Dayton OH Basement Flood Clean-up

You can waterproof your basement, install a sump pump and add a sump pump failure alarm. But despite the best laid plans, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes it rain water coming in through an open window well…other times a pipe bursts in your drop ceiling…no matter why, when a basement floods it requires the services of a professional restoration company. Call today and find out what makes us Dayton’s trusted basement flood cleanup company.


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Free_EstimatesDid you know you have roughly 48 hours before your wet basement starts growing black mold?  Did you know that all restoration companies charge the same rates?  Did you know that most of your moisture problems can’t be detected by the naked eye? There’s a lot of things you need to know beyond just the cost, and the only way to make sure you have the information you need is to get an estimator out to your property immediately to perform a free onsite inspection and provide a free estimate!

Watch out video to learn about the cost estimating system called Xactimate!


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I just walked down to a flooded basement, what should I do?


Stop the source of the water if you can.  If it’s a toilet that’s overflowing, turn the shut off valves.  If it’s washing machine that won’t stop gushing water, do the same.  You can always just shut off the main water supply to house.  In any event, do what you can to stop the flow of water as quickly as possible.

Call us or another certified basement flood restoration company immediately.  You do not have to call your insurance company and wait for them to take the lead.  In fact, they’re just going to tell you to call a provider and get the basement water cleaned up quickly.  The sooner work begins the less they’ll end having to pay to cover your loss.

Shut off any electrical circuits in the affected area.  It might be the case the flooded basement could send water into electrical outlets or over live chords that could cause an extreme hazard.  If so, go to your panel and shut off any circuits serving electricity to the flooded area.

Remove any items that are in danger of getting soaked.  If there are things you can safely carry out of your basement that might get soaked, carry them upstairs to a dry area.


Why should I choose you to cleanup my basement flood?


Unparalleled Service.  From the time you pick up the phone to the final walk-through, our company’s mission is simple:  provide the best flooded basement cleanup service possible.  That means being available, responsive, communicating effectively, and working diligently and with respect.  Basement flooding can cause a lot of stress…we understand, and we’ll do everything we can to make the process less stressful.

Fair Pricing.  Some basement flood cleaning companies take advantage of homeowners and overcharge for their services.  We price our services at a fair rate that is affordable.  In fact, we really don’t price our services but instead rely on software created by homeowners insurance companies to determine what they’ll reimburse.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We’re confident that we have the team, equipment, and experience necessary to fully cleanup your basement flood and restore your property.  In fact, we’re so confident we stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy, we’ll fix it no questions asked.  Period.


How do we cleanup basement flooding?


The process for cleaning up every basement will differ depending on the extent of water damage.  But we realize you’re probably curious how you go from the mess you see now to how you remember your basement looking.  So feel free to watch the video below to get a better sense for the basement water damage cleanup process:


Don’t let a wet basement grow mold!


mold-free-guaranteeMost people are taken back by just how quickly mold damage occurs.  We see the results of delay every day.  Mold needs some moisture and some food (your home’s structures) and some time.  Just how much time?  About 24 to 48 hours.  That isn’t much time for us to perform the water cleanup and drying process, so if you have a flooded basement, please call us now so we can make sure you don’t get toxic mold!

We offer a mold-free guarantee on all of our work!


Basement flood prevention – what to do!


There are some helpful things you can do to stop your basement from flooding during times of heavy rains. And especially if you live in a flood plain, you need to take every precaution that you can!


Gutters and downspouts!

bad-guttersThey’re such an obvious thing, but something people often take for granted and it ends up costing them. Have you ever watched your gutters during a rain storm? Is water flowing over them or through your soffits? If so, you’ve got a problem on your hands that will eventually result in getting water in your basement. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are doing their job of transporting water away from your foundation!


Sump pump (with a generator!!!)

sump pumpWith any basement flooding prevention techniques, it’s important to weigh the risks with the costs of any methods you might consider to stop water from entering your property. And that’s especially true when it comes to deciding whether to install a sump pump along with a backup power source. While the entire system can run into the thousands of dollars, if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding and you have a finished basement, it may be well worth it!


If you just walked down to your Dayton basement and found it flooded, you’re probably in a panic.  We understand, our Dayton basement flood experts deal with the issue everyday.  It’s important that you act quickly to get the water out as soon as possible.  The longer water stays in your basement, the more problems that will arise.  We have certified Dayton water removal professionals available 24/7 to help get your residential or commercial basement flood situation resolved fast.

Our Dayton flood damage experts only use the most hi-tech equipment and restoration industry-standard techniques to restore your property.  That means you can have peace of mind knowing your basement flood will be remediated properly.

We can come to your home or office building immediately to provide an assessment of the flood and a cost estimate to perform any services necessary.  We can also work with your insurance company and perform the homeowners’ insurance claims process to assist you in your time of need!