood damage.  And you shouldn’t pay outrageous prices just because it’s an emergency.  We offer free estimates and price our flooding cleaning services using insurance-approved guidelines!


We don’t set our prices. In fact, we have no say in the cost. It’s entirely dictated by insurance reimbursement rates. So when we come to quote cleaning up your flood damaged home, we just use the same estimating system that any insurance adjuster will use. It’s called Xactimate. It guarantees our customers the right rate for any Rochester flood removal services you may need. Still not sure how the process works or how we come up with our estimate? Watch the video below:


To use industry-certified methods.  Every flood event is different and presents its own challenges and requires its own mitigation plan.  Our flood restoration technicians are trained and certified, meaning that no matter what’s happened with your property, they’ll be able to put a plan in place that effectively repairs flood damage and ensures your home is safe!


To use the best equipment.  With flooding, it’s all about getting the water out, making sure the structure is dry, cleaning & disinfecting any dangerous areas, and preventing mold.  Each phase takes advanced equipment.  We are constantly training our technicians using the latest flood damage cleanup systems, so you know it’s being done right!


Don’t get fooled into thinking cleaning flood damage is a DIY project!


All too often, homeowners try repairing flood damage on their own.  What usually ends up happening is that they get done cleaning up and try to dry out the place, think everything is good and a couple of weeks later start noticing problems.  Walls that begin bubbling and buckling, floors that start to cup, or carpeting that starts to smell moldy.

Sadly at that point what could have been a relatively minor water extraction and dryout has now become a complete flood damage restoration project and in all likelihood a mold remediation project as well.  Don’t get fooled into thinking flooding repairs can be done correctly after renting a couple pieces of equipment and doing some homework on the internet.  It will just end up costing you more money and headaches in the long run!


Professional Rochester flooding cleanup services every time!


If you’re the DIY type, it’s probably a good idea for you to watch the video below. In it, we walk you through the steps our flood restoration company will take to remove water from your home, prevent mold, and properly dry-out and repair your structure. If you think you have the skills to do that, along with access to the right equipment, please trust us: you don’t! It takes years of experience in the field and many, many hours in the classroom to become a certified water damage restoration professional, and only then should you be tasked with restoring a flooded home. Just because you’re handy around the house does not mean you can safely and effectively fix your property after a flood!


Flooding causes the most deaths globally than any other natural disaster. National Geographic has a some great flood safety tips that can save your life in the event you’re dealing with a flood event. We encourage you to take the time to read them, it could end up saving your life!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Rochester area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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We offer emergency flood damage restoration & flood cleanup service throughout the Rochester metro area, including:

Webster, Pittsford, Brighton, Penfield, Fairport, Strong, Henrietta, Charlotte, Greece, Maplewood, Irondequoit

If you’re currently sitting in a Rochester flood damaged home or office, qualified flood damage cleanup services are just a call away.  Each of our restoration crews are fully insured and certified to get you back on your feet quickly!  Whether you’re in need of Rochester water extraction services from a sewage-backup or from a busted pipe or leaky hot water heater, we can help!

We’ll work with your insurance Carrier to handle any claims and billing necessary, and our crews will make this chaotic experience as easy as possible.  So if you have a Rochester basement flood or similar flood damage, we can be at your property within minutes to begin helping cleanup flooding.    Our Rochester flood damage professionals offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the area and we always provide a free, no obligation cost estimate for any work that needs to be performed!