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Extracting water from your property is resource intensive process that should follow strict industry standards. Don’t get tricked into thinking any company with some wet vacs and a few warm bodies can get the work done properly. Only a certified water removal company has the training and equipment required to properly mitigate your water loss and make sure your property is safe and dry. Call us now for immediate help and a no obligation, no cost estimate for your water cleanup needs!


At RestorationEze, you always get a fair price!


Our job is to provide excellent water mitigation services at a fair price.  But what’s fair?  In our industry, the rates are set by insurers.  So to make sure we quote you the right price, we use the same estimating software they do.

Here’s how it works:


How does the water removal process work?


Property loss assessment & free estimate.  First thing is first…our techs will need to assess the loss and put together a plan to extract water and restore your property.  Our protocol is driven by industry-standard processes and our costs are also determined by industry-standards.  In fact, we use the same software to determine how much to charge for any water cleanup services as the insurance carriers do…so there’s no need to shop around!


Item removal and water extraction.  If you’re content with our estimate and the process we’ve laid out, we can begin removing your items and extracting water immediately.  Any water soaked items are taken off-site to be cleaned, dried and disinfected and we use the latest water extraction equipment that can rapidly remove any standing water and dispose of it outside your home.  Whether it’s on a concrete slab in an unfinished basement, wet carpet, or water damaged wood floors, we can get the water out fast!


Moisture detection.  Unfortunately for too many homeowners that try extracting water on their own, they don’t have the means necessary to perform this crucial step.  With water removal service, the property must undergo moisture testing throughout to determine what areas have high levels of moisture.  Most water damage can not be seen by the human eye so it’s a matter of using either infrared imaging equipment or moisture meters to find water so we know what needs to be dried out quickly!


Structural Drying & De-humidification.  Next we place industrial-strength drying equipment throughout the property according to the moisture readings we have taken.  In other words, they are strategically placed to maximize drying ability and minimize drying time.  We can also use negative-pressure drying systems on hard wood floors and other surface types to remove any remaining moisture.  In fact, in many instances your hardwood floors won’t need to be replaced if we can extract water immediately after the flooding has occurred.


Mold Prevention.  Another crucial step in the water removal and flood restoration process is preventing mold by applying an anti-mildew spray throughout your structure.  While proper drying techniques ensure the least likelihood of mold, this is simply an extra step we take for any flood cleanup job to make sure the property is not at risk of “getting sick” from mold and causing any health problems for you or your family members.


Watch this water mitigation guide video to learn more!


We want you to make sure you’re making the right decision and that you are comfortable about the water cleanup & drying process.  And part of that comfort comes from knowing what to expect.  To help you there, we’ve made a video that details the steps a professional water mitigation contractor in Columbus will take.  While job size and surfaces affected, as well as type of water that has caused the damage, effects the actual equipment used, these steps should serve as a basic guide to help you wrap your head around the process necessary to fix your home or office building.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Columbus area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Getting water out of wet carpets


wet-carpetIf you’ve tried drying out your carpets only to start smelling that musty odor, please understand you’re probably dealing with a mildew/mold issue at this point. Too often, people assume if they run some fans in a room for a couple of days their carpets will magically dry and they’ll be home free. Instead, what often happens is they delay proper water mitigation long enough that black mold begins growing. And in many cases, they may inadvertently cause secondary water damage. This occurs when moisture evaporates but isn’t properly collected using a dehumidifier such that it travels to another area of the room (that was previously dry) and causes it to get wet.

For us, getting moisture out of carpets is easy. But it’s the subfloor and any moisture that has wicked up your walls that is the biggest cause for concern. For most homeowners, they aren’t able to readily identify moisture areas because they don’t have the proper tools. It’s why a full moisture assessment is imperative any time you had water damage to your carpets or any other section of your home!


How much time do I have before black mold growth begins?


black-mold-2Every surface in your home has some level of moisture in it, and every home has a small amount of mold in it. It only becomes an issue when too much moisture is present, at which point black mold spores will begin growing. Just how long does that take? On average, about 48 hours. While there are some things you can do to prevent mold after water damage, the reality is that the only way to stop it is to remove the moisture quickly. It’s why there is so much urgency in getting a certified water damage company in Columbus to help ID the moisture and rapidly dry-out your structure!


Dealing with standing water in your home?  If so, you need a Columbus water extraction company you can trust.  While some contractors in the area pretend to be water removal & dryout specialists, many lack the training and certifications to get your flood damaged property dried out the right way.  Our Columbus OH water extraction technicians use the latest equipment and are fully trained to handle any job!

Whether your Columbus OH home or office has experienced a sewage back-up or a massive pipe burst, we’re there when you need us.  Our removal & dry out crews are available around the clock and can usually respond within 30 minutes to immediately begin getting your water damaged property dry.  We offer free estimates and can work with your insurance agent to put your Columbus water extraction problems behind!

So if you have water, act now and save yourself the trouble of even more problems down the road!  Call our Columbus water extracting pros today for fast, reliable, affordable service.

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