Dayton OH Water Damage Restoration

A water damage event happens in a home or office in the US every 11 seconds.  And unfortunately, here in Dayton OH, we aren’t immune to these disasters.  Luckily, our water damage restoration company has seen it all and can get you, your home, and your life back to normal fast.  We offer a 24/7 rapid response throughout the Dayton area, and guarantee our work will be done to your complete satisfaction.  So if you need a water damage repair company that stands behind its work, only uses the best equipment and hires the best people for the job, then please call us today for a completely free, no obligation estimate.


Water damage repair when you need it!

One thing about water damage is when it happens, time matters.  Wait longer to have it dealt with and you’re asking for trouble.  More damage, most costs, more time to fix everything, and more likely to see mold.  So a fast response to your emergency is crucial.  It’s why we’re standing by 24/7 to handle any of your water damage cleaning needs!


Free upfront quotes & honest prices!

When you’re at your most vulnerable is no time to be taken advantage of…sadly, that’s what some water damage companies do.  On the other hand, we give free, no obligation quotes in writing and our prices are determined by your insurance provider.  by that we mean we use pricing equipment designed by them, so there never is any doubt the price we’re quoting is fair or that there will be problems with your provider.

If you want to know more about how pricing works in the water mitigation space, or how our estimating process works, watch the video below:


The best equipment meaning the fastest drying times!

We get it…you want us out of your hair as fast as possible.  Hey, we’re homeowners as well and the thought of strangers coming in and all day isn’t exciting.  Our water damage repair services are geared towards speed.  We use the best equipment available and the latest techniques to ensure an efficient, fast drying process!


Insurance direct billing for water damage claims!

If your loss is covered under your policy and you plan on filing a claim, we can help with the process!  In fact, we can do one better: we can handle the claim for you and bill your insurance company directly.  If you’ve never filed a water loss claim, the process can be filled with frustration.  Documenting everything, providing all necessary paperwork, etc.  We can handle all of that for you!


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Why is it so important that water damage cleaning begin quickly?


If you’ve done any research at all on water damage restoration services, you’ve probably read over and over: a rapid response is crucial.  Believe, it’s true!  When it comes to cleaning up water damage, moving fast is the key.  Why?  There’s a few main reasons:


It saves your home’s items.  Just because something has been damaged by water doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced.  In fact, we’re able to dryout and restore many items most homeowners assumed were goners.  Things like wood floors, carpets, walls, etc.  If you wait, it’s much more likely anything that has experienced water damage will need to be replaced.  But by acting quickly we can use advanced restoration & drying equipment and in many instances can get things looking like new without having to replace them.


It reduces the chance of getting mold.  Yep, that’s right…black mold.  We hate showing up to a customer’s home that waited days or weeks to have their water damage repaired, only to cut out some drywall or pull up some flooring and find mold.  At that point it becomes and environmental hazard at which point EPA regulations dictate an exhaustive (read: huge pain in the backside for you) remediation process.  Don’t be one of those homeowners!  Call us now so that you’re not dealing with a much bigger problem down the road.


What does our Dayton water damage service involve?


Our goal is to get your property dry quickly before mold sets in and ultimately to make sure that it looks exactly like it did before you suffered flooding damage. To do that, we follow the strictest procedures in the business and always use IICRC-certified techniques. Watch the video below to see what that looks like!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Dayton area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



The phases of water damage restoration


Most people don’t realize that there are 2 phases of the entire project, typically involving 2 separate companies. Here’s how the process typically works:


Step 1) A water mitigation company dries out your structure

water-damage-cleanupIf you standing water in your home, or any portion’s of your home are wet, what you need is a water mitigation company like us. People commonly refer to this as water damage restoration, but in reality the mitigation process has one goal: get the moisture out of the home or office building before mold grows. If there is any mold growth, that can me removed as well. During this phase, it may become necessary to remove certain sections of your home, such as carpet that was soaked by raw sewage or insulated exterior walls that got wet.


Step 2) A general contractor rebuilds your structure

reconstruction-water-damageMany homes require certain areas to be removed. In some cases, it’s because the category of water damage dictates that the item(s) can’t be saved. In other cases, it may be the case advanced equipment simply can’t get them dry and they’ll need to be replaced. Whatever the reason, usually a general contractor is called in to complete the project and restore your home.

It is during this phase of the project that any deductible is usually handled!


How are insurance claims handled?


insurance-claim-formGiven the cost of water damage services, most people elect to file a claim when their loss is covered. After all, you’ve been paying a steep premium every year so that you have financial protections for events just like they one you’re experiencing.

If you’ve just discovered water damage, please make sure you deal with the moisture problem first. The claim can follow, but the number 1 priority is always getting the water contained and the moisture out of your home before you develop a mold problem.

If you’ve called your adjuster, understand that you decide what company to hire, not them. Many people are told by their adjuster to call a certain company. This isn’t legal, but they do it anyways. Why? Because that provider has agreed to cap the damages at a certain amount and/or discount their rates dramatically. As a rule of thumb when it comes to home improvement services, if you use the cheapest contractor you’re going to get a level of service commiserate with that cost. So why do that when your insurer is paying?

calculatorPrices aren’t decided by your adjuster, they’re decided by the scope of work. Your adjuster doesn’t have the final say in the cost. Ultimately, it’s our job to explain what needs to be done and why and then make sure the costs align with the scope of work. Many people assume their adjuster will assess the loss and cut them a check for the full amount of work required, only to find out the difference in the check amount and the estimates of reputable water damage companies aren’t even in the same ballpark.

If you’re in Dayton OH and you have a flooded basement, a malfunctioning water heater or toilet, or rain water has leaked through your ceiling and into your walls, help is just a phone call away.  Dayton water damage restoration professionals are in your area and can begin getting your home or office restored quickly.  From water extraction to industrial strength dehumidification systems, to complete property restoration services, we do it all!

Our Dayton water damage experts have seen it all and understand the trauma that can be caused from experiencing a water loss.  So call us now and speak to a certified technician in your area that can respond quickly and start drying out your property and restoring it’s contents!