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Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup Company

Fire-damageFires can be a very traumatizing event, and often leave you feeling angry, sad, and confused.  We help people in your shoes everyday.  When it comes to getting your property fixed, we have everything at our disposal to help you get back on your feet.  We handle any size fire damage mitigation job, from small kitchen fires or electrical outlets that caused smoke damage throughout a home, to much more substantial losses requiring full reconstruction efforts.


Cincinnati Fire Damage Restoration Services!


We help you make sense of an incident that can cause you to lose hope.  It’s our job to guide you through the process and make sure you’re happy with everything.  We answer questions, provide guidance and advice, and not only cleanup and restore the property but provide auxiliary services like insurance assistance.


Call & get a free fire damage cleanup estimate


Free_EstimatesYour insurance agent will want you to get an estimate for any fire or smoke damage repair services from a certified Cincinnati restoration company.   We are certified and we use the same estimating software that your adjuster does.  So just give us a call and one of our friendly & certified fire damage restoration technicians will come to your house or commercial property to provide you with a full consultation & free cost estimate!


Call us and the work is done right…it’s that simple.


The only thing worse than experiencing a fire is choosing the wrong fire restoration company to do the work.  Imagine going through the process of having your home ‘fixed’ only to realize that they didn’t do a good job.  It’s scary and it happens all of the time.


We only use certified technicians.

CertificateIconCall the wrong contractor and you could have someone managing your fire loss that doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Perhaps they have some experience in the field, and some techniques were passed down from other project managers.  But in reality, they never truly learned the proper procedures and science behind mitigating fire damage.  Our technicians are certified.  That means they have the proper training and credentials to effectively cleanup fire and smoke damage using methods approved by the IICRC.


All employees are screened & drug-tested randomly.

checklistOne thing we never take for granted is your safety.  But call the wrong fire cleanup company in Cincinnati and you could end up with technicians walking through your door that are on drugs or have violent criminal pasts.  That’s a scary thought, but it happens.  But not with us.

Our technicians must pass criminal background screening and then must pass drug tests that are administered on a random basis.


Is your fire loss covered by insurance?


costs of restorationIf you are like most people, you’ve probably never read a word of your insurance policy and you might not even know who your policy holder is.  It’s ok, we deal with that confusion all the time and can help you understand how to proceed filing an insurance claim.

In fact, we can manage the entire claims process for you with our insurance assistance.  Our staff work with adjusters on fire & flood damage losses daily so we can always help you if your loss is covered.


We can even send our bill to the insurance company!


bill-directWhether we’re performing a small soot cleanup and repair job or something much larger, you always have the option (assuming the claim is successfully filed) of having us just send our invoice to the insurance company.

With some fire damage companies, they may ask you to pay them for their work, and even worse may not even help you through the claims process.  But choose us and we can help with the claim and seek reimbursement from the insurance company directly!

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