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It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause a lot of flood damage! And if you’ve got significant flooding, the amount of time the water sits standing on your property is ultimately going to determine what is required to get your home or office restored! Moving quickly and choosing a professional flood damage company is your best bet…we are available 24/7 and can respond immediately to your flooding loss. Our techs have the experience, training, and equipment to make sure your home of office is fully restored quickly and correctly!


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Not sure what it will cost or what the process looks like?  No problem, we understand you’ve got a lot of questions and one of those is how much cleaning up flood damage costs!  We’ll provide you with a complete cost for our services, in writing, so that you know the cost before any work is done.  We’ll also explain the protocol we’ll put in place so that you know what the process looks like and we can make sure any of your questions get answered!


We use Xactimate to quote our Columbus flood cleanup services!


Ok so you’ve probably never heard of Xactimate and that doesn’t mean anything to you.  We’ll explain…we use the same system that your insurer will use when they come to expect the flooding damage and calculate the costs they’re willing to pay out.

Here’s how it works:

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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Columbus area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Considering DIY flood cleanup? 

Sadly many homeowners think they can handle cleaning flood damage themselves only to realize they bit off more than they could chew after the damage has already been done.  While there’s many projects around the home that make sense for someone that is handy, flood damage cleanup simply isn’t one of them.


Professional flood cleanup requires sophisticated equipment!

There’s many different steps required during the flood damage cleaning process, each of which requires sophisticated equipment to do the job right.  Detecting moisture hidden in walls and ceilings, extracting flood water from carpets, wood floors and tile, to safely removing water and dehumidifying the damaged area, and even applying disinfectants and mold-prevention sprays…it must be done correctly using state of the art equipment not available to the general public.


Flood damage restoration requires training and certifications!

It isn’t enough to have access to some equipment!  While many general contractors can get the right equipment, effectively using that equipment during the flooding cleanup process is something else entirely.  Becoming a certified flood damage repair technician means going through extensive training, passing certification exams, and undergoing continual training annually.  Only a certified restoration professional has the skills and training necessary to properly mitigate your flood loss!


Learn more – watch this flood cleanup video!


Sometimes it’s best to just see for yourself how everything works.  Sometimes the divide between your home’s current status and it being ‘like-new’ again can feel insurmountable. But when you break it down into pieces, you’ll find it’s very do-able assuming you hire the right flood restoration contractor in Columbus.  In the video below, we do just that…break down the flooding mitigation process into the most commonly taken steps so you can see for yourself what it looks like and what it takes to get your flooded home dry again!


When it comes to flood damage, mold is your worst enemy!


Black mold is a naturally occurring substance that can take root within 36-48 hours under the right conditions.  Black mold is a serious health hazard that can cause a variety of different ailments for those exposed to it.  From increased allergies & headaches to respiratory illness and severe skin rashes, mold can make you extremely sick.  And due to its health effects, it’s considered a environmental hazard and requires extensive remediation methods to safely remove it.  In other words, if you wait around for flood cleanup services, you’re running the risk of going from a relatively modest cleanup effort to an extremely extensive effort to get out the mold and the costs are dramatically more expensive!


We can work directly with your insurance company!


insurance-claim-formMany flooding losses are covered under insurance policies.  In fact, water loss claims represent more than 25% of all homeowners insurance claims settled.  So if it’s the case your flood loss is covered and you plan on filing a claim, we can handle that process for you.  In fact, we can bill your insurance carrier directly and take care of any paperwork, testing results, and any documentation they’ll require.


How do I know if my loss is covered by insurance?

If you have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance, rest assured you’re covered for your loss. But if you just have homeowners insurance, please be aware that any water damage caused by outside water is typically not covered. So when we talk about flooding damage, we’re usually talking about losses resulting from rain water or other water sources outside your home. In these types of situations, you’ll either need an additional rider on your homeowners insurance policy covering flooding or national flood insurance.


Before, During & After Flooding – What to Do


Most people are caught completely off guard when it comes to flooding, and many times the result can be tragic. is a great resource if you want to be informed and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones during a flood event.


Before: know your risks and be prepared

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for flooding is understand how much risk your property has in sustaining damage and take the necessary precautions based on that risk. First, check to see if you live in a flood plain. If you do, make sure you carry flood insurance and take the necessary precautions to prevent flooding from heavy rains.


home-floodDuring: be safe

The immense power of water is often taken for granted, and it’s because of this that flooding causes the greatest loss of life of any natural disasters each year. If you are home during a flood and can safely move furniture and valuable items to the second floor or higher ground, do so. If you can safely kill the power to household appliances, this is a good idea as well.


After: follow instructions of trained professionals

Cautiously exit any flood damaged property as water can cause your home’s support structure to weaken and collapse. Not only that, but flood waters can house harmful chemicals and even deadly viruses that can be contracted through skin contact, ingestion, or through the air. Seek shelter where possible and wait for professional guidance on when it is safe to return and begin the process of repairing your flood damaged home.


Flood damage to properties happens everyday.  If it has happened to you, Columbus water damage restoration services are just a phone call away!  Fixing your nightmare is our business, and each of our Columbus water extraction and restoration crews is fully trained, certified & equipped to get your property back to its original state…you’ll never even know you have flood damage in the first place!

By calling now, you’ll always talk to a person and we can get a Columbus OH flood damage crew en route to your home or office building immediately.  Instead of calling around and waiting on a company that might not show, you can call us now and we can typically have a Columbus basement flood representative there within 1 hour, and usually less!

The most crucial thing to remember if your Columbus property has experienced flood damage is that acting quickly will save you time, money, and headaches.  Our Columbus OH flood damage experts can immediately provide a no obligation estimate to cure your basement flood or other flood damage issue.  Should you choose, we can begin work immediately.  Using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques, our flood damage restoration professionals back all of their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  No matter the extent of the Columbus flood damage, we can get your home or office dry and assist in any mitigation services required.

So if you are in the Columbus area and have an emergency flood damage situation on your hands, call us today for a rapid response & free estimate and let our professional Columbus flood damage crews take care of everything for you!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Bill M. in Marysville, OH – Water line break flooded family room

Fitting to supply line to the toilet broke and flooded the entire lower floor of the house. Were onsite within 30 minutes and were able to salvage all 200 square feet of hardwood floors and 750 square feet of carpeting as well as ceiling and walls.

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