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Cincinnati OH Basement Flood Clean-up

Despite our best efforts, sometimes a basement floods causing carpets to get wet, walls to get damaged, and household items to get soaked! It’s a messy situation and can be potentially dangerous…so if your Cincinnati basement floods and you need professional water extraction and flood damage restoration services, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to earn your business. We live answer all calls and provide free on-site basement flood cleanup estimates in writing at no obligation to you!


Flooding basements must be cleaned up and restored quickly!


One thing we always stress with new customers is how quickly the basement flood cleaning & repair process should be done.  There’s a host of issues that can arise from letting water stand in a basement for too long, but the 2 biggest threats are:


Structural Damage

Even the slightest amount of water damage can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home.  As water absorbs into your walls and floors, it slowly begins eating away at the surface.  If not dealt with appropriately, you could find the ceiling in your basement collapse or a wall do the same.  It’s a dangerous situation and something that ultimately could cause injury and will result in a significant bill when it comes time to replace the area.


Black Mold

Black mold is a naturally occurring substance that can begin growing and at high enough concentration, become a serious health hazard.  What many of our basement flooding repair customers don’t realize is just how quickly it can begin growing.  Given the serious threat black mold poses, we utilize preventative techniques throughout the basement water extraction and flood restoration process to stop it before it starts!  It’s a pivotal part of any flood mitigation project and something our technicians are fully capable of doing correctly!


We make the Cincinnati basement flood cleanup process simple!


We always answer our phone and can dispatch a crew to your home within minutes.

Flooding basements aren’t something that can be dealt with later…it takes immediate action to cleanup water and dry out any affected areas.  It’s why we always have crews available around the clock that can be sent to your flooded basement within minutes of your call!


We present upfront, written estimates so there is never any hidden costs.

Any basement flood repair company that is reputable should be pricing their services with claims estimating software.  It shouldn’t be a ballpark estimate, and the price should never change.  We offer straightforward pricing driven by what insurance companies determine the price should be, and always present our estimate in writing before any work begins!


Choose a basement flooding repair company that stands behind their work!


We all want peace of mind that the service we are getting is being done correctly.  And that’s especially true when you have a flooding basement and the impact of bad service can be so serious.  We perform the basement flood extraction and restoration process to the strictest industry standards and are confident that you’ll be completely satisfied.  But if not, please just call us and let us know what you’re not satisfied with and we’ll fix it!


What does a RestorationEze basement water cleanup estimate entail?


Most people are surprised to learn that we don’t actually estimate the loss using our own pricing, but rather rely on the prices your insurer has already agreed to pay to calculate your loss.  To do that, we use a system called Xactimate, the market leader in insurance repair estimating software and more than likely the same system your adjuster will use when assessing your basement flood cost.  We created this video below to explain how Xactimate works and why our customers always know they are getting a fair price:


How do we cleanup basement water?


Cleaning up water in your basement is similar to any other water damage service we offer. We follow IICRC S500 methods throughout the process, which ensures the best possible outcome for your loss.  If you’ve never seen a professional basement water mitigation company in action, watch the video below to see the 5 steps usually taken during the restoration process:


Will I get toxic mold damage?


If the loss isn’t properly mitigated, you will get black mold.  The conditions for black mold’s growth is pretty simple: time, food, water, and the right temperature.  The only factor that can be addressed is the water/moisture.  High enough levels with enough time and you will get black mold.  But what people fail to realize is how quickly the mold growth will occur.  If you think you have weeks or months to address the problem, you are wrong.  You have around 48-72 hours.  That’s it.

mold-free-guaranteeWe provide our customers with a mold-free guarantee!  And while no environment is truly mold-free (mold spores are present in safe levels in any environment), we guarantee once we are done your property will pass any 3rd party environmental testing performed!

If you have a flooded basement in Cincinnati, call us before you get black mold!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Cincinnati area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


How can I prevent my basement from flooding?


If you find yourself dealing with a wet basement, please know that we can get the situation fixed and dry and you can take proactive steps to make sure that it never happens again. Here are some steps you can take…


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.56.23 AMMake sure your gutters are working properly – one of the biggest culprits of flooded basements is a bad gutter system. Properly functioning gutters serve the purpose of keeping ground water as far a way from your home’s foundation as possible. If enough water pools next to your home, it will need a place to go and often times that place is straight into your basement.


Install a sump pump – you can do everything possible to keep ground water away from the foundation walls, but the reality is when you’re talking about a part of your home that resides under the ground, there is going to be some level of moisture. Sump pumps help collect and emit that moisture before it gets into your basement and wreaks havoc. If you haven’t already, make sure you have a sump pump installed in your basement to keep water out.


wet-basement-wallWaterproof your basement – if you’ve done the steps above but still can’t seem to keep water out of your basement, it may be time to call in a basement waterproofing company. These companies provide products and services designed to keep your basement completely dry, although they can be quite expensive. That said, if your basement is finished, needing basement water damage cleanup services just once can far outweigh the costs of the waterproofing services. If you’re adventurous, there are DIY options available to you that are much less expensive!

If you have a flooded basement from snow melt or heavy rains, at this point the main objective is to make sure the water is removed and the basement is dried before you develop toxic mold, so please call us now for immediate assistance!

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A rapid response to your Cincinnati flooded basement is just a phone call away.  Our water damage restoration crews are able to respond to your flooding event immediately, whether it’s a residential or commercial property.  We know how stressful a basement flood in Cincinnati OH can be…whether it occurred from a busted pipe or overflowing sink, or just from a huge rain storm, standing water can be a scary thing when it’s in your home!

That’s why we aim to provide you with peace of mind.  Not just that your Cincinnati basement flood cleaning will be responded to quickly, but that the services you receive will be done to the highest standards.  Each of our water damage repair crews stands behind their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.  And if you’ve got Cincinnati basement flooding and need help navigating the insurance claims process, we can deal wth that as well!  So call one of our Cincinnati basement water removal experts today for an immediate emergency response and water extraction services you can depend on.

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